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  1. New Red Sea 160 gallon tank.

    What's your opinion on that spin down sediment container, good, bad, indifferent? Just curious because I love the idea of it but curious how it worked out in practice.
  2. Paratore's 75 Gallon Display

    That's crazy! Usually a 220 has two hot leads, you must have picked them both up? Great thing about making a mistake is learning for the next time right? Thanks for sharing, it helps others know to watch out. Glad you came out mostly unscathed!
  3. The goal was to make room, clean out the area, build out the reef room (Thanks Gil&Fin for the proper name). Fell short on goal 1, make room. I was too impatient to sell the boat off first. The first step in making room. It's a nice but older 18' sled with Yamaha 115 4 stroke jet, ~100 hours. Just had all the maintenance done, runs like a dream, kind of sad to sell. Needs to be painted though, it has seen allot of years. Paint? Ah... that can wait, lets move some reef stuff into the garage! Result? RODI, Kalk and TopOff are all setup in a small uncluttered corner. All controlled by an APEX EB8 with 150' cord (need to write this up, very easy to do). Topoff runs with a big peristaltic pump (30 bucks or so...) up to the second floor office. Same with Kalk feed, although kalk reactor is also in the garage. Amazing the sheer volume of stuff just for ATO/Kalk/RODI. Tubing and wires galore. Need to get the label maker out. Once I finalize the pipes and wiring, will take pics. Sometimes I wonder how all that stuff fit under the sump!!?? Who else has a reef room separate from their tank? Let's see em please!
  4. The Reef Room Has Started... sort of...

    Progress on the room, almost ready for construction!
  5. What do you do?

    Ahah, a fellow software guy. Good to know!
  6. What do you do?

    LOL, tinker Good to see you JR, bet you have been busy tinkering... Hope the rebuild is going well.
  7. Zoa expunging

    I have been scratching my head trying to figure out why that's a good thing. Can you tell us more? I guess I could google it... way more interesting to discuss though with you all
  8. Which screen to use

  9. February Picture of the Month - Shrimp

    bumpity bump bump. I know there are some great shrimp shots out there
  10. Lewisriverfisherman's 20gal Nuvo Fusion Build

    Looks like it turned out great to me! Let us know if the cheato grows. Nice work and thanks for sharing!
  11. 95 gallon Cube Display Tank with Custom Stand

    Oh wow, that completely makes sense. The little tank regulates the water height of the big tank.
  12. Lewisriverfisherman's 20gal Nuvo Fusion Build

    Great idea, can we see it on the tank?
  13. February 2018 Stylaster Frag Demo Pics

    Cannot say enough how much we all appreciate you @badxgillen. Generous guy in every way with frags. Combined with years and years of documented meetings. It was really nice to have the opportunity to make a meeting and geek out reef-style. Thanks also to the board, Roy and everyone else who helped out including but not limited to @albertareef and @Flashy Fins and @kknight.
  14. February 10th Meeting @ Roy's!

    Its backed with Amazon s3, arguably one of the fastest storage providers out there. Hosted out of Oregon region... So **in theory** it wasn't on the server side. Sorry for the hassle Robert, not sure what was going on there.
  15. Tunze Fan Club: Top Picks We Know You'll ❤

    @marine depot it is really nice how you read and respond to posts. Thanks for participating and sharing info. @xmas_one, thanks for sharing your experience too, good stuff to be aware of!
  16. Reset up new

    Nice!!! Pics
  17. February 10th Meeting @ Roy's!

    Looking forward to seeing you all!
  18. Refugium light

    If you could find a way to mount one of these, they would be allot brighter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06ZZH2GHC/ref=sspa_dk_detail_5?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B06ZZH2GHC&pd_rd_wg=3U9GM&pd_rd_r=RGB9F9MQYDH2R7AAP4VA&pd_rd_w=Hm7ms&keywords=grow light But honestly the first ones might be bright enough for that sized space.
  19. Refugium light

    I learned from BRS that chaeto likes ALLOT of light. Thanks to that video series, I have a small compartment that grows chaeto by the garbage bag full. It is lit using 2 D120 LEDs over a space about the size of 2 D120s. They are both turned up to 100%. It is far brighter than the brightest spot in the reef tank. Seems to work really well. So you want something quite bright for sure. For your sized area, maybe something like this would work? https://www.amazon.com/Adjustable-Gooseneck-Greenhouse-Hydroponics-Gardening/dp/B0773NFQ8Y/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1517891821&sr=1-2-spons&keywords=grow+light&psc=1
  20. Trimming back my oversized zoa colony

    AOGs can really grow (Armor of God). Allot of people will put them on their own rock for the same reason you are fighting it, they are hard to stop once they get going. I bought my first one for 30 bucks for a single polyp at Seahorse! These days you could probably sell that entire colony for that if lucky.. Because they are such good growers they tend to go for a very reasonable price these days. You can actually kill some off with Aptasia X to slow the spread. It might get on your blasto though, maybe not a good idea. Another thing you can do is to cut the rock out from under them. Use bone cutters to cut the rock directly in the tank. Cut under the mat like @lewisriverfisherman suggests. It is slow going, but try to get the entire mat off with some of the live rock attached. From that point it is super easy to frag and glue onto frag plugs. Trade with others, share the love, bring em into your favorite reef store for store credit. If you put any back, just place it on it's own piece of rock lest history repeats! You can also just cut the heads off in the tank. That will release quite a bit of palytoxin I am guessing, never tried it but heard people caution about it. If the mat remains they will probably spread back pretty quick. For that reason I am thinking cutting the mat out is a messy hard job but will get the results you are after. Best of luck and of course watch out for that good old palytoxin.
  21. February Picture of the Month - Shrimp

    Oldie but goodie
  22. Happy Superbowl Sunday! I have free coral!

    Thanks Karen and Andrew!
  23. Happy Superbowl Sunday! I have free coral!

    You mind grabbing on for me too Karen? Much appreciated if so! If not no worries
  24. Game Time

    Good priorities! Tank should be larger than TV