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  1. Huge thanks to Rudy for being so generous! Tanks for Teachers is growing and has a new school tank in the works for fall, so this is really helpful. Thanks to all who bid on corals, as well!
  2. I’ll be there! Love a good summer party. ☀️
  3. Congrats to all! Great team we have here.
  4. Should be July 27th based on the text invite Jim sent me. Sorry I will miss this one, but duty calls - and by duty, I mean a big party someone invited me to weeks ago. 😆 My summer calendar always fills up fast. Bummed to miss it, but anyone who hasn’t been to Natalia’s before is in for a treat! She painted amazing reef themed murals in her garage and has her tanks packed denser than you thought possible.
  5. Sorry I will miss this one. My dog is on his last few weeks and needs my care. Everyone have a great time at the beach for the both of us!
  6. Closing the thread. Nothing harsh meant by it, but majanos are not considered desirable livestock by any major wholesalers or retailers, so I don’t think selling/trading them on the forum is a good idea. Plenty of other stuff we can all trade and stay friends over.
  7. Great photos, Dodge! Fun party, as always, and holy delicious tacos! Mmmm.
  8. His username is goldenbasket8 with nothing listed at the moment. Nice seeing you around here again!
  9. I’m not quite sure I understand. Do you mean separate it the way we have sponsor topics separated? I either don’t remember or perhaps wasn’t around when it was different, so I have nothing to go on there. I do agree it gets lost in the mix.
  10. Thanks to @CuttleFishandCoral for gifting the Boys & Girls Club some new fish! They had trouble getting the feeding right and lost their previous two, so the goal this time was to make sure we added enough fish to use the auto feeder. From Jeff, we added a McCosker’s wrasse and an aurora goby, and purchased from Seahorse were a long-nosed hawkfish and red firefish. The kids voted on these fish from a list of choices that would work well together and be easy to care for; it’s funny noticing all four choices are red. They have a few more selections to be added soon, but it’s always best to get the more peaceful specimens in first. Safety Stop dip has been working well! McCosker’s at the top left, just seconds after being added to the tank. Bottom center/left, you can see the wrasse on his way into hiding, as well as the aurora goby. Aptasia getting a nudge from Jim’s kalkwasser syringe. Adding peppermint shrimp to the list of tank needs! Overall, coming along nicely! Photo taken during maintenance, so forgive the low water level and slightly open cabinet doors.
  11. Looking great! I see the corals settled in nicely, and the boys chose well with their fish. Lots of color in there now! To clarify, this tank is new, since the old one mentioned was drilled, and this setup is without a sump. Easier knowing we’re not relying on 10-year-old silicone seams, as well, although plenty of tanks are older. The stand, canopy, and a few other things did make it over from the Boys & Girls club. Love seeing your progress!
  12. Thanks for thinking of Tanks for Teachers! We don’t have an immediate need for it, but I could store it for future use with another school. Any chance you’ll be at this month’s club meeting at Paradise Coral?
  13. Flashy Fins, 

    I understand you are the moderator for the Tanks for Teachers Program.  I'm a high school chemistry/biology teacher and would like to get connected with the program.  Currently I host fresh water and salt water systems to teach water quality and water chemistry as well as ecological impacts of climate change and ocean acidification.  As an experienced keeper, I know that the proper equipment is important.  As such, I wanted to know how to get connected with school donations to set-up a reef tank and a cold water system.


    1. Flashy Fins

      Flashy Fins

      Hi, Jeremy. That’s great that you’re getting the kids interested! What school are you teaching at? 

    2. JWanak


      I teach at Sprague High School in Salem, OR.  

    3. JWanak


      Currently, I've set up a 20 gal tank with two black clowns.  I'm interested in add a urchin and flame angel to control algae and perhaps a few soft corals to bring in some color.  Any urchin recommendations, I was thinking short spine purple.

  14. Big thanks to @lewisriverfisherman for taking over the par meter duties.
  15. Closing the thread so you don’t keep getting offers. Condolences on your loss, and good luck with the move.
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