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  1. Heater broke, tank crashed

    My son's aqueon pro just died tonight. First tripped GFCI, I reset GFCI and AFCI tripped in the panel. When the AFCI tripped, apex started playing an alarm and texting about a power outage. So I ran out to turn the breaker back on, tripped the house alarm. Chaos! Pulled it out, swapped in the spare. No more trip. Wife not happy with tank tonight @Blue Z Reef Jeff, what heater did you end up going with? I just used my spare and need to replace one!
  2. December Picture of the Month - Tangs

    Here is my entry. An old picture of the hippo tang when he was little. Nowadays he is a mack truck...
  3. Blue face angel

    I have dreamed of having one after seeing yours Bill a few years back (you had her quite a while right?) What an amazing fish!
  4. December Picture of the Month - Tangs

    I am leaving him out of the contest since he won in 2014. But here is the pic for old time's sake!
  5. Coolest mailbox ever!

    See 'What my neighbors think I do' below
  6. Coolest mailbox ever!

    Check out the aragonite-scaping! guess who?
  7. Zoa I'd please

    Oh I see. Its always hard to tell with the blues, but the bottom pic looks like AOG or Gobstoppers if the center is green. Hope that helps...
  8. Generator Sizing

    Vance, I hate to even try to answer a question from you as you know WAY more about Electricity than I do!! :-) But for the sake of discussion, here goes... You would sure think it wouldn't matter with everything converting to DC. However, most people out there recommend inverter generators for anything electronic. I have had good luck with our cheaper generator with AVR, but some things act weird like the Insteon light dimmers in the basement. All in all, the reef tank runs just fine on the cheaper generator with AVR including the APEX. Had to do fire up the generator a few times over the years, made the power outtage a non event. In fact, we ran every 120 circuit in our house, just keep the heat pump and water heater off. Sweet! Neighbors were calling us trying to figure out why we had power and they did not
  9. Zoa I'd please

    The Sunny D family is tough to ID because so many look similar. I will say this. Put them next to each other in the same light and flow for 2 weeks. If they still look different you have two different types. If they are the same, the identical environment will have them looking identical.
  10. Generator Sizing

    Some equipment can be sensitive to a generator. AVR or automtic voltage regulation is a must have feature. Unless you get an inverters generator. It is even nicer and safer for equipment but bigger $$. Harbor Freight has them for good deals periodically. This one would definitely do the job for a tank that runs off of one circuit: https://www.harborfreight.com/engines-generators/inverter-generators/2000-watt-super-quiet-inverter-generator-62523.html I have a 5750 watt with AVR that back feeds our house when the power goes out, like @Vance164. It is awesome when the power goes out to fire it up and have power! Good luck!
  11. Coolest mailbox ever!

    @stylaster your secret is out!
  12. Coolest mailbox ever!

  13. Need Nano-Cube custom lid

    Yes indeed! That's too bad but I bet he has good stuff in the works! I have no contact then
  14. Need Nano-Cube custom lid

    Yes, there is a guy up here with a Cnc and great 3d design skills. He built me a nice custom lid. I can get you his info @Snappy just shoot me a PM
  15. Clash Royale

    Anyone play the game Clash Royale? https://clashroyale.com/blog/news/about-the-game It's my favorite time killer in the evenings, fun game. We have a pretty active clan but recently lost a few members and have openings. Looking for friends to join. Clan is: #QYQYVY TheHogRiderz if you want to join up!
  16. I am running a peristaltic pump to feed the calcium reactor. To make the plumbing easy, I pull from the return pump section, and push to the reactor (fallback to a regular pump is easier this way). The alarm went off from APEX this morning letting me know the calcium reactor flow was low. Guess I need an intake strainer, look at this monster bristelworm that was sucked up! (3/8" tubing, not 1/4")
  17. Vacation Problem

    Autotopoff.com floats are amazing and reliable. Run multiple floats, it promotes reliability, its easy and allows for things like APEX automated water changes (love this guys automated water change, gonna swap out my program one of these days...)
  18. Mushroom Propagation

    That is cool!
  19. Dosing trace elements?

    Great repeatability in your testing, I sure like that. You must be methodical and precise! Best to pick what params you want to run, and shoot to keep em rock solid. If you are happy right now, you could try to hold this right where it is. Perhaps upping the mag might be a good idea though. Everyone has an opinion on the right alk/calc values. It's not bad to test nitrates and phosphates too.
  20. Vacation Problem

    Good deal, I figured it was temp probe outta water, been there done that. I run a couple temp probes just for a second opinion. One in overflow, one in ATO area. The overflow one is always underwater. Talk about Murphy's law!
  21. Basement/Garage Sumps and Construction

    A shark bite fitting and pex to your new sink is super easy way to get hot and cold to your new sink. If you can find a hot and cold line to T off of. Lots of good tutorials out there. Plus you can get pex tools in the process and save a bunch of $$, highly recommend you tackle this one if time permits. For a sink drain, that can be tricker to find one to tie into. If you do find one, the next challenge is venting it. I like those AAV (air admittance valve) as you don't have to run a vent pipe all the way to the roof to drain. For the garage floor drain, I have not began to research yet, so probably not much help!
  22. Basement/Garage Sumps and Construction

    This is a great thread! I am building out my own garage reef room here, very slow process. Enjoying the discussion for sure. What are you doing for flood prevention? I was thinking about cutting a hole in the slab and putting in a sump pump. Or a false water proof floor with a drain... not sure..
  23. High-End Rainbows & More In Here!

    Insane stuff!
  24. Basement/Garage Sumps and Construction

    It's more expensive for sure , but not much more expensive than having a backup pump sitting on the shelf! Makes me feel better anyways
  25. Basement/Garage Sumps and Construction

    Glad it can help! I run dual return pumps simply so that if one fails, I don't have to rush home. The last return pump failure I had was right before boarding a flight with the family. My poor dad and uncle were swapping return pumps while we were on the flight. Talk about timing! With dual returns it could have waited until I was home a week later most likely without issue. I run each pump to a separate sea swirl. They have no plumbing in common, check valves etc. Simple! Also each return pump is on its own 10 dollar GFCI. That way if one trips, the other keeps running. BTW it has never tripped... Might be overkill for some, just sharing my setup...