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Site bugs! Help me squash'em!


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Okay, new site, new problems. It's inevitable with any new software roll-out to have bugs.. and this one is no exception. I've been trying to sqwersh as many of these issues as I can. So far, I've found:



* PNWMAS Member rank icon wasn't displaying -- Fixed Rank.gif

* Smileys were not displaying - Fixed! (rock2)

* No clear way to add linked pictures in a thread (Brought to my attention) - You just click the "A" on a message. It's not defaulted to on.. but once you click it, it should save and be defaulted from then on - though that hasn't been the case yet, in the future I'll see if there's a way to force it on if it becomes annoying.

* Missing "Location:" on user postbit. -- Fixed

* Missing "new posts" on home page - While not a bug, has been brought up as a needed feature. I am working on getting this functioning on my test server before releasing, but it's coming -- FIXED

* Missing signatures - not loading at all. Looking into this. It looks like the users default have just been turned off. This has been enabled globally - if you would like to disable signatures, please go to http://www.pnwmas.org/settings/account and disable viewing signatures.

* Sent messages fail to delete - Once messages are in the trash, they are flagged for deletion. Once trash it emptied, the message is removed from sent messages. This isn't so much broken, but just a user experience difference. I will queue this up for down the road. I'm sure there's a more elegant solution for this.

* www.pnwmas.org does not show "New Posts", "New Topics", etc until you click "Home". -- Fixed


In Progress:

* Site seems sluggish - I noticed this as well, but it's because the sites internal caching has not built up I think. I seems to be getting snappier as the day goes on and the cache gets built up. I will continue to monitor this one though and make performance tweaks as necessary.


* Missing "Who's viewed this post" at the bottom of topics. Still looking into this one.


* The "go to first unread post" button within a thread is missing






Feel free to add to this list. As people post things that need fix'n, I'll add them to this list. Let's keep it civil.


Micah - PNWMAS Vice President

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great okay.


I liked being able to see who was reading the thread I was reading.


fix the signatures or allow it to function.


and....that's all I can think of niw



To see who's viewing a thread, I'm not actually sure if that's going to be possible... or easy. It's already on my list above, and I'll get to it as soon as I can. I'm crossing my fingers on that one. Not sure what happened to the signatures.. worked in the test site. Adding it to the list

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The new site looks great. I love some of the new features.


I thought I'd go ahead and clean out my inbox, which went fine, but when I tried to clear our my Sent Items, they persist despite saying they've been moved to trash. Not a huge deal, but something to add to your list.



It looks like once you empty from the trash (delete permanently), it removes it. So, it looks like when you delete from sent, it simply flags for deletion. Once in trash, deleting it from the trash permanently deletes it. That's a little annoying, I won't lie. I'll see if I can streamline that.

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Looking good' date=' way to get after em! Is there a 'quick links -> subscribed threads' menu option somewhere? I use that allot...[/quote']


There's a "My Subscriptions" section on the home page. On the same block as the "Latest Activity". I think that serves the same purpose. If not, let me know and I'll try to find something else that can do this.

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So far so good, except...


I had no problem logging in on my phone but can't on the PC. I put the cursor over the log in button but it will not let me click it. The cursor stays a arrow. Never turns in to the hand. My computer is running on XP

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I don't think the "recent activity" section on the home page is updating.



It updates in intervals to reduce server load. The last sites wasn't realtime either. I did find an issue where our server was incredibly loaded last night and was able to do some serious performance tuning. Things should be snappier as well as the search blocks should be updating quicker.

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Via tapatalk, unread posts says 3 unread. I have something like 30 that show up.

I know that I have read most of them.


I noticed this a few times as well where they didn't automatically disappear. If I refreshed the unread page the ones that I had read disappeared. If you're using an Iphone try pulling down to refresh to see if that works. (fingers)

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No mark all read button in tapatalk... was there before the upgrade...


I still have this button - try logging out of the forum on tapatalk and back in. I was able to do this just now.


Unfortunately I don't have any control over features that tapatalk offers you or does not offer you. Whatever this version of vBulletin tells Tapatalk to support is what it supports. Nothing more, nothing less. I wish I had more control over it, but I don't. Sorry!


Let me know if you don't get that feature back. There's also a "Clear cache" feature in tapatalk settings that has resolved a lot of issues for me in the past. Give that a shot.



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Let me know what you think of the new "Latest Posts" on the home page. Should be a little more familiar - and realtime updated.


much better! Though I see some threads with time stamps newer below older ones.


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