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    Forest Fire digis frags

    Great looking color @Optimusprime3605 Mine grows great, but loses all the green. Any tips for a guy on how to bring it back? It was stunning at first, I am babysitting for @ssappington
  2. TheClark

    Happy Birthday Jorge!

  3. TheClark

    125 shallow SPS build. (Sneak peek)

    Killer stand, wow! Good looking tank, gonna be fun...
  4. TheClark

    Flower anemone spawning?

    That is so awesome, hope ya get babies!
  5. No worries, good luck! They are just sitting here, available when you need them.
  6. Quite a few of us will do shipments with each other when the weather is mild. Overnight is pretty cheap with USPS priority if you are in WA / OR usually. Post up some pics to fire up the interest!
  7. A trailer with some tie downs will work for sure. You could probably get these into any SUV or mini van with the seats down as well. They are not too crazy big, but big enough you don't want to drive all this way for nothing!
  8. Roughly 55" Long 32" Wide 30" deep Don't mind all the debris, that's why I keep em upside down! Should be very clean on the inside.
  9. I will go measure Chris, just a sec...
  10. I have a power head in box I think too, always keep a spare. LMK. You will need a truck to pick these guys up, I am around tonight and tomorrow. Might have a spare heater too, can dig around in the reef pile if you need. You can PM me and we can exchange cell numbers. Wishing you the best, so stressful! Livestock does not love living in stock tanks, but it is less stress than a complete move for sure. You won't have your skimmer and dosing etc etc. Good luck and sorry!
  11. I have some stock tanks you can borrow Chris if you need them. 4 I think, 100 gallons each. Just for stuff like this...
  12. TheClark

    ATO Pump Suggestion

    Same here! Always looking to spend less because this hobby can sure add up! That's all I used to use on the 450 gallon system until moving the RODI downstairs a level. From downstairs, could not get 4 aqualifters to do the job, gave up and went with one of these 36 dollar peristaltic pumps: https://www.amazon.com/DC12V-Peristaltic-dosing-Tygon-deliver/dp/B01DER02OE These are so darn reliable and powerful, but are noisy. I also use them to run the calcium reactor and the kalk topoff. All from the garage below. They require a 12v wall wart to power, but those should be cheap or free if they are laying around... I also use dual aqualifters on my son's tank for about 6' of head. They work great, but I do occasionally have to replace or rebuild an aqualifter. The avast is kind of a plug and play for those who can justify the expense. Quiet, powerful and ready to go...
  13. TheClark

    ATO Pump Suggestion

    A peristaltic pump would be good for this job. They can pump a long ways through very small tubing. Here is a pretty nice one: https://www.avastmarine.com/products/peristaltic-pump-for-auto-top-off we have always felt that peristaltic pumps are the best choice when moving small amounts of water. Quality peristaltic pumps, also known as dosing pumps, provide very consistent flow rates and require little maintenance. Their anti-siphon characteristic is an important feature concerning evaporation replacement. This allows you to place your top-off reservoir anywhere in relation to your tank, sump, or kalk stirrer. With traditional water pumps, situating the top-off reservoir above the level of your sump could lead to siphoning and overflow unless specifically designed otherwise. With a peristaltic pump, you get a precise amount of water delivered exactly where you want it, and not a drop more. Our pump is capable of delivering water at up to 20 feet of head pressure. That's several stories up or down, and hundreds of feet horizontally. No need to have your top-off reservoir under your tank. You can keep it out in the garage on the other side of the house!
  14. TheClark

    Fun with 3D printer

    Hi Daniel, That looks like a nice machine. Good build volume, bed levelling and all metal hot end. Nice! So far here... 2 MP Mini deltas, 1 MP Maker select (wanaho i3 clone) and... standing far above the crowd, a Prusa Mk3. The mk3 literally blows these others out of the water is quality and reliability. It is a truly print and forget printer. Love it. Those are very nice upgrades you have done. I do gotta check out the oiler, I do get clogs on 3/4 printers. On the mini deltas and the maker I have done a ton of upgrades, none on the mk3. The filament detector is so nice. Love that for loading/unloading and resuming prints. One cool thing the mk3 does is color changes, super nice feature also. It beeps when its time to change, unloads existing filament, loads new, extrudes until color change and resumes the print. Tried Slic3r, Cura various versions, and Prusa control. Loving Cura 3.3.1 with octo print. Cura has an incredible number of settings too, so you may enjoy tweaking there as well! After the prusa though, I am kinda tired of tweaking and just want to spend more time designing and printing, less time fiddling!
  15. TheClark

    New ReeFi LED product in prototype and testing phase

    Truth! My trolling is complete. Thanks for taking it easy on me, debates are generally for facebook 😎 Now back to the topic, sorry @danlu_gt
  16. TheClark

    Coral Giveaway!

    Awesome, share the love!
  17. TheClark

    What's your favorite SPS/LPS Coral

    I know not everyone will agree, but I am a fan of the
  18. TheClark

    New ReeFi LED product in prototype and testing phase

    Yes, bummer if you manufacture in China I am one of those guys who will pay a bit more for US made goods. Avast Marine is a good example. I certainly don't want to derail this thread though hehehe
  19. TheClark

    Fun with 3D printer

    It's a blast... but also a huge time sink as these things are not like a desktop printer. Much TLC and fussing required! Unless you get a Prusa Mk3, these things make the others look like toys. Then when you get your printer working well, it's time to fuss with CAD unless the part you need is already built by someone else. All that said, I HIGHLY recommend it, I went from 0 to 4 printers in a few months and love it. Probably the reason I am rarely on the site these last few months
  20. Thanks @youcallmenny for the suggestion! To add a build thread link, just go to your profile and choose 'Edit Profile'. Paste a link to your build thread. Others will be able to see it and browse to it when viewing your profile
  21. TheClark

    Problems with tapatalk?

    Ha, thanks! It was an easy fix fortunately. Tapatalk has to rev often to keep up with the forum software. And neither officially supports the other. Leaves us admins in a pickle sometimes. Thanks for the heads up...
  22. Looking good @sroberts Second check in also Mine are still kicking. Almost melted but back in business with all 7 heads.
  23. TheClark

    Problems with tapatalk?

    Looks like tapatalk put out a new plugin. I applied it, let's see if that helps.
  24. TheClark

    Neptune Apex... i love you.

  25. Awesome thanks!! Including tank size, flow, lighting, placement of the frag, frag measurement, equipment (ie calcium reactor, dosing, etc), feeding regiment, etc. Tank Size: 100 gallon frag tank, part of 450 gallon system. Flow: Two Jebao WP60s, 1 DC 12000 (under rack) Placement: Left side of pictured frag tank, a little on the lower light periphery. Equipment: Calcium Reactor, Dosing Balling Lite Part C, Feeding Coral (None). Dual Skimmers (RO XP 3000 and RO 5000 with auto neck cleaners) Recently started using aqua vitro a few times a week though. Never do water changes... Frag: I am counting seven heads even though you cannot see them all in the picture. I think it is already growing!