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September Meeting Frag Swap 2018


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As mentioned in the September meeting thread the meet and greet at Moloko's would make an opportune place/time to have a frag swap so lets get one started here. These are the general guidelines I like to recommend for these coral exchanges.

If you would like, you can do your trading on the fly by just bringing by a few pieces and hoping that some one will have a desirable coral you want...Or better yet, you can post up what you have to trade and work out a preemptive exchange here on the forums, that method always works best for me. You can feel free to use this thread to post your trade-ables in or start a thread of your own.

But First, let me get you some of Bert's basis tips for success here.

1.) make an attempt to have a fragment of reasonable size and health and try and get things cut and ready a few days to a week ahead of time to have the wounds healed up for the exchange. And double/triple check for pest invertebrates or algaes before sending your corals out, we try to keep invasives to a minimum here...And once you get your frags home, just in case, always acclimate the specimens then dip the corals before you put them into your personal aquarium. QT Aquariums are best but good old Revive, Coral RX, Melafix, Iodine, or Bayer will do much better at prevention than nothing.

2.) Try to package your corals appropriately. This can mean not putting a spiny coral like birds nest into a thin dollar store bag or not utilizing insulation on an extended cold or warm trip. Try a small cooler or Styrofoam. If you can't find either of these and the destination is a long distance, keep the vehicle air conditioned or heated appropriately. As far as packaging goes you can double bag and use thicker mil plastics, or something else like a Tupperware or specimen container. I have even used washed out yogurt or cottage cheese containers that stack well inside the coolers. Just use something that will work, nothing like losing a nice and colorful animal because the bag got too cold and leaked all the water out on the way home.

3.)Do your best to be courteous and fair to one another by not take advantage of each others ignorance or generosity. These are people of all levels in the hobby so give them the benefit of your knowledge and experience instead of the cold shoulder. And speaking of generosity, that giving nature has always been smiled upon here at PNWMAS and pay it forward tends comes back around these parts.

Well, the meeting is closing in fast, less than two weeks yeah. I believe Christian who runs the place will also be interested in doing some trades as well, I imagine he will post up in the forum here soon. 

So Let's see em folks,  Whatcha Got!? Corals that is!

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So lets see here, I have plenty to cut and don't want to bog down the thread too much with pics...What does anyone attending have to trade and what are they looking for? Here are some sample pics to get things started, I have plenty more if someone is interested.


Raptors Rainbows


Pink Aussie Hyacinth, Twilight Dragon, Super Blue Stag, and Rainbow Tort, ORA Frog Skin, Upscales Microlados, and several others.


Digitatas including the bright red and forest fire.


lots of encrusters like this Super Red Cyphastrea


Other Montiporas such as the ORA Supernatural.


Different favia and favites like this candy crush.


Maybe some mushrooms and ricordia  yumas too.

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@badxgillen For those of us newbies who don't yet have much to trade, will any frags be for sale, or is this a trade-only event?  I'd be interested in your Twilight Dragon, Super Blue Stag, and Rainbow Tort.

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Super excited about this!


I'll have a whole bunch of stuff available for trade, including but not limited to:

  • Upscales Rose Stylophora
  • ORA purple Stylophora
  • Jason Fox Hulk Leptoseris
  • JF Jackolantern Lepto
  • JF Moonstruck psammacora
  • Golden basket watermelon psammacora
  • Golden Basket Pot of Gold (name?) Lepto
  • red/purple green eyed war coral
  • LA lakers turbinaria
  • RR Nauti Spiral Monti (lil frag)
  • JF highlighter orange pavona

and many more...

For trades, I'm hoping for equivalentish items. These days, I'm leaning mostly toward corals I can see from across the room, as my friend Kate would say.

These will all be available for sale as well.

And I've got loads of free softies for everyone!! Please try to bring your own reusable container, if possible. :)

Sorry about my lack of photos. I keep forgetting to bring my camera into the bar. I'll attempt to get a few up tomorrow.

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I've got some flourescent orange discosoma, green/orange/multicolor yumas, a huge (FREE!) rock of florescent green rhodactis, tons of devil's hand leathers, ORA pink photosynthetic gorgonians, green sinularia, nuclear green polyps, purple death, gorilla nips, everlasting gobstoppers, sunset sakuras...

