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  1. Dying for it, cannot wait! It's going to be a game changer for reef keeping. People run hot and cold on testing, but Trident will keep plugging along...
  2. I don't think its potable due to bacteria, but double check on that. FWIW, If you add a second DI membrane, it cuts the waste in half. The waste goes through the second membrane. Just make sure you have enough pressure.
  3. Tan of theta, brings back memories. Wish I could remember trig such a handy math skill....
  4. One of everything please Good stuff! Sadly I never get down to PDX so I won't commit to anything. Someone is going to do some nice trades!
  5. That would be so nice! The problem with that is the accuracy of that probe.
  6. Nice! Some fresh new inspiration there. Love the sump vacuum line, that is gold!
  7. Where are those hallucinations? Already gone I bet
  8. PLCs are an interesting option. In the DIY you see allot more arduino with relay shields. You must have some PLC background? Looks like a cool project! I am a very long time software engineer myself. Did a decade at HP when deskjets were booming and people still made them in the USA... This stuff is always interesting to me..
  9. Good news, either should work now. With all of your help, they found the problem:
  10. Awesome, thanks, I forwarded this along to support.
  11. Support reviewed the case and didn't see any issues. Based on that, here is the recommendation from IPB, please give it a shot and report back: @What_The_Frag @pdxreeftank
  12. Yes, you are the second person. Thanks for the report! Hopefully with two reports invision takes us seriously...
  13. Ticket opened, hopefully we get some help soon for ya...
  14. Ah, sorry to hear that, you are the second person to report this. We will pass this along, thank you!
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