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Salt Creep Removal


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Anyone have tips-and-tricks that have worked for them?  A Google search is mostly giving me preventative measures, or how to remove it from glass.  I want to know about removing it from equipment, light fixtures, and the tank rim.  Thanks.

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3 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

soak newspaper in vinegar, lay it on there. several hours later or overnight, wipe it off.

wait till it gets really bad then post it on craigslist for sale with a price that is 2x what it is worth.

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Definitely try vinegar. Best salt creep remover I know.

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:nono: Holly!, Not keeping up with wiping down the glass and equipment during your weekly maintenance routine to prevent such a disaster! :happy:

As the others mentioned, Vinegar is the go to, though i suggest looking for a type with less of a potent aroma.

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