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  1. The skimmer has been sold as of this morning. I will update the posting.
  2. I am not sure, it is this model https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/reef-octopus-nwb150-6-pinwheel-in-sump-protein-skimmer.html
  3. 65 gallon Norwesco water storage tank $125, BRS 4 stage 75 GPD system with nearly new membrane, carbon block, filter, and resin, maybe 100 gallons used through it $125 Skimz Leopard 1700 gph return pump never used still in box $100 I live in the Copper Mt area, local pick up only
  4. Just saw you on the BRS stream. Learned so much! Thanks!
  5. Pretty blue spotted damsel, it is an A hole so be warned. I live in the Cooper Mountain area.
  6. I have a Marineland HOB filter and half of box of new pads you can have and some heaters. The HOB is missing the biowheels. If you are interested PM me. I live and work in Beaverton, you could pick up tomorrow. If you want to supersize your QT I have a 55 gallon and stand you could have as well.
  7. Not sure of the brand. Also have Fluval 406 canister filler for $35. Located in the Cooper Mt area
  8. I got a 65 gallon last year for my RO/DI water from Green Concepts. Got it with the bulkhead already in, a couple pieces of PVC, a ball valve and a 90 bend and I was in business!
  9. I use an Inkbird controller. I think it is the same thing. Mine is set 78 degrees with alarms going off it gets below 75 and above 80. I also use two heaters in my sump so if one should fail it still has heat. And I plan on replacing them next month with some fresh ones. I try to do it about once a year to be safe. And then my old ones will be emergency back up.
  10. Have you tried mussels. My fish go crazy for them when I throw a frozen one in the tank.
  11. My devils hand keeps dropping baby's. If anyone is interested PM me. $5 a piece. Also have fist size rock with anthelia $10. I live in Aloha on Cooper Mt.
  12. Sophie when we told her we were getting a dog.
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