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  1. Flashy Fins

    ALBERTAREEF.. I found your new tank!!!

    [language filter]... that could fit a whole lot of flashy wrasses! The big gaudy ones, 12” rainbow colored monsters! And their parrotfish friends! Pretty sure the weight of it before any water was added would crash through my second-level apartment floor, though.
  2. Flashy Fins

    Announcing your 2018 - 2019 PNWMAS Officers

    Congrats to all! Happy to be around for another year!
  3. Flashy Fins

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Never heard back from you, @wantanewtank, but I will be at the meeting tomorrow if you want to pick up the meter there.
  4. Flashy Fins

    April 2018 meeting pics CNC Party

    Anyone else feel like they're in one of those Discover commercials with the "not you" lookalikes?
  5. Flashy Fins

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    USB meter was handed off at the April meeting and is still being used. Handheld meter is currently available. @wantanewtank - where are you located?
  6. Flashy Fins


    Bumping this up! You have till April 30 to get the discounted rate for a vendor table at the event. Last year, we had a blast and made a lot of money for Tanks for Teachers. We're expecting another great turnout this year and hope you'll be part of it!
  7. Flashy Fins

    April Meeting At Cuttle Fish and Coral!!

    Whoever made that pan of brownies deserves their own special thanks, because mmmmmm! And special thanks to Scott for whipping up some bacon for this picky eater! I pretty much never fill my plate at potluck gatherings, but I did at this one. Thanks to all who brought something to share!
  8. Flashy Fins

    April Meeting At Cuttle Fish and Coral!!

    I’ll bring a baby maxi-mini for them.
  9. Flashy Fins

    April 15 Grand prize!!!!!

    This party is going to kick fish tail! Proper thanks to Jeff & Kim for organizing all this!
  10. Flashy Fins

    Food for April Meeting

    Sounds like some type of burgers are happening, yes? I'll throw in a vote for bacon, in that case, because that is what I like between my buns. (Realizing now that could be worded better, but where's the fun in that?!) Just a suggestion, and no hard feelings if we already have a full grocery list. I won't starve as long as there is bread (buns).
  11. Flashy Fins

    Food for April Meeting

  12. Flashy Fins

    CNC Bonus Group Buy Inverts!!

    One fire shrimp for me!
  13. Flashy Fins

    March 2018 Meet at Hollys Pics

    Great job with the hitchhiker talk and the photo recap, Bert! Excelling at two major jobs there! We are lucky to have you! Special thanks to Holly for opening up her home, to all the club officers who pitched in to make the meeting a success, and to everyone who came out to socialize and support the club! We have such a fantastic group of people here! More exclamation points because I love them so!!!!!! What, you don't all have a bottle of turpentine in your fish med cabinet? Consult with Bert or Miles recommended first. Yep, all your fingers are still there, Andy! Technical assistance during the talk appreciated.
  14. Flashy Fins

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Added you! Both meters are available. Which one did you want to borrow, the handheld or USB?
  15. Flashy Fins

    Missing bags of frags

    Yikes. I hope they turn up.