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  1. Yes indeed, the mobile experience is much better these days. Thanks for posting back!
  2. That chart is liters per hour. I am averaging about 6 or 100 mls/minute. Since my alk demand is not crazy, that means a corresponding reactor PH at 7.05. I plan on lowering the ph when that is no longer the case and leave the flow steady.
  3. Man, it would be nice. Especially now that APEX showed me how wildly the flow varies off of my MJ1200 feed pump. Flow is in liters per hour. That means I have been ranging from 56 mls/min to 98 mls / minute. I do have to think it would be much more consistent with the peristaltic... Going to be looking for some cheap options as my reef budget will not allow for a good one at this point (400 dollars...)!
  4. The easiest thing to do is click the link 'choose files' when posting and upload directly to pnwmas. No more photobucket required!!
  5. Just a quick update for those interested... The new pump seems to be doing a good job. I am pretty happy, will build a few more to replace my noisy plastic peristaltic pumps (topoff and kalk) and keep a spare or two on hand. Feels good to finally have a decent peristaltic for a decent price. I would love to try one with a stepper for the calcium reactor and see if it can be even more reliable. Anyways here is the graph. I turned down the flow on the 12th, you can see the dip...
  6. Asking around as a favor for a friend... He has a steel 4" pipe in the ground. It cannot be removed. He needs to drill or cut multiple holes in it around 13 feet down the pipe. It must be drilled or cut from the inside. Looking for ideas, or someone who can be hired for the job.
  7. Odd Request - Need A Hole In Steel 4" Pipe

    Thanks for the tips, much appreciated! In this project, it is not possible to drill from the outside. That's what makes this a unique challenge.
  8. Odd Request - Need A Hole In Steel 4" Pipe

    Wow, cool! Going to some thinking on this before I ask questions. This looks promising!
  9. Odd Request - Need A Hole In Steel 4" Pipe

    Hand grenade, nice!! Ah, blowback, yeah. That's a big issue for sure. Smart bunch of people on here so thought I would 'toss' it out there and see if we get any ideas. I was thinking: Lower a right angle electric drill on an extension cord. With an inflatable air bag strapped to the back of it. When far enough down the pipe, inflate the bag (to push on the back of the drill) Then plug in the drill It's sketchy but that is all I came up with. It doesn't need to be a precise location in the pipe if that helps.
  10. Odd Request - Need A Hole In Steel 4" Pipe

    Hmmm... Lets just say for this discussion removal is not an option. Come on you outta the box thinkers, what say you?
  11. Heater broke, tank crashed

    Since you are in the rebuild mode, here are a few things I am doing these days FWIW... I have been running mostly the aqueon pros behind either an apex temp controller (main system) or the 30 dollar inkbird controller (son's system). They are 'shatterproof' or at least far more than the glass versions. On the main system I run 5 smaller heaters off of 3 separate GFCIs, just a second layer of protection. If a gfci trips I would catch it within 24 hours and the other heaters keep on chugging. If they cannot keep up I get the apex alert. I also run 2 temp probes for a second opinion. There are situations where one of them can be high and dry, no good... Lastly I run a couple grounding probes in the hopes that a broken heater, pump, powerhead or anything triggers the gfci as the voltage leaks to ground. Well good luck on the rebuild and glad to hear that stuff is hanging in there. Glad to hear aquaforest bios is good stuff, was curious about it.
  12. Exquisite acro

  13. Shout out to Sirena Long the Taco Lady

    Yes indeed! Crazy small world! My memory is short these days, but all those years ago I remember her being a happy person and nice to be around. Some things never change
  14. Shout out to Sirena Long the Taco Lady

    Thank you @Sirena!!
  15. Pick up at the meeting. Possibly open to trades with pics Candy Apple Red- 2p - $15 Classic must have zoa. Large and brightly colored Utter Chaos A - 2p - $20 Stunning patterns, good grower, bright colors and large Utter Chaos B - 3p - $30 Stunning patterns, good grower, bright colors and large Hydnophora A (Large)- $15 Blindingly bright green. Great hardy SPS, needs space as it will sting in theory, although I have had no issues. HydnoPhora B (top) and C (bottom) - $10 Blindingly bright green. Great hardy SPS, needs space as it will sting in theory, although I have had no issues. SOLD - ASD 'Aussie Magicians' (different than regular magicians) - $30 I bought these from Aqua SD as Aussie magicians years ago. They are very cool, different from normal magicians. The one on the right is what most of the colony looks like.
  16. So nice to see you also Sean. Thanks for all the hard work to make the show possible. And for the monti also. Crossing my fingers on your CB Rainbow Infusion, keep me posted
  17. Super nice to see you Derrick. Glad you like them! Those are the best Utter's i have seen in a long time. They came from @Emerald525, she has been growing out some great stuff.

    Huge, huge, huge thanks to those that volunteered so many hours of their valuable time. Truly grateful for all the hard work to make this possible. Heck, I was exhausted just being a visitor to the swap. It took a while to get all the spoils dipped and put away. And that's really nothing compared to what the volunteers did. Word was, many were up in the wee hours of the morning and stuck around pretty late to take it all down. THANK YOU!!!!!!! It was a special event in many ways. Most of us scored a ton of nice frags, made trades, good conversation, ate good food.... And learned allot more about sustainability. Which was awesome by the way. RESEPECT to the Aussie coral and fishery. Gonna go get me some scolies!!
  19. What did ya end up getting?
  20. Got ya covered Derrick!
  21. Forest fire digi is nice and being a digi a hardier sps. Blue digi is not as colorful but a good test sps and low cost.
  22. Sounds like you are going to be successful!
  23. Exciting time for Northwest Frag Fest

    Should be a great time, especially with nice stuff like this!
  24. Group photo Utter chaos frags are in this shot, its a better picture. They are super nice and good growers... I have had the kind that do not grow, its not this kind Teco Forbidden Fruit (Pink guy lower right) - Going to @badxgillen CB Rainbow Infusion (Lower left, super bright) - Going to @badxgillen