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  1. Great looking Angel. Hopefully that Potter's is not thinking 'Nom Nom Nom'
  2. TheClark


    Wow, how!? Do you groom each animal in your reef 😉
  3. Thanks for the tip! The tygon is tough stuff, double edged sword. I am pretty sure silicone tubing would work, as you mention, until it ruptures... Good stuff
  4. Don't worry Sean, I am 100% dedicated to finishing this. Since going back to my return pump feeding the reactor, flow is all over the place: I printed out some alternative pump heads, kind of exploring right now. I also want to explore increasing torque for the stepper. Planetary gears (adds another 20 bucks to build), belts and pulleys (like 3d printers) changing the steps from quarter step to full, different drivers (TMC), different motor options, doubling up the motor. Basically keep searching until something makes sense. Since this is all open source, and 3d printed, the sky is the limit. This pump will LIVE!! Unlike my last disappointment in this area.
  5. Wow, great looking frag! I shoulda entered... but never get down to PDX...
  6. TheClark

    Pukani rock and sand for sale

    PM failed, so PMing here I would love to buy this, can paypal to hold. Where are you located? I am way up in Kelso. Ever get up North or willing to meet in the middle somewhere? Thanks!
  7. It's a bust! The pump head allows for water to back siphon, the seals are not good enough. Modified the pump head to squeeze down harder. It helped, but the motor cannot move against that much pressure. Going to redesign the pump head tonight and see where it goes...
  8. TheClark

    favorite aquarium memes

    Me at fragfest...
  9. TheClark

    favorite aquarium memes

    Just happened a couple weeks ago..
  10. TheClark

    favorite aquarium memes

    If you are a walking dead fan...
  11. TheClark

    favorite aquarium memes

  12. TheClark

    favorite aquarium memes

    My fav
  13. Tons of progress to report. Some good news, some bad news. I was on a mission to try and simplify the electronics part of this and make it more reliable. A breadboard is just too many loose connections. Also, there are allot of wires to deal with, time consuming and easy to screw up. Ended up going with an arduino nano on a perfboard with some pin headers for the nano and the motor controller. Also switched the LCD over to an I2C version, only four wires. Now,it's allot faster to build (although not fast) and easy to swap out components if one gets fried. Good stuff! The bad news is that the peristaltic pump does not pump with my tygon tubing size. So more is on the way. If the new tubing works, and I can get a high enough mls/min, I get to put it into production on my CR! If it does not produce enough mls/min, will have to redesign the pump head and get some new pins and bearings. Should know by mid week. Video of menus and running without tubing (noisy, because a couple screws are loose) Picture of simplified electronics
  14. TheClark

    Need help picking a light

    Good points. Here is one to consider... Office gets too hot! It heats the whole darn room! Probably will never have MH again due to that...
  15. Just a couple of youtube videos away! Seriously you will be like a mad scientist in one afternoon.