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  1. You might be able to pull that off with multiple float switches, but they might get gunked up in a skimmate locker. Our septic uses a transponder for depth like a boat's depth finder, but I don't know if thats going to be accurate in a skimmate locker.
  2. Continuous salinity monitoring is huge. How many tanks over the years have crashed due to RODI overrun or skimmer overflow? The o2 monitoring has never been available to us realistically (700 probe on apex, rumored to not be reliable, test kits are a pain and hard to read). The one thing I wish it had was nitrate, but maybe ammonia is enough to tell the tank nutrient levels? Fascinating shoot out going on...
  3. Wow, mindstream looks very good as well. I might need to wait a month for the competition to settle out. What a difference, from no options to so many overnight...
  4. Ha Bill, you had me for a second (What? Bill the Coral God and keeper of blue face angel does not know what an aptasia is?) So true... It takes months but if you started with enough, bye bye aptasia! Amazing creatures.
  5. No nanny cam required! Good luck, I hope you get it sorted out...
  6. Sorry to hear that, good advice in this thread. The only thing I could toss out (unlikely) is to question if you have coral nippers. I doubt it based on the pattern, but throwing ideas out because TN stinks! Good luck, post back!
  7. scintillation counters, interesting! Voiding the warranty would be my concern! Next challenge would be the firmware, its probably not open source. If I could get past all that, the case could be modded for sure! I am guessing though they have good reasons for their design decisions, hard to know... I love the idea of this kit, would not be surprised if reefpi or someone tries to do an open source version. It would be epic!! Reading the test results seems particularly challenging though without the right knowledge and equipment...
  8. It looks like reefbot has no minimum required tests, you can set it to test as little or as often as you want. That's a plus for sure. I am so surprised they limited the number of vials though. I suppose it is shipping / packaging / cost related, dunno. There was nothing stopping them from making that box allot longer though and holding more vials. Lots of good discussion here I sure appreciate folks weighing in.
  9. Yeah, that makes sense. I saw they are using A4998 stepper drivers, it could be so much quieter with TMC2130s. They are pin compatible and dead quiet. A few more bucks but not much... I think that is the subtle appeal of the reefbot for me, its the high leverage of 3d printer components in the design. Good stuff! Crazy that mindstream is doing their thing finally, definitely gonna check it out.
  10. Yeah, good point. Just having fun evaluating the options, and Trident is certainly a top runner. It's nice to know there are multiple good choices at this point. We went from zero to many in a very short time!
  11. Right! I was totally locked and loaded on Trident. Still leaning that way but... My current top runner though is reefbot. I like the ability to use off the shelf test kits and the ability to use it on multiple systems. Oh, and also the amount of tests it can do. It cannot control my CR or dose, but I don't really want that anyways at this point. Alerting to problems is good, I am glad to tweak my reactor PH or add mag, replace gfo etc... Still have allot of reading to do, but it sure looks good! What concerns do you see with it? Thanks!
  12. I am going to pull the trigger... on something! Been busy and not watching alk, its up over 11 now. Curious what people recommend? I am leaning towards KH Guardian...
  13. Right! That was the working theory, so we tried to balance it out with a big mix of diodes. Exactly why a spectrometer would be handy to test all of that first hand... But I am so outta date since the early DIY LED days. Nowadays I just buy some Ocean Revives and the coral grows out of the tanks. Success! Who needs a spectrometer!!?
  14. Begin My Opinion ======= Regulator is the most critical, followed by needle valve, followed by peristaltic feed pump A good 2 stage oxygen regulator can be refitted for CO2. Before that, I had nothing but problems. A peristaltic is awesome, and highly recommended, but many incredibly successful folks on here have managed to get by without one. APEX can alert you when flow is deviating, almost as good... ====== End my opinion
  15. Interesting! I have not googled lately... but "back in the day" we were always trying to get our DIY LED spectrums to match T5s. A spectrometer would have been nice, we just winged it with semi educated guesses!
  16. Holy smokes, very cool and some deep stuff here! Could this spectrometer be used to analyze LED light spectrum?
  17. Yeah, looks like IPB glitched and did not upload the images, amazon sure does not see them by that name. I edited the post, changed nothing, hit save and now its all there. Looks like IPB fixed references at that point. Might need to CTRL-R your browser.
  18. Generally its @Lexinverts as they are vendor related, but this one is special. @Chief or I can pull it, looks a little silly!
  19. Absolutely invaluable for calcium reactors. I always know if the effluent line is clogged. Looks like mine will be alerting soon..
  20. Thanks guys, still having billing issues with amazon s3... Lets see what happens next month
  21. My tangs are FAT and SASSY using the roasted. I won't debate nutritional values but I can say that roasted works well for me
  22. Another amazon option, been using these for years: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007U29UYS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1
  23. I wonder! Good question, maybe a few days worth would be my uneducated guess. Kinda like thawing meat...
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