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  1. July POTM Winner

    Wow, cool thanks guys. Appreciate it. I thought it was a cool picture because it's eye makes it look like it was looking at the camera.
  2. July Picture of the Month - Sand Bed

    This should do.
  3. Share the Love...Mattv style

    Share the love!!
  4. So... What's up with your tank?

    Yeah it's kind of funny. The wife didn't want to run the AC to keep the house nice and cool but was ok with me buying the chiller. Which of course was not cheap.
  5. So... What's up with your tank?

    Installed a much needed chiller.
  6. The start of the new tank

    Very cool! I've always wanted a center overflow tank but never had the right spot to put one. Looking forward to seeing it up and running.
  7. Adorable little monster

    That thing is friggin cool!
  8. Brian67 200 gallon starfire

    Great job on the stand. Tank looks good as well, love the look of this style. Also is that a Chevron Tang? Dig those things.
  9. Share the Love....( Matt V sps )

    Share the love!!
  10. Hey All

    Ok one more time. I'll try to include a link as well. Hopefully this works
  11. Hey All

    Ok so lets try the picture again. And thanks for the welcome.
  12. MY 90 Gallon Tank Build

    I love that look of these tanks. Also I like your rock work, nice and open. Urchins are really cool especially when they start giving hermit crabs and snails free rides around the tank.
  13. Hey All

    Hello everyone, Not new to the hobby but new to this site and wanted to say Hi. I currently own a Red Sea Max S400 and it's been up and running for about 3yrs. Basically it's a mix of some SPS and LPS and other various inhabitants. Attached a shot to give an idea of what it looks like. Hopefully it works. Cheers