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  1. If you still have the god zoathid I'd take them. I'm in springfield

    1. siskiou



      I'll let you know if the other person backs out!

  2. Livestock/Corals spoken for. 🙂 Tank setup is spoken for. Tank, Sump, Stand and Hood $150 60G cube, drilled with coast to coast internal overflow. Stand and Hood need painting, but usable as is. Other equipment will be listed when tank is empty and I can clean it all properly. It's time to let it go for now, after many years of enjoyment, having had tanks of various sizes. I have no idea of prices, as I haven't looked lately. Make offer or tell me if it's way to cheap! 😂 My phone camera is not good, but hopefully good enough to give an idea.
  3. Hi, does anyone know where I could get just the lid for a canister? One of my lids has developed a crack. 😞 Or a cheap source for a canister with lid?
  4. Thanks for the offer, but I don't think I'll be making it to Portland any time soon, under the circumstances. 😞
  5. Thanks, everyone! Would a jig saw be okay? I do have a dremel, too. What kind of blade would be best for that?
  6. How would I best frag this? It's about 4x7 inches.
  7. I used to know, but can't remember right now! 🤔 Help highly appreciated!
  8. Sorry, didn't see this until now! It's a bit far away, unfortunately! If I'm ever headed that way, I'll shoot you a message!
  9. Hi, it's been quite a while since I've posted! I still have my 60G cube. Years and years ago, I had stomatella snails in my tank, but when I added peppermint shrimp, they were all decimated in a few days! :*( I'd love to haven them in my tank again, and was hoping someone here might have some, and willing to sell. Could trade for green star polyps.
  10. Can the light be controlled with an aquarium computer?
  11. So, I just tried to fix my noisy mp10, and am left with the races of the bearings still stuck on the magnet shaft. Does anyone have a quiet mp10 or mp40 for sale for cheap, or an mp10 dry side, before I go and order something? I'm so annoyed! Oh, and if anyone needs some bearings for an mp10, I have some available for cheap!
  12. I have an 48" 8 bulb Tek light, if that's something you are considering. Comes with a bunch of bulbs, some used, some brand new.
  13. Thanks! I think you are a little too far away, though. I'm in Eugene. Forgot to mention my location in the first post.
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