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  1. Bumping it up. I need to make, so make me an offer. Willing to give discounts if buying multiple frags
  2. Sorry for the delay, but the fish is sold
  3. I have a fully quarantined Marble Wrasse that I am looking to sell. I'd say medium in size and eats anything I feed it. Asking $50 PM if interested
  4. List updated again. Still have a few left
  5. Frag list updated....still lots available.
  6. Should have some frags ready in about a week.
  7. It’s a nice red piece with yellow/gold accents. I think Jared lost his colony a while back. Here’s a colony pic for reference. It’s hard to see how much color it actually has because it’s so hairy....
  8. Breaking up the pack. Prices listed.....I can cut multiples of a few pieces. I also have additional pieces I can cut to order. If interested, shoot me a PM
  9. Price reduced! Need to make room in the frag tank
  10. RP Blueberry Limeade $40 TSA Princess Peach $75 SOLD Gonzo’s Blueberry Diesel $60 Jason Fox Green Goblin Anacropora $20 ARC Burning Bush $125 Uchin’s Miyagi Tort $60
  11. I seem to be getting more interest in indiviual frags, so I will be listing each piece with its own price. PM me for fastest response..... Jason Fox Razzmatazz $75 WWC Afterparty $100 SOLD ARC Fireworks. $75 SOLD RR Grape Juice $40 SOLD RMF Jared’s Strazzleberry $60 BC Battlejuice $40 SOLD
  12. SOLD. That has to be a new record 😂
  13. I have a small fully quarantined Aiptasia eating filefish that I am looking to sell. My aiptasia problem has been wiped out, so I no longer need this fish. Asking $50....
  14. Monday bump...price reduced! I need this gone or its going in for store credit
  15. Bump. Make an offer if interested....
  16. Nice looking anemone, about 3-4 inches wide. Asking $20
  17. Just realized I still had these, so I’m bumping it up again.
  18. Hayes torches are nice! Just picked one up yesterday. By the way, would u be interested in trading another one of your torches for Chia Pet? I got one with your name written all over it Hayes 😊
  19. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Where are all the stick heads? Does no one do SPS in this area anymore?
  20. Bump it up. Make me an offer if u are interested
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