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  1. Flashy Fins

    Trade in Albany

    Huntero1975, I understand you want to trade everything for 3 specific pumps, so I moved your post to the trade section and edited it to remove the mention of selling. If you wish to sell, just list a price, either for the lot or piece by piece. You can add OBO for flexibility. It's nothing personal and is a rule that applies to everyone. Looks like a great deal for someone!
  2. Flashy Fins

    Who's all going to the Hatfield Marine Science Center? 

    I’ll be there. See you all soon!
  3. Flashy Fins

    Welcome your 2018/2019 Board Members!

    Congratulations to all!
  4. Flashy Fins

    ALBERTAREEF.. I found your new tank!!!

    The hogfish in the video seems to be attacking his own reflection, thinking it's another hogfish. Probably bored out of his mind in that small tank with nothing better to do. The complaints I've read about parrotfish in acrylic tanks are more to do with them scratching it up while trying to get every last bit of algae.
  5. Flashy Fins

    ALBERTAREEF.. I found your new tank!!!

    All this talk of glass versus acrylic... you can’t put a parrotfish in acrylic! And if you don’t think you need a parrotfish, what are you even doing in this hobby?!
  6. Flashy Fins

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    I'm out in Oregon City, but I'll be in Vancouver on Tuesday and can meet up with you then. I'll send you a PM to work out details.
  7. Flashy Fins

    April 2018 Meeting Pictures at Golden Basket

    Relieved to see the overload of blue slushies I had did not result in a blue smile in these pics! Although, I might have been suffering brain freeze in this one. Huge thanks for documenting our shindigs.
  8. Flashy Fins

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    @sroberts, the USB meter is now available. Where are you located?
  9. Flashy Fins

    ALBERTAREEF.. I found your new tank!!!

    [language filter]... that could fit a whole lot of flashy wrasses! The big gaudy ones, 12” rainbow colored monsters! And their parrotfish friends! Pretty sure the weight of it before any water was added would crash through my second-level apartment floor, though.
  10. Flashy Fins

    Announcing your 2018 - 2019 PNWMAS Officers

    Congrats to all! Happy to be around for another year!
  11. Flashy Fins

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Never heard back from you, @wantanewtank, but I will be at the meeting tomorrow if you want to pick up the meter there.
  12. Flashy Fins

    April 2018 meeting pics CNC Party

    Anyone else feel like they're in one of those Discover commercials with the "not you" lookalikes?
  13. Flashy Fins

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    USB meter was handed off at the April meeting and is still being used. Handheld meter is currently available. @wantanewtank - where are you located?
  14. Flashy Fins


    Bumping this up! You have till April 30 to get the discounted rate for a vendor table at the event. Last year, we had a blast and made a lot of money for Tanks for Teachers. We're expecting another great turnout this year and hope you'll be part of it!
  15. Flashy Fins

    April Meeting At Cuttle Fish and Coral!!

    Whoever made that pan of brownies deserves their own special thanks, because mmmmmm! And special thanks to Scott for whipping up some bacon for this picky eater! I pretty much never fill my plate at potluck gatherings, but I did at this one. Thanks to all who brought something to share!