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  1. Looking nice! I ran something similar for years, controlled with my Profilux aquarium computer. My solenoids never failed. Still have them, after tanking down the tank.
  2. Not yet! I will post when I know what all it is.
  3. What I'm giving away won't accomplish that, though. Just some pumps, heaters, small skimmer. Not worth the drive, I would think.
  4. I'm going to give it another week, and then we'll see. Are you in Eugene?
  5. No trips. Too busy getting ready to move to Germany.
  6. Acrylic tank, drilled on back wall, needs buffing out or could be a sump - $20 measures 36x15x16
  7. I'm not sure yet, but various pumps and a couple of small skimmers, probably.
  8. I will have various things that nobody wants that I need to get out of the house by Juli. Do I take them to St. Vinnies or Goodwill? Do they take such things? Any other places in Eugene? Does Tanks for Teachers still exist?
  9. I've had it for years, and always got 0 TDS, with regular filter changes. Swapped out one container, that had a crack in the lid. No leaks! Has some rust on the bracket. Not sure what brand anymore. Also have two of the valves that sometimes need changing. Forgot the name. It's black in the picture, the new ones are white. Brand new set of filters, including color changing DI media and an extra container to make it easier to change out.
  10. Milwaukee 7.01 ph Calibration Solution 22 pouches exp 5/25 $15 Milwaukee 10.01 pH Calibration Solution 22 pouches exp 5/21 $10 Biopharm pH Calibration fluid, bottles almost full Exp August/December 21 $10 Milwaukee ORP meter $60 (sold) Gloves $5 Shipping ok, buyer pays shipping
  11. Selling as a package for $425 This is an awesome Aquarium computer/controller that can do more than I can describe, including automatic water change, top-off, pH and temp control... Comes with -2 power bars to control 10 plugs -2 level sensors -2 temp probes -1 brand new pH probe - power supply - serial to usb cord for connection to pc -SIMU light stick for moonlight, sunrise, lightning storms Dedicated connection for light stick, temp, pH and level sensors Expansion possible It can be connected to your network via ethernet, and you can control your tank from anywhere in the world, via PC program or app. Link to manual download: https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/downloads/profilux-3-manual/
  12. Yeah. Not many people in Eugene needing anything. If it's shippable, I'm open to that. Buyer pays shipping.
  13. In Eugene, and I would think so. I also have a HOB skimmer that I hung on the inside in the sump for my 60g tank plus 20g sump for the same price.
  14. I'll answer PM's tonight. Am in meetings all afternoon.
  15. Tank is now empty and being cleaned as we speak. Tank, Sump, Stand and Hood $150 (sold) 60G cube, glass, drilled (3 holes)with coast to coast internal overflow Stand and Hood need painting, but usable as is. Tank is older, has a few small scratches, but nothing too visible No leaks, was set up until yesterday Black silicone. I taped the edges to make it look like a black frame. Mp10, not quiet drive, works fine $50 (sold) Mp40, not quiet drive, with box, works fine $80 (sold) Radion XR15w G4 Pro, excellent shape, run at 50%, $200 (sold) Reeflink to control light and pumps $30 (sold)
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