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  1. Sense.com says my 'always on' electricity costs are higher than 98% of other WA sense customers. So I added some Kasa smart plugs to all 4 EB8s, to see how bad the reef tanks were. For what I am tracking, looks like about 60 per month. The biggest bill contributors are the heat pump compressor. Hot water heater used to be number 2, but we changed that over to a hybrid hot water heater. Man was that thing heavy to lug in. Now it is heat pump compressor, servers, reef, hot water heater.
  2. Looks like I am pushing $60 a month in electricity. Honestly that feels pretty good for 450 gallons. So that comes out to what? 720 per year? I should probably sell a few frags now and then to at least break even!
  3. I have long thought about moving my water station control over to ReefPi or even smartthings just to try it out. It's that 4,328 hours though that always shuts me down!
  4. Yep, we have billing issues. It's back, I paid the piper (again!).
  5. I also applied a tapatalk update, so fingers crossed!
  6. Test @Gil&Fin @SuncrestReef @albertareef New release https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/ 4.4.8
  7. Gonna be epic! Well, it already is, congrats!
  8. Goals! Were you feeding yours? Any tips for keeping them happier in a small tank? My son has them in his 60 cube. They are way hardier than any corals and super colorful. But who doesn't want rock flower nem babies?
  9. I think you covered all this, but here is a copy paste from RC The best course of action is to ask the previous owner to Remove the Apex from his or her APEX Fusion account. If this is not possible, then the second option is to reset the Apex back to factory defaults. This will reset all outlet and probe names to default, reset all programming to default, etc. This is probably desirable to do anyway so you can start off fresh. To do a full wipe & reset the Apex:If there are multiple EnergyBars and/or any additional expansion modules comprising your Apex system, disconnect all modules from the Apex except for one EnergyBar.Do an Initialize All of the Apex using the classic web pages (Configuration->Misc Setup page-Initialize memory->Initialize All) or through the display module menu system (System->Init Memory->Init All).Wait until the Apex rebootsLink your Apex to your APEX Fusion account.Go to the the Authorization page in Fusion. If you see two Owners listed:Go back to the Apex List pageClick the gear iconClick Remove, and enter your password when promptedWait about 5 minutesRe-Link your ApexGo to the the Authorization page in Fusion; you should only see yourself listed as Owner.
  10. This should be in the APEX manual. I am a long time, pretty deep APEX user and I learned quite a bit reading through this. Well done!
  11. Just a crazy random thought. Picked one up, makes great chicken! I wonder, could it be a fresh or salt rugged aquarium heater? Mine is 1200 watts and was 40 bucks. Supposedly stainless throughout. I am not going to try it, it was just a random thought...
  12. Good point. I bet they spent allot of money doing the injection molds, the patents, trademarks. No wonder it is 24 bucks.
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