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Another way to figure the gallons is to use Google for the conversion from cu in to gal. Most people don't know that Google will do many conversions like this automatically.



My 40g sump is 16" x 16" x 36" however the fill line is at 12". To figure the actual gallons that the sump will usually have in it I'll multiple 16x12x36 which equals 6912 cubic inches. Now I open up Google and type in "6912 cu in to gal" (Actually I just put it in the search bar at the top of any browser window since I use Google for my default search engine)


Here is the Google result:

6912 (cu in) = 29.9220779 US gallons

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Good tips for adding corals (zoa's)




Java Based Reef Chemisty Calculator's



Chemistry Calculator


There are calculators for all kinds of stuff. Here is one for Ca reactors


Tank volume



Hitch Hikers guide to reefing



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Anyone have a link to learn Tips On Cutting and drilling Plexi glass.. Im going to buy 1/2inch PG from Home Depot, and everytime I have worked with it in the past I ended up fracturing it....

Please help...



That would be a good link. I have used a hole saw for the bulkheds and a table saw for the reat. I have never seen 1/2 in. at HD. The thin stuff they have is junk. Very brittle. Go to TAP plastic in Portland.

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Don't bother with the fish. Just let the tank cycle with the live-rock for several weeks. Once there is no detectable ammonium or nitrite then you can start thinking about adding some additional livestock.


Skimmer, or no skimmer, it does not matter at this point.


If you have not read this article, you should. Scroll down to Myth 15, but the rest of it is good too.







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This is a link to make a refugium from a small 20 gallon long glass aquarium:



Here is a page for recipe for homemade food:



Actually this webpage has a whole wealth of information and I have been useing it for years for various projects. He is a very good do it yourself person and has amazing reef tanks. He also has many plans for sumps and refugiums as well as custom overflows and how to take good pictures, How to make phyto. The list just goes on and on:




Of course there is www.wetwebmedia.com a searchable database. Great for helping with tank problems.


More to come later.......




This is a great link,Thx for posting it

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