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Bulk Reef Supply group buy

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Its been a while since we've done one. As usual all the perks will go to TFT.


Here is how it works. Shoot me a pm with the e-mail address that you use with brs and your last name and I will get you signed up.


As far as a start date goes, I was thinking about starting on the 4th of October, that gives 2 weeks to sign up. But if there is enough interest in starting sooner we could do the 27th.

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I may be interested. Can someone pm me about what info i need to give and to whom.


Edit. I made a BRS account...now what?


Just shoot Mohaynow a PM with your last name and the email address you used to setup the account. Once the group buy starts you will get an email telling you that you have a week to spend all your money!! It's that simple!


Thanks again Josh for getting this going. Doing some of these last year I know it's a little time consuming.

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Please be sure to have your info to me by monday, I will send them the list then and the group buy will begin the next day. Still some more time to get on board and get some killer deals. Also if you have never been part of a brs group buy you will be put on their "preferred customers" list meaning that you will continue to get discounts on all future orders.

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