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I'm new around here, but not to reefing. I have been lurking for a couple of days and it seems like a nice community.

Came from Colorado recently and had very good luck with the members of the groups there.

I had to ditch my 2 year old 120g reef last spring before we moved, now thinking of jumping back in again.

I have been in and out since about '94. Work and life have moved me every two years since 2003...

Looking for a cube - top volume about 60g.

Anyway, going to join the club and hopefully be able to share a new build and shop around for some equipment and animals.

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Hey thanks everyone! Makes a guy with no friends here yet feel better about himself.

And yes, I found R-3's post and sent him a couple of pm's.

Where in CO, Cuttlefish???

Also, depending on the size tank and budget I can drum up, I may have some equipment to sell soon...maybe...

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And back to the hobby


Like most NorthWesterners we are a stange crazy lot but friendly :) Just don't try to take away our coffee (crazy)


Feel free to ask any questions. The folks on here are very patient and give great advice.

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have an envision 220 that I'm going to be putting up for sale, You could pretend that it's four cubes plumbed together... LOL you should get r-3 cube you can't even buy the lights for what hers' asking.. Big Warm Wet Welcome.. When you get you tank let me know what flavor of animals you like may have one or to I could donate to you to get you started.. Have an Awsome tank good day mate!

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Yeah' date=' I moved here a few months ago from Denver. I use to live in the lower highlands right in downtown. Were you a member of MASC? This is a great club with great people. Everybody who Ive meet has been awesome. Im actually hosting a meeting this month. You should come. Good luck on finding a tank. Jeff[/quote']





Thanks again everybody - I think I am going to have to jump right in to membership. Is there a meeting coming up soon???
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AHAA!!! I should read more carefully.

Yeah Cuttlefish - I lived between Longmont and Boulder...and more of a conversational lurker on MASC...I never did attend any of their meetings, but having a fresh start here and a most gracious welcome by the like-minded I'll have to check it out.

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