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truck hit my dog last night :(


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My stupid beagle always dashes out the door to chase the cats from the "crazy cat lady" from across the street. She always comes back within 20 minutes or so. Last night she dashed and did not come home all night. I was up until almost 1:00am waiting for her.


From what I could piece together, she was out on the main street and some kids saw her and tried to get her to come to them so they could take her to the animal control office. She dashed, and went out into the street. Big truck was going down the street and took her out. There is a large blood stain on the road (mostly washed away from the rain). The police were taking her to the emergency vet clinic when she died.


Thanks for letting me share.



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I did not know what happened until today. We have been piecing the story together from many different sources. The first was the kids down the block that were talking on the bus about trying to catch a beagle, and it got hit by a huge truck so they called the police. My daughter heard them talking and went into histerics.


Then my wife spent the afternoon calling the animal control, police, and the emergency vet clinics. The police dispatcher said that she saw a record of a police call to our area for a dog hit-and-run. The vet ER said that they got a call to expect a beagle, and it never showed up. There is a huge blood stain on the road a block from our house...


The rest is just putting the pieces together to know that my dog was on the way to a vet ER and did not survive the trip.


Thanks for the sympathy.


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