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  1. Flashy Fins

    September Meeting Frag Swap 2018

    Thanks, Bert! I added a link to your first line, so people can easily find the date/time.
  2. I've had fish hide for various periods, but the details are fuzzy since it hasn't happened in a long time. However, my pompom crab continues to do it regularly; they hide a lot, in general, but mine has no nems and is extra secretive due to being without a defense (although he had picked up a maxi mini nem baby last time I saw him). His most recent hiding period lasted about a year, and I was sure he was a goner, then poof, he appeared as if by magic!
  3. Flashy Fins

    Neptune's Coral close out sale

    Hmm, I'll be in Vancouver tomorrow... might as well see what's there! I never found the time to go in after moving to Oregon City.
  4. Flashy Fins

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    @LadAShark - your turn to borrow, but you do have to be a supporting (paid) member of the site, so let me know @Trailermann - no wait time! I’ll message you to arrange pickup
  5. Flashy Fins

    Flashy's 20g Fresh Start

    Oh, that issue was ages ago, but I can tell you how it went. The chemi-clean worked well, but a week later, it needed another treatment. After a few rounds of that, I investigated other causes/treatments. What actually took care of the problem for good was replacing my T5 bulbs that were old. I now replace them yearly, if not sooner. I also upgraded to a fixture with a fan built in to keep the bulbs from overheating and wearing out so fast. Good luck!
  6. Flashy Fins

    Flashy's 20g Fresh Start

    Hmm, the video doesn't show up on my desktop, but it does on my phone. Hope at least some of you can see it.
  7. Flashy Fins

    Meeting on August 25th!

    I'm also looking forward to seeing pics! I know she'll blush, but I think a certain member deserves special recognition... When the raffle for the AI Prime was drawn, the winner was not present. Written on the back of the ticket was Liz [illegible last name], but with no forum username or other contact details, we had little choice but to redraw, with @Gil&Fin winning the second time around. Not long after, the mysterious Liz was back, having just stepped out of the meeting for a short time. Holly graciously handed over the prize, earning her unofficial status as PNWMAS MVP!
  8. Flashy Fins

    Flashy's 20g Fresh Start

    Quick video taken with my phone. Apologies for the reflections and glare. 6341EE00-7DF9-417E-B2DD-1CF70643DD1F.MOV Summers involve very little attention paid to my tank, so this is somewhat of a “before” reference video, hopefully to be followed by a spectacular “after” vid in a few months. Plans for fall including getting the tank back to shining star status with more fish, more corals, and more color! Current fish in the tank are a forktail blenny, Helfrichi firefish, McCosker’s wrasse, yellow clown goby, neon goby, eviota goby, and a barnacle blenny. Soon to be moved from QT to display are a sunburst anthias and a Lubbock’s wrasse.
  9. Flashy Fins

    Meeting on August 25th!

    Ah, thanks for reminding me. @badxgillen & @Jeremevans will be grilling up burgers for all to enjoy! We'll also have mac salad, potato salad, and veggies. Everyone is free to bring something to add if they'd like, but it's not required or expected.
  10. Flashy Fins

    Meeting on August 25th!

    Giving this a bump! See you guys tomorrow.
  11. Flashy Fins

    Meeting on August 25th!

    If you didn’t already catch the news, raffle prizes are set to include multiple $50 gift certificates to All Things Aquarium, as well as a few other shops. Grand prize will be an AI Prime!
  12. Flashy Fins

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    11:30 am is good. Just look for the gal with pink hair. See you then!
  13. Flashy Fins

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Saturday, I could meet you at Upscales if you like. Would need to be by noon, because I’m meeting someone at Seahorse at 1. Or you could meet me there.
  14. Flashy Fins

    Meeting on August 25th!

    The idea is members throw out ideas, and the club officers decide what we can swing. Hearing what people are wishing for is helpful, whether it's a $20 item or a $200 item. Keeps us from thinking everyone wants X, when in fact most people really want Y or Z. So far, LED lights and gift cards are popular suggestions. Others welcome!
  15. Flashy Fins

    Lexinverts' Red Sea Max reef tanks

    Yay, I can see them! Especially love these two pics - such vividly colored, healthy corals! 😍