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  1. Walt Disney frag!

    Ooooohhh we have a chicken and egg problem... Wait, you guys surely could work out a trade?
  2. Walt Disney frag!

    Monday morning you can fully fund it, if you sell 15 frags!! Living the dream of supporting the hobby by doing the hobby
  3. Holly's Amazingly Awesome $10 Frag Sale

    I need more coral like I need ____________________ Fill in the blank
  4. Holly's Amazingly Awesome $10 Frag Sale

    Dang!! Worth the trip for sure. You have the green thumb of coral for sure Will be outta town... I would say GLWS... but you don't need it!
  5. Re-turn

    Welcome back @nrc Tough hobby to leave it seems like. Glad you are back to the addiction like the rest of us saltwater junkies
  6. Hey all

    +1, love that powder brown. I had terrible luck with them in the past. Nice to see a beauty in a local tank...
  7. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    This hopkins workbench kit is new to me. Very cool!
  8. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    That is awesome! Smart, smart smart...
  9. Dosing...

    Haha, well that is understandable too. Hopefully you get some good info from the replies!
  10. Dosing...

    Yes, it's key! The difference between knowing someone virtually via forums and for-real is huge when it comes to reefing! But when you see someone's tank in person and are like "OMG I want that success", then start asking questions and copy away if they are nice enough to share Forums are a great way to get some opinions for sure, i just take every opportunity to reinforce hanging out with successful reef buddies.... This forum is a great way to make reef buddy local friends! When locals sell frags for example... Well, just sharing for what its worth, hope it helps!
  11. Dosing...

    Well I suppose, start with the big 3 (calcium, alk, magnesium). Most use a calcium reactor or 2 part to supplement those. Beyond that, to get the other trace elements there are allot of options. Some add nothing and count on trace elements from the Calcium reactor media. Some use triton testing and supplements, its a very valid option. Just take a look at @Lexinverts tanks. I have been running Tropic Marin balling light part c for about a year or so along with a calcium reactor. It is basically reef salt minus the sodium chloride. So in theory all the elements. All the usual caveats apply such as 'don't supplement it if you cannot test it', YMMV. Find a good local reefer with a nice tank (longer term success) that does not do water changes and interrogate them FWIW..
  12. what is this??

    I think I have those under rocks in the sump. Like if I flip over a piece of live rock, often there is some of this under it...
  13. My first led fixture

    Hey Miles, 100% DIY build. Diodes off of ebay. Wiring is cat 5 cable strands, had an arduino controller I coded from scratch. Fun times! Gotta say its nice to have an OR light, and just plug it in and use it now My biggest challenge was poor solder joints giving out. With no xener (sp?) diode, one failed connection meant the whole channel would go out. I had 8 channels though!
  14. My first led fixture

    Cracks me up. Found this gutting some old reef tubs It’s been a long road...
  15. I would think for a full time scientist this would be required! You must upgrade!!