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Show me your favorite LPS coral.


The rules are pretty simple!


• One photo entry per person

• Pic has to be taken by YOU

• Must be in by the posted deadline

• Must follow subject guidelines for the month


Winners will be determined based on voting poll results after submission deadline.   


This months subject:


LPS Coral


Show us your favorite Fish!!



May 31st  2016  @ 10pm  PST


Voting will start on June 1st and run for 2 weeks.  Winner is determined by PNWMAS members and visitors via voting poll.

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i want a frag!

I want a frag too!!!


Unfortunately, no fragging in its future. It was my only surviving hard coral when my tank crashed in December and is special to me. It's somewhere between baseball and softball sized now (when fully extended; skeleton size is slightly larger than a golf ball), and I'm hoping to grow it out to much larger than that as a tank showpiece.

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I saw a whole bunch of nice red goniopora frags from colonies like Cherany's at The Premium Aquarium in Salem a few weeks ago.

I might have to head down to salem sometime then.


Plusses: frags


Cons: salem

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