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Help ID algae or seaweed!?!


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6 hours ago, Sailingeric said:

hard to tell with the blueish light, you could turn up the white for a better pic but it might be sea lettuce. 

It is a dark green like kelp you would find here at the oregon coast.  I will turn up the whites tonight when I get home and take another photo. 

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Here is a picture with more white light.  Color still doent look exact but pretty close.  It is a dark brownish green. I have been trying to keep my hands out of the tank all the time except for every other week when doing water change. This Friday is water change night should i just leave it till then or pull it out now?  Im kind of interested to see what it does if I leave it but definitely dont want it to take over the tank. I have never really had much of an algae issue, tank is just over 2 years old. Dont want to start having an algae issue now but super curious at same time. 


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