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4 hours ago, maxicurls said:

I've got some flourescent orange discosoma, green/orange/multicolor yumas, a huge (FREE!) rock of florescent green rhodactis, tons of devil's hand leathers, ORA pink photosynthetic gorgonians, green sinularia, nuclear green polyps, purple death, gorilla nips, everlasting gobstoppers, sunset sakuras...

If i remember correctly, you also had a whole bunch of jack-o-lantern lepto!

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    • By badxgillen
      It is time again to mark the 2020 calendar, we will be having a PNWMAS club meeting at the new Premium Aquarium store at the end of the month!

       Not too long ago the TPA made a transition into a new building in south Salem that seems to be a great fit for their establishment, nice open spaces and rows and rows of coral and fish tanks, not to mention a wide selection of dry goods.

      As usual the club will provide some food and beverages for those who attend as well as a raffle to partake in. I am also getting some confirmation on  a coral group buy in for a nice colony or two brought in by the TPA. Once we have more details on that we will post them up here so just stay tuned.
      When - Saturday February 29th 1:PM
      Where - The Premium Aquarium 4071 Liberty Rd S, Salem, Oregon 97302
      What - Sales, Raffles, Food, Friends, and a coral group buy.
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      Well Folks, it seems to be an end to the summer and the beginning of fall, September is here! And it looks like we have lined up one last meeting before the end of the year's December gathering, and right before the Annual October Frag Festival. 
      And Great News!

      We will be having the September meeting at the Seahorse Aquarium Supply in Portland.
      When?: September 22nd Sunday 1:00 - 4:00
      Where?: 106 NE Russet St, Portland, OR 97211
      What?: A gathering of your favorite PNWMAS people at a long time sponsors establishment, including food, raffles, and great deals on some very nice livestock.

      So come on out and hang out with some of your fellow club members, see whats been brewing at the Seahorse Aquarium, and maybe get the skinny on the upcoming North West Frag Festival.
    • By badxgillen
      For our August meeting, we’re doing something a little different.  @SuncrestReef, our resident Apex guru and newest board member, is opening up his house for a tour of his highly automated reef tank and a backyard BBQ.
      This will be chance to see some cool high-tech gear in action:  Automated water changes, automated skimmer neck cleaner and smart skimmate locker, emergency backup battery power and generator, and of course the Trident!  As an added bonus, @danlu_gt will present a demo of his amazing ReeFi DUO LED light fixtures, with a side-by-side comparison against SuncrestReef’s Radion XR30 Pro.
      As always there will be some cool raffle prizes, and tasty food.
      When:  Saturday, August 24 at 1:00pm - 4:00pm
      Where:  19194 SW Suncrest Lane, Beaverton, OR 97007     View on map
      Parking:  Driveway and on-street parking

      There’s only one rule:  Cooper, the overly-friendly black lab, is on a very strict diet due to food allergies.  Please don’t feed Cooper anything, no matter how much he acts like he’s starving.  He’s had enough emergency vet visits and doesn’t need another one.

    • By badxgillen
      Where does the time go? It is February already, and that means there is another upcoming PNWMAS meet. This time we have something special for you, our comedic and ingenuitive member PDXMonkeyboy has been gracious enough to host a full blown frag swap at his home in Portland Oregon! In addition to the free for all coral exchanging we will have a tank onsite to float frags and a coral sale to benefit the Tanks For Teachers program.
      This means there will be corals of all sorts, from all over, at one place! for trade, for sale, and even maybe just for free if you get that winning raffle ticket. This also means you all might want to get ready for the event by seeing what you may have to offer up and what you may be looking for to fill that empty spot in your home aquarium. I will post up one of those ever so popular Frag Trading threads here
      so we can keep this thread to our regular banter and various updates as they come through.
      When- February 24th 1:00 PM.
      Parking:  There is a long looping driveway and a parking area next to the house.  You can park in the street or anywhere in the driveway.  There will likely just be shuffling when its time to go.
      Our PNWMAS club will provide some refreshments and some delectable local pizza for those who attend.  

      So get those frag racks out and filled up then stay tuned, this is gonna be a good one!
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