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  1. You would think! Sadly the big tank is STILL on hold. I swear that tank is cursed. Anyone who buys it never sets it off...
  2. Always an awesome generous guy @Bicyclebill Good stuff!
  3. Thanks! Gone, like Elvis and his Mom....
  4. Nice! Nothing like a dirty skimmer neck! Swabbie for me too! And maybe once a year clean the swabbie itself as it gets dirty. My skimmers dump to a 5 gallon bucket. This bucket has a solenoid that empties the 5 gallon bucket twice a week into the septic system. Yeah... I hate cleaning skimmers
  5. Now your cooking! Glad it was live rock only.
  6. Got any brown clove polyps? ;-)
  7. Updates: - Posts appear to be showing up in multiple forums on the front page topic feed - Note there is a delay, like several minutes at times. If you see differently hit us up or post back here.
  8. Is this post visible in feed?
  9. Thanks for the heads up all, will check it out!
  10. TheClark

    Fish injury

    Wish i could offer help, following instead...
  11. Too late for me... 8' frag tank full of them. Will check out your thread, thanks!!
  12. Took about 30 seconds, decided to toss a frag into the DT. Naso tang immediately chewed on it with yellow coris wrasse watching intently. Perhaps that is the secret... Add a tang to the frag tank...
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