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  1. Anyone Looking To Rehome a Tortoise?

    Bump for the weekend
  2. My 11 year old daughters tomato frog passed, so we are looking at a replacement pet. Since a tortoise lives so long, guessing there are some out there that need rehoming. If you are interested in rehoming please PM or reply. Thanks!
  3. CNC Zoa Growout Contest!!!

    Paid up, thanks again! Such a fun build up to the meeting, lots of great stuff going on.
  4. Great idea! Cool video, well done!
  5. Betta falls anyone?

    Such a cool idea!
  6. CNC Zoa Growout Contest!!!

    I wouldn't miss it, please add me
  7. do you ever...

    Exactly! Get over here and FEED ME!
  8. Such a killer deal!
  9. Sweet! 3 cleaner shrimp, 20 red banded trochus please!
  10. Sweet! Thanks Brad. Yes, count me in, will send paypal.
  11. This is a happening growout! I went away for the weekend and came back to a full list! Maybe next time ...
  12. GB Emperors V2

    Hey Bryan, I definitely would like some hallucinations too! Awesome
  13. Put me down for 2 please
  14. Acrylic help

    Oh that's handy!
  15. Graduated cylinder/ beaker

    Love the displacement method! Gonna get a colony of Vermetid snails going on the frag plug, win this sucker!!