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  1. TheClark

    Nano tanks are difficult to aquascape

    Welcome back!! Looks like a great start
  2. TheClark

    Neptune Apex is GARBAGE!!!!!

    Dang I need your outlet code!!
  3. TheClark

    Neptune Apex is GARBAGE!!!!!

    Here are a few personal examples of where APEX shined for me: APEX Makes Calcium Reactors Safer Heater Went Out My water changes are 100% automated with APEX My apex can detect when one float fails
  4. TheClark

    Neptune Apex is GARBAGE!!!!!

    6 years plus on my apex, no garbage here. Cannot speak for the WAV pumps... Do I think they could do a couple things better? For sure, but that doesn't == garbage... Just some opportunity to improve.
  5. TheClark

    Aptasia Eating Berghia Nudibranch Group Buy

    Getting huge! Still cannot see the babies, but the fluffy little guys should show up in the next week or two.. SO MANY EGGS!
  6. TheClark

    Avast Swabbie Cleaning?

    NP, about the only thing that can make it under-perform is if the squeegee is not making proper contact with the neck. It's easy to check with a flashlight though if you can get above the neck after a week or two...
  7. TheClark

    Avast Swabbie Cleaning?

    I clean mine about once every year at most! Seriously, no more is necessary for performance reasons. Neck cleaners are amazing! Now that cleaner is sure dirty by years end, should take some pics... Next time I clean, will check the bolt. So far I recall no rust whatsoever. Avast is a good bunch, I tend to trust their stuff... but its always smart to be cautious...
  8. TheClark

    3 gallons of media low

    Good one on line popping off, that's a real issue at times!
  9. TheClark

    3 gallons of media low

    Thanks! I have some homework to do. The LLDPE has always worked well, but that was short distances. Plus, who knows how much I was losing due to permeability? Long term the reactor will be right next to the tank, so if I can tough this out... Will be back to the old config.
  10. TheClark

    3 gallons of media low

    Also added this to check levels, 30 bucks. Magnetic mount, so I can remove for maintenance. Cloud service included, for remote monitoring.
  11. TheClark

    Queen Angelfish FS

    Wow nice angel collection!
  12. TheClark

    Fish room planning

    Congrats, looks fun! Yes, putting that tank along the wall might look nice, its all aesthetics though which vary by person. So, this video has some good info for a reef room:
  13. TheClark

    why are people flakey?

    It was really great, people took pride in building up 'good feedback'. And the flakes stood out quickly! Definitely some controversy though...
  14. TheClark

    3 gallons of media low

    Hmm, I have 100' roll of lldpe, cost about 9 bucks on prime. It's what I have always used. Never this long of a run though. Anything I should worry about?
  15. TheClark

    why are people flakey?

    We used to have itrader, a rating system for buyers and sellers in the club. Will have to see if something equivalent is back available. It can cause controversy, but its nice having a feedback system.