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camera working?


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Looks nice!  Tank is spotless, me like it.


Careful posting online that you are going out of town though...  


thanks, my inlaws live with us and they are always here plus we have 2 good size dogs so i'm not too worried about posting online we are headed out of town but i know what you mean.   


I see it! Very cool :)




What browser are you guys using that can't view?


yeah, i'm curious why its not working for some cause when i leave and check it on my phone(android) i can see it.  strange some can see it but others can't.  my sister can't see it on her apply iphone but my brother can see it on his android.  any change the people that can't see it are checking it out on their iphones?  i don't know why that would matter but maybe it does.  

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