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  1. It's this a breeding pair?
  2. I cut a drain in my floor. I didn't want a bunch of pipes running all over the place.
  3. I would be interested in one. Thanks
  4. Pacific snake eel. (Ophichthus triserialis) very rare to be up here on the Oregon coast.
  5. Sunset Beach, North of Gearhart
  6. There is a sea snake washed up on the beach near where I'm working. The local aquarium is on the way to deal with it
  7. Nick

    Eel recommendations?

    Hawaiian Dragon eel. My favorite. Will eat all your fish
  8. Whoa . Pfo. This is like a flashback from ten years ago. I remember
  9. And the lines at the permit office will finally be short!
  10. Although I do it myself, im actually a contractor and carpenter for over 25 years. Built hundreds of homes from the ground up, I understand how expensive it can be building quality things. That's why I like doing them myself and originally why I became a carpenter. Materials can be expensive, but labor adds up quick
  11. I'm doing it all my self! I understand how expensive remodels can get. Im a huge fan of buying materials at the habitat for humanity restore. Im doing a million dollar remodel on a thousand dollar budget, my specialty. Next on the list is an outdoor kitchen with pizza oven.
  12. Now is a great time to do home projects. We are finishing a big basement remodel, fish room, tank in the wall, meditation pavilion, garden shed, and new deck!
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