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  1. Now your cooking! Glad it was live rock only.
  2. Updates: - Posts appear to be showing up in multiple forums on the front page topic feed - Note there is a delay, like several minutes at times. If you see differently hit us up or post back here.
  3. Is this post visible in feed?
  4. Thanks for the heads up all, will check it out!
  5. TheClark

    Fish injury

    Wish i could offer help, following instead...
  6. Too late for me... 8' frag tank full of them. Will check out your thread, thanks!!
  7. Took about 30 seconds, decided to toss a frag into the DT. Naso tang immediately chewed on it with yellow coris wrasse watching intently. Perhaps that is the secret... Add a tang to the frag tank...
  8. Seems like in this hobby, we just move from one problem to another some times. Last problem was aptasia, now highly invasive brown clove polyps. Anyone have experience with Fish Bendazole for this task? I have read some, just looking for local experience. My main concern is a very special clam. Otherwise my system is at an all time record for growth and color, things not touching clove polyps are doing great. Oddly, only the frag tank has them, none in the DT. Surely they would spread here as well. Thinking maybe some fish is eating them? Maybe I could transfer said fish to frag tank. Candidates are tangs (yellow, Nasa, hippo, clown), Magnificent Fox Face, wrasse? Experiment idea: Place a frag from frag tank in view. Watch to see who eats the polyps. Risk: Polyps end up in the DT Thoughts?
  9. Hahah, wow, urchins... Looks like he kept them in the dark a while?
  10. Thanks! 1 left! I picked one up, who knows how long this stuff will last...
  11. I am now battling this, any updates? Frag tank, loaded with them. DT, none? All on the same system. Thinking fish are playing a role.
  12. Sold #4! Haha, jk, I am way too late as usual....
  13. I have no experience with any of these but the OR. Love them, but the photons look amazing to me, I have been watching them for years. The noopsyche looks great on paper / specs but questionable quality it sounds like.
  14. Liters per hour, I run a good flow but it slowly ebbs over time. Then APEX alerts, and I open / flush and repeat.
  15. Yes! I am thinking of pulling time of day in at some point but watching for that pattern too! I need a peristaltic first to eliminate my last variable... Check out flow...
  16. Exactly, once I saw Brad was out I was like... ok!
  17. 0.1 variation over 5 days, nailed it!
  18. Quite good! .13 alk range variation over 72 hours!
  19. Yep, that's it, such a limited programming language leads to ALLOT of weirdness. Very well explained!
  20. Bunch-o-water changes is often a life saver and remains great advice even though we have all this new data. I draw no conclusions from my very rough interation, just sharing FWIW
  21. Sure! Below is the new 'blue' area. Notice the PHCRE stayed at a high PH for only two hours instead of 4. Also the alk drop was lower than it would have been if the reactor had been off for 4 hours instead of 2. Liking it! Also, I can tweak that 2 hours to be whatever makes sense now. Good stuff! The dream would be if it is in the evening, and alk has been trending high at a good rate, back of the reactor for 4 hours. if it is in the evening, and alk has barely made it over 8.53, back of the reactor for 1 hour. Etc.. This kind of logic and data to act on would be huge, but I am quite happy for now.
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