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    UV LED flashlights

    Ah the fun stuff you can do with reef tanks that your non reef friends cannot! Here is a random frag tank shot, with and without the flashlight. Just for fun No Flashlight Flashlight
  2. TheClark

    auto neck cleaner

    Turbo - lax from dumb and dumber? Ha, yeah, pretty nasty
  3. TheClark

    ISO: Berghia

    My baby berghias are not showing yet for some reason. Not sure why, I should have had allot to get rid of locally but no dice. Adults are huge now, well over 1.25". Maybe I will taste success and be able to spread some around. I heard @MrBret brought some in locally, might want to check that out as shipping is spendy.
  4. TheClark

    ISO: Berghia

    Careful if you add peppermint shrimp, they eat the berghias sometimes! I hate aptasia too
  5. TheClark

    New sump

    So clean! I think the internal pumps are solid now, I have been running them for years with no issues.
  6. TheClark

    Forum outage

    Snowmageddon! Glad you kept power, clowns are safe Nah it was just a snafu with our hosting/billing. However, somehow a DNS change got involved while they marked our site unavailable. Even though we were down for a very short time, it took a long time for people's DNS cache to clear. I was surprised to see Chrome has its own DNS cache, I had to clear it and restart chrome.
  7. TheClark

    Purple Monti

    Unintended fragging! Montis have to be king of this title... Looks good!
  8. TheClark

    Never dump your skimmate manually again

    Ah, one recommendation. The skimmate is sticky nasty. I should have used 3/4 pex to the drain line or a proper drain instead of 1/2". Before I added more slope, it would occasionally clog. Also, be sure to raise your drain intake a few inches above the bottom so the sludge can settle out.
  9. The people who live with you will thank you. I have been running this simple setup for a few years, love it. It is super simple, if you can get to a drain line. Overview: Both skimmers empty into a 5 gallon bucket with dual float switches (detect full/overflow) The 5 gallon bucket is plumbed into a drain line, with a 12v solenoid. Twice a week the solenoid is opened and the skimmate drained directly for 5 minutes. In addition, if a skimmer happens to wig out and produce too much skimmate, the low float switch catches it. Skimmers are turned off and an alert is sent. If the solenoid was always open, a rogue skimmer could drain allot of water. Keeping it closed most of the time and only using it to empty the tank prevents this. Parts: - 5 gallon bucket, plumbing to drain, uniseal, and tubing to get to skimmer overflows. - Dual float switch / mounts in 5 gallon bucket lid - 12v solenoid and adapter, in drain line, - Optional: A DIY carbon filter for the hole in the lid (I get no odor though without it...). You can make one with PVC fittings. APEX Solenoid: Fallback OFF Set OFF If Time 07:30 to 07:35 Then ON If DoW S-TWT-S Then OFF Skimmer Outlet: Fallback ON Set ON If Output SW_SkimHi53 = ON Then OFF If FeedB 000 Then OFF (Note that skimHi53 is two float switches wired together for redundancy) Alert For Skimmer: If Output SW_SkimHi53 = ON Then ON Hope this inspires someone or is useful. PS: I cracked the bucket tonight, had to fix it. Family not happy Had to fix, so took some pics to share...
  10. TheClark

    Coral Feeding Video

    TLDR; Filtered seawater outperformed all the tested methods. Great video, check it out:
  11. TheClark

    Berghia Nudibranch?

    Mine are still hard at work! If they become available, will post. They really work, but it takes a couple of months for them to breed, raise babies, and decimate!
  12. This thread is getting deep! Glad you can hang Miles, I will just observe
  13. TheClark

    UV LED flashlights

    Check this out! Berghia nudibranchs flouresce under this UV flashlight: So do acans, mushrooms, lobos, SPS, most of my coral. I don't have a way to measure the spectrum, but I think this flashlight bleeds into the low 400s...
  14. Interesting! I would want to establish a baseline on known successful tanks I have personally seen. The best of the best. So that there was something to compare the results to. Because the thing is, I have no idea what I would do with the results otherwise without something to compare against.
  15. TheClark

    UV LED flashlights

    8 bucks on amazon, not sure if these are good but the wavelength looks good: https://www.amazon.com/TaoTronics-Blacklight-Flashlights-Batteries-Detector/dp/B00RV8PREI/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1548698029&sr=8-4&keywords=UV+led+flashlight
  16. TheClark

    UV LED flashlights

    Interesting! I used to have an 8 channel DIY led, one channel was UV only. Only a few corals fluoresce, but some definitely do. Not sure if this is the same as being excited, but they definitely shine in an otherwise dark tank (UV not visible...)
  17. TheClark

    Nano tanks are difficult to aquascape

    Welcome back!! Looks like a great start
  18. TheClark

    Neptune Apex is GARBAGE!!!!!

    Dang I need your outlet code!!
  19. TheClark

    Neptune Apex is GARBAGE!!!!!

    Here are a few personal examples of where APEX shined for me: APEX Makes Calcium Reactors Safer Heater Went Out My water changes are 100% automated with APEX My apex can detect when one float fails
  20. TheClark

    Neptune Apex is GARBAGE!!!!!

    6 years plus on my apex, no garbage here. Cannot speak for the WAV pumps... Do I think they could do a couple things better? For sure, but that doesn't == garbage... Just some opportunity to improve.
  21. TheClark

    3 gallons of media low

    TLDR; Topped her off If bored, rest of the story below pic: Two big CR changes tonight: 1- Moved the Co2 tank about 50' away and 1 story below (to the reef room) This allowed change 2 - Switched to a 50lb Co2 tank (thanks @CrabbyCrabs) The big tank should need replacing about once a year, instead of every 2 months or less. Also, it is 1/3rd the price per lb to fill. Suprise Change 3 - Refill media However, during the switch over, noticed the reactor was only about 25% full. Yikes! Cleaned it out and filled her up. Was shocked how much media it took, guessing about 3 gallons. Back up and running, monitoring for leaks. Also raised the reactor PH up about .1 since there is allot more media / water ratio now. Thinking alk will kick up, gotta monitor... Nice to spend a night on the tank, been a while...
  22. TheClark

    Aptasia Eating Berghia Nudibranch Group Buy

    Getting huge! Still cannot see the babies, but the fluffy little guys should show up in the next week or two.. SO MANY EGGS!
  23. Looking for people willing to go in on a berghia group buy. Shipping is 48 bucks, so going in as a group we can save allot. They are on sale right now, with shipping costs shared we can get a bunch for the $$ Must be able to meet me in Woodland for pickup. Please PM if interested
  24. TheClark

    Avast Swabbie Cleaning?

    NP, about the only thing that can make it under-perform is if the squeegee is not making proper contact with the neck. It's easy to check with a flashlight though if you can get above the neck after a week or two...
  25. TheClark

    Avast Swabbie Cleaning?

    I clean mine about once every year at most! Seriously, no more is necessary for performance reasons. Neck cleaners are amazing! Now that cleaner is sure dirty by years end, should take some pics... Next time I clean, will check the bolt. So far I recall no rust whatsoever. Avast is a good bunch, I tend to trust their stuff... but its always smart to be cautious...