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  1. Forgot about this guy, won’t need it anymore. GreAt shape and comes with all original packaging and supplies. $75 if picked up, add $5 to ship but can only accept Venmo for payments. Thanks.
  2. Started a new thread for the skimmer, this one can be closed if someone would like to do that. Thanks.
  3. This is the last saltwater related item I have available. RO Classic 150 space saver. Skimmer was purchased new by me less than a year ago and comes in original box. I’m asking $150 local or $170 shipped. I can only accept payment through Venmo if needing to have it shipped. Thanks as always!
  4. If money isn’t a huge option, the Spectrapure upllc is the best ATO I’ve used. It pumps from anywhere (garage) and can run dry, has the ability to set how long it runs and uses a vacuum tube with a backup float switch. I’m just now replacing the rollers and tubes on mine from 2015 but other than that, it works like day one. Plus the company is rad, and very helpful.
  5. I am going to use it and start a family of these guys. 0F550068-D64E-45C9-9D04-9740E1D32B28.MOV
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