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  1. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Hey! Respect the gauntlet! I don't want to see Justin Beiber undies any more than Kim does. What you guys google on your own time is your own business.
  2. What do you want for raffle prizes ?

    You make a great point. Ok, let's go with this one, and I'll whip up some pink dye! The only problem I foresee is being mistaken for cotton candy, but nothing a pair of googly eyes can't fix.
  3. Good afternoon

    You're not a real reefer till you've flooded something.
  4. What do you want for raffle prizes ?

    I'm determined to win the bunny, but I'm not calling it George. Needs to be as pretty as this one, because I'm vain like that.
  5. What do you want for raffle prizes ?

    Is dam(n) even a curse word? I guess I let f-bombs fly so frequently, the former doesn't seem much of anything anymore. Gosh diddly darn!
  6. What do you want for raffle prizes ?

    [language filter], I hit the button before I was done voting. I think an MP10 and/or MP40 draws a crowd, so those are always great prizes. I wouldn't mind seeing another jellyfish tank as a prize. That was the item I really wanted at the frag fest, but as the announcer of the prizes, I decided it was probably best not to enter for it. (Well, partly that, and partly forgetting to buy myself some tickets and realizing so as I was drawing the winner!) Gift certificates for local shops are always a hit, as well.
  7. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Oh, I think I managed to rid the club of that thing! I won it a couple of years ago (along with live pods, so the gift wasn't total crap) and took it to my workplace Christmas party. My boss's partner, the least likely person alive to want something like that (rich conservative guy in his 50s) won it and gave everyone an "eat [language filter]" look. I found it hilarious, but safe to say, that gift was thrown in the trash at the end of the night!
  8. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Not strictly, but most people tend to bring something reef related or reef inspired. There is sometimes a bottle of liquor or other unexpected item. Last year, I got a gift bag that had non-aquarium items but with reef themes - socks with octopuses on them, a Christmas tree ornament of Dory, and something else I've forgotten. I remember an auto fish feeder being one of the gifts that was stolen the max number of items, as well as the bottle of alcohol.
  9. Good afternoon

    Whoa, those are some massive colonies! Anyone willing to come all the way from Montana to our frag fest belongs on this forum!
  10. Fantastic pictures, Bert! I’m seeing a lot of this event for the first time, despite having been there, and I’m wowed! The raffle ticket sales were such a success, I only made it out of the prize room to announce winners and for Laura’s talk. Looks like the vendor room was madness, too. The best kind, of course - photosynthetic madness! I wish I could recall what was so funny in that image of me laughing hysterically next to Sean and Holly, but whatever it was, that is fine photographic evidence of the fun we all had!
  11. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    It can get a bit rowdy during the white elephant exchange. All in good fun!
  12. Nwfragfest Guest Speaker! Laura Simmons!

    Much better than my recording! I need to work out the technical difficulties I had for the next event. I recorded with my camera, which can only film 10 minutes at a time and resulted in some awkward gaps where the recording stopped mid-sentence and picked back up two sentences later, as well as my phone, which recorded video but screwed up the audio (long beep sound through the whole thing). Both my camera and my phone shut off around the same time at the end of the talk (phone died, camera overheated), so I didn’t get the Q & A portion at all. Definitely stuff to sort out for the next one.
  13. Nwfragfest Guest Speaker! Laura Simmons!

    We’ve had some amazing guest speakers over the years, but Laura really stood out to me as someone determined to turn things around in the industry and as a genuinely nice person, as well. She was so gracious with us, and I’m so happy the club chose to invite her!
  14. NW Fragfest shout out to all the vendors

    Yes, huge thanks to all those guys! They literally are the difference between a club meeting with a speaker and a frag show, so kind of a big deal! So many wonderfully generous donations! This club is lucky, lucky, lucky to have support from so many companies. I regret not having time to shop at the event (kept thinking I would, then suddenly we were packing up!), so I owe all the shops on our list a visit soon.

    List is a bit confusing, but hey, I don't think anyone would fault you for that after a tiring week of showing our guest speaker around, cooking for 200, and working an all-day event! I think those reading along can see what's what now.