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  1. Haven’t seen either meter in ages. Thanks for keeping up with this.
  2. @Gumby is the chalice guy.
  3. Sorry to hear that, @zorroreef. Much like retail stores cannot set aside merchandise or limit purchases in the first hour for those arriving after that, neither will we require our vendors. We fairly offer tickets for entry at 10 AM to everyone, and you’re welcome to purchase one or pass. We’ve done this year after year and had zero complaints to date that there weren’t great corals available 11 AM onward. Event closes at 4 and has a fantastic selection till the end.
  4. Yay, turns out you can watch it on the PBS app! Some of us no longer have actual TVs and watch everything on tablets/laptops/etc.... When guests ask where my TV is, I point to the aquarium.
  5. Yes, still available. Just send the $10 payment to paypal@pnwmas.org
  6. 12’ish and younger are free. Teenagers (especially those in the hobby), we appreciate the $5/person entry fee.
  7. Our treasurer will be verifying the payments, so I’m going to check them all at once with him tonight. When you’re logged into PayPal, it will show your recent payments on the home screen. As long as it’s there, you’re good. (Anyone we don’t see will get a heads-up/chance to pay before losing their spot.)
  8. Yeah, I caught that. They’re on the list just one each.
  9. Please make sure to give your username when making payment! There’s an area to make the note through PayPal. Makes it easy to match up who has paid.
  10. Are you wanting 3 tickets? Totally fine, just want to make sure.
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