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  1. Did someone say seahorse?!

    Wow! Lucky you, with a red/orange specimen. Fingers crossed for you that he stays colorful.
  2. Gorgeous! I love the BTA. I've been too scared to try one, because I'm afraid of it bulldozing everything, but seeing one in your tank makes it ultra tempting!
  3. HMSC Fish Health Workshop July 2017 Pics

    Woohoo! I always love seeing your pictures after our meetings, Robert. Great time had by all, and @IntoTheMystic deserves extra special thanks for always being such a fantastic host and putting together interesting and educational tours for us. Looking down the throat of that wolf eel was quite the experience! It was wonderful getting to know our friend Sid on a personal level this time, thanks to the BBQ. Lovely chatting with you! @Sirena, you were a pro with that setup, wheeling in coolers of food, cooking up the meal, and packing it all back up at the end like it was a simple picnic basket. Props to @Emerald525 for not catching anything on fire that she shouldn't. Who knew she had such a pyromaniac side to her? Fabulous group of people we have here, and I'm glad to be a part of it.
  4. Possible Carpool HMSC

    No prob. See everyone soon!
  5. 503reeflands introduction!

    Some nice looking LPS pieces in there! Welcome.
  6. Possible Carpool HMSC

    It's winter there! If he doesn't come back soon, his 2017 will be summer-less!
  7. Possible Carpool HMSC

    Hmm, if you have room and don't mind, maybe we can both pile in with you? Would make it a fun little road trip.
  8. Possible Carpool HMSC

    Ok, I wasn't sure how long his NZ trip was, but now I don't feel so bad about hanging onto his coral for longer than I meant to. My LPS-dominate tank is slowly turning into a mixed reef, although I think I have all the SPS I want for now. I broke down my coral QT for the summer, since I had a couple of vacations and didn't want the dog sitter having to also take care of multiple tanks. I'll put it together again soon, but as of right now, I have no place for new corals. Appreciate the offer, of course! Details for car pool, just PM me.
  9. Possible Carpool HMSC

    You are welcome to ride with me. I have a euphyllia (torch?) frag for @milesmiles902, which he said to give to you for holding last month, but then I wasn't able to make the meeting and didn't get it to either of you. Miles, if you're in town/coming to the meeting, let me know. Otherwise, I'll pass to Bert.
  10. Friday Afternoon Eye Candy!

    Not for sale, but Cuttlefish eye candy, nonetheless! Fingers crossed he's long-lived and stays out of that powerhead!
  11. Your number still end in -2908? Just text me when you're home on Tuesday, and I can head over from Camas then. My number ends in -3663, let me know if you need the rest.
  12. @spectra cannot receive messages, the forum tells me. So, how about Tuesday for pick-up? I live out in Oregon City now, but I'll be in Camas for work on Tuesday, so I could swing by afterward. Would be late afternoon or evening, flexible on the time.
  13. Hangin' in Hawaii!

    Take her to the Mediterranean - I heard it's really cold there! (Or not... never letting myself live that one down!) Years before I was interested in the reef hobby, I snorkeled reefs in Maui and snapped pictures of the pretty fish without a clue what I was seeing. A decade later, I came across the pictures and found myself saying, "Look at the wrasse! It's one of my favorites; I can't believe I saw it in the wild and didn't fully appreciate it!" Went to Oahu once, as well, but storms prevented any time in the water. Glad you're enjoying nice weather and having fun diving! Certification is on my to-do list.
  14. Netflix documentary "Chasing Coral"

    I watched it, and it made me feel like I'd better get around to seeing the reefs of the world before they are gone. I don't think the message was meant to be depressing, but it was. Still worth a watch, I feel.