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Guide to a bunch of hitchikers to your aquarium



Good to read if you are also trying to set up a shark tank.



The two primary "diseases" that affect Tridacnid clams.



Why to use a refugium/benefits.

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Thanks for giving this old thread a well-needed bump! If anyone has some favorite reef related links that they don't mind sharing, please post them here!


Here are a few sites that have been around for many years. Before YouTube and Reef Forums. I hope you all enjoy this bit of reef tank history.


Aquatic Book Shop http://www.seahorses.com/index.shtm


FINS: The Fish Information Information Service t doesn't look like much at first, but it includes world-wide directories of clubs and stores.  http://fins.actwin.com/about/index.php


Aquabid  http://www.aquabid.com/


The Krib  - This is the oldest living aquarium web site, having been around since January 1994. Lot's of old, but very interesting and useful info.   http://www.thekrib.com/Marine/


GARF  http://www.garf.org/navagation.html  This has been around over 30 years now, and is still a fun website.  Leroy Headlee, the co-founder and director of the infamous Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation, (GARF) was the first person... to my knowledge, to actually frag corals in the Pacific Northwest. We were amazed when we had Leroy, and his wife, Sally Jo, at a have a Club Workshop with us back around the early 1990s. They were the first to show us how to frag corals... it just simply was not done!  All coral sold in stores then were basically all collected in the wild, and there were no frags yet sold in stores! Leroy passed away in 2012, but Sally Jo continues his legacy with this fun website. They show how to maintain and propagate, without all the 'Hi-Tech.'  Some good aquaculture ideas.  http://www.garf.org/navagation.html

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Although the thread talks about sharks, you can use gavage tubes to force feed fish that refuse to eat. Especially useful for some of the rarer/more expensive fishies.


In case anyone wants to make their own salt. From my experience and from what I hear it works well. There is a link in that thread to even more precise values.

and how to make kalkwasser:


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