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  1. $155 DIY apogee PAR meter!!!

  2. December POTM Winner

    There were so many great pics this month, I am honored to win. It was a close vote for sure, and the pics were all enjoyable.
  3. December POTM Winner

    Thanks! Yes, I need to bust out the good camera and scrape a little algae Thanks Roy! It took about 100 shots where he was still enough to focus... #mack-truck I think I have my reef calling, tang pics LOL. So much easier to grow a tang than coral. Only Nori is required.
  4. I did a 240, my current DT. 4x4x2' cube. It was tough. Scratches were significant, I actually started with 600 grit sandpaper! Worked my way up to the thousands (cannot remember which one). Finally finished with Novus 2. In the end it was like new but plan on some sweat equity for sure. My biggest learning was not to use an electric sander. For whatever reason those left deeper scratches. And do not move onto the next grit until you remove the scratches from the previous. Once the novus 2 went on it was like a choir of angels from heaven singing... It was all worth it.
  5. January Picture of the Month - Clams

    That is an amazing shot. Clams in the sun, the water so clear as if it is just open air. Stunning!
  6. Berghia Nudibranch

    Oh bonus, they look darn near identical to montipora eating nudibranchs. And they get big and juicy. Freak out your reef friends if you can find em
  7. Berghia Nudibranch

    Let em go at night. Shoot them right into the rocks with the pipette they come with. They will completely disappear the first night. You might think they are dead! But just wait a couple of weeks and the aptasia will be disappearing! If you want to see them, use flashlights at night. Some nights you might see a few if you bought enough. In my frag tank, the only way I could tell they were still there was by flipping frag plugs. They would sit on the bottom of them during the day time. In a display though, they are tough to see.
  8. Berghia Nudibranch

    We started with the mediums, a dozen I think. I have an 8' x 4' frag tank that was infested. They completely cleared it out.
  9. Berghia Nudibranch

    We gave it a shot, but ran out of aptasia! They are that good given a few weeks.
  10. Free zoas

    My bad, just trying to do some pic assists and help to get these guys new homes THANKS!
  11. Looking for some Chaeto

    I am in Kelso, WA if anyone is looking up this way. I could set you up with a kitchen garbage bag full or so...
  12. Free zoas

    Looks like eagle eyes or something similar. A great zoa for someone who keeps zoas. More pictures of eagle eyes on google photos: More Pictures of Eagle Eyes
  13. December Picture of the Month - Tangs

    Great pics this month, lots of love for tangs obviously in the PNW!
  14. What do you do?

    Wow, CO2 heat pumps? Interesting!
  15. What do you do?

    That is cool stuff! Seems like a good market to be in.