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  1. So awesome! What kind are they? I would probably get a whole harem if we could get them up to Kelso... Let me know in PM if there are options.
  2. This is so cool, and the shipping is outstanding!
  3. This is on youtube? When / where do we get the URL, facebook?
  4. Good summary questions, hope the answers are helpful. This is a live experiment, sharing FWIW... Time light turn on & turn off (12-9) Time you turn CR off & on (turns off for 2 hours ever night from 1-3) any additional reactive CR off/on cycles (if Alk > X, turn CR off for Y hrs?? anything like this) (automatically turns off if alk is above 8.53) CR pH control algorithm (simple turn on/off the gas based on CR pH? Or anything else) (Simple based on effluent reactor PH with the guard above) Is anything setup to react to trident Alk, (or Ca) rea
  5. Seems to be working. Alk is more stable with a nightly 2 hour CR shut off. Here is Tues-Friday this week:
  6. I have aptasia if you need it! I mean... asking for a friend 😂
  7. Sounds good! Work is nuts but I see a light at the end of the tunnel (Yes, I am working right now.. stilll... ugh!)
  8. Nice! I have some tyree blue flower petal monti if you want to toss that into the mix! Its beautiful, and massive, about 2' square. if I even breath near the tank big slabs fall off 😂
  9. Right!!?? I don't need no stinking photoshop, I gotz me Gimp! Would love to trade for an OG bounce! I am definitely more of a trader, cannot remember the last time I sold any coral! PM so we can sync up when it makes sense.
  10. Update for anyone interested, or just my online ramblings... Back to tests every six hours. Decent results so far, over the last 48 hours 0.13 variation. Now to hold that for a week/month/year... You can see the nightly pre-planned shut offs (small phCRE bumps), and the big corrections that occur when alk goes too high (large phCRE bumps).
  11. Yes, these guys! https://cornbredcorals.com/products/cornbreds-sunkist-bounce-mushroom-wysiwyg Amazing what people can charge. Wasn't that long ago when shrooms were a pest and torches were a dime a dozen. My how times change 🤣
  12. That's it, thank you! I am so bad on coral names...
  13. @reefnjunkie Brad what are these called again? I completely forgot, but it is one of your beauties.
  14. This guy split into 5 shrooms!! Such a nice surprise! It's good to get busy and not watch the reef now and then... LIke a watched pot...
  15. Looks like 2018. Some good info in this thread. And a tiny hydnophora LOL
  16. I think Ocean Swipe is the best concept by far, enough where I invested. Never had it work for more than a week though sadly. 3 side cleaning on 4x4x2 cube with 1/4" Plexi Pretty old robosnail, new ones might be better.
  17. Found a torch! It was far away and hard to see before this 😉 This is one of those really bright green ones, failed on the pic...
  18. I also had robosnail, but it kept falling off the tank...
  19. I have the ocean swipe, unfortunately its been a fail. They have tried hard to get it working. Tracks come loose over time. Has a hard time around corners Lots of software bugs. To this day though, they are still good at trying to help.
  20. Frags then, frags! I have frags Let me tempt you with this literal bad boy 🤣 http://pnwmas.org.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/monthly_2020_09/C90C3463-7104-4C75-9BF1-3F16D8D977F7.thumb.jpeg.048b4aedaf04ff6d84b8009d9cc88835.jpeg
  21. So sorry, glad it wasn't worse... let me know if i can help with APEX alarms or anything..
  22. I do, but the chaeto all vaporized 😂 So now its just a very brightly lit empty fuge.
  23. Sure tough to avoid pests, glad you were able to wipe em out!
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