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  1. Cleaned my filter, took a cleaner shot
  2. Had for several years, love it’s motion. Oversized naso tail for scale 🤣
  3. Great deal! Are they drilled or just plain tank?
  4. It would be good to see one on a tank with a trident, to see how stable it is. With a peristaltic and constant regulator Co2 pressure it seems like it would be very stable.
  5. Each head is about 2-3"
  6. Had a couple of years, from aqua sd colors in pic are spot on
  7. I have been fascinated by the DaStaco's and wanting to research how they work without a PH probe. Very cool there are some state side options now.
  8. I broke mine doing maintenance. This part is low cost to print if you own a printer, and you can use it in 5 minutes. Not even Amazon is that fast https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4099425/files
  9. Intrigued! Thanks for sharing! Maybe I don't have to build my own from scratch now 🤣
  10. It was time to do calcium reactor maintenance again tonight. This is a great time to crash a tank, as alk can plummet or skyrocket. Feeling like Trident has my back! Let's not leave out the rest of the APEX system though! Leak detection for poor seals, loose 1/4" JG fittings. Effluent flow monitoring for improperly tuned needle valve Solenoid control by PH Solenoid monitoring for incorrect regulator pressure. Tank PH monitoring for reactor dumping too much CO2. Ability to turn off feed pump if reactor crashes. Feels like I have avoided a few crashes over the years, love it.
  11. Thanks, I ordered my 30 dollar power supply. Still waiting on it LOL. I am sure it will be a distant memory when the awesomeness of the trident is unleashed on me...
  12. Yup, thanks @SuncrestReef
  13. Yeah, i am a very long time apex user Too long for this use case!
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