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NW Fragfest shout out to all the vendors


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Special thanks to the following vendors:

Barrier Reef Cy Forrell and Natalia Washington

Captive Reef Paul Hamby and Ed Hahn

Golden Basket Reef Rudy Batara

Pacific Corals Roy Seine

Stumptown Corals Matt Van Devender and David Arguello

Tampico Corals Kyle Woekel

The Photic Zone Colin Apt

The Premium Aquarium Garrett Munoz

Unrivaled Reefs Gene Friend

Together with cash and donations they contributed over 3 grand !!

Also thanks to Cuttle Fish and Coral and Jeff Slemp who could not attend but acquired 1000 dollars worth of donations. 

Special thanks to the SPCDA and their president Joanne Vega for your volunteers and technical support and guidance.

Thanks also to Rudy Batara for all of his sage advice on how to make this show happen.

We couldn't do this without all your support. Vendors and members alike!! 

Final tally is coming soon but please support these vendors. Much of the time they are lucky to break even at these shows but do it for the love of the community!!IMG_0324.PNG

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Hear hear!  I hope they all had a good experience as there is no show without them. Everyone was great to work with and extremely generous. Hopefully we can get some good feedback to help make future events even more enjoyable and productive for all. 

Thanks again all of you for being part of this event!

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Yes, huge thanks to all those guys! They literally are the difference between a club meeting with a speaker and a frag show, so kind of a big deal! ;)

So many wonderfully generous donations! This club is lucky, lucky, lucky to have support from so many companies. I regret not having time to shop at the event (kept thinking I would, then suddenly we were packing up!), so I owe all the shops on our list a visit soon.

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