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  1. Took almost 5 months, but my aptasia are gone. I must have had thousands, at least it felt like it. Probably hundreds? Anyways, just sharing for those interested. I **think** I saved some babies, they are just specs though and I have very few aptasia left to feed with. If they become available will post back.
  2. That is so nice! Its not like the typical use and throw away stuff we are used to. Seems like they should have a very long life.
  3. Interesting! I gotta check these guys out. 15 years is impressive! Anyone using them for reefs / ie are they saltwater safe?
  4. Good stuff, thanks! Their flow is insane, I cannot believe what they can do. However, FWIW, pretty much every old timer reefer buddy I know has had a seal go out eventually. So good to have a spare for sure, but I bet you do. I was wondering if any up and comers were giving reeflo a run for the money yet. Sounds like reeflo is still dominating!
  5. Yes, you remembered! I run dual returns, active / active so that if one fails the other can keep the system running until vacation is over. My sump is currently under the tank, I am dropping it down to the garage to make things easier/better hoping... Thats a good point though, with 2 running who cares if a seal goes out. I have time to fix it.
  6. I am a little out of date on all the options these days, hoping you all can get me up to date. Basically I have a remote sump in the garage, one floor below the tank. The DT is 400 gallons. Looking for return pump options. Last I checked reefflo was king here, but I do hate that the seals occasionally go out. Murphys law says it will happen during vacation!
  7. Welcome! Check out the 'Member Map'. Those who choose to, can share their general location: http://www.pnwmas.org/membermap/
  8. My life be like... Thanks, awesome group buys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. FRAG, hahah. Any reef stores over there? My wife has about zero interest in them while on vacation, but maybe your luck is better
  10. Does coralline grow on it? Would be easy to clean, just curious! So cool...
  11. Tang war!! LOL just kidding. But man can they be tough on newcomers...
  12. Excellent! We had the update applied yesterday. Was going to post back and ask how it went, thanks @Optimusprime3605
  13. Usually when this happens, either a: tapatalk has a new plugin out b: forum software update caused issues. @Chief and I will do some looking, sorry for the inconvenience!
  14. Sounds like an awesome meeting. Jelly of you all, wish I could have made it!
  15. Baby mushroom doo doo doo doo doo Hahah, nice!
  16. Sounds like game over! I wonder when Ocean Revive is coming out with a new light? Daniel's new lights show promise too. LEDs have sure come a long ways! Cannot go wrong with hyrdras it sounds like, congrats!
  17. There's typically a driver per channel if using PWM dimming. So if these are on their own channel, very likely a driver issue.
  18. Dying for it, cannot wait! It's going to be a game changer for reef keeping. People run hot and cold on testing, but Trident will keep plugging along...
  19. I don't think its potable due to bacteria, but double check on that. FWIW, If you add a second DI membrane, it cuts the waste in half. The waste goes through the second membrane. Just make sure you have enough pressure.
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