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  1. Good point. I bet they spent allot of money doing the injection molds, the patents, trademarks. No wonder it is 24 bucks.
  2. https://www.ballvalvewrench.com/ 24 bucks!!??
  3. Ha, sorry for the late update. Many firmware updates and improvements. Sadly the tracks came loose.... Struggles on some corners. Sometimes have to help it out. Awesome responsive support. Sent new tape, many firmware updates, advice. I have to re-glue the tracks in place (clear 3m tape, safe for tank). Once I do that the experiment will resume! It does keep the tank clean once you do the initial. It's pretty impressive when working.
  4. Had a chance to stop by this weekend with my daughter. Store had allot of nice pieces and variety. Good space, room to grow, several systems online. Picked up some great stuff, enjoyed visiting with Brian, he's a good guy. So glad there is a Vancouver option, I live so far from the PDX stores I cannot get my coral fix enough! Anyways, like all the great vendors in the area, glad to support my LFS! Have you all supported your local fish stores this month (hint-hint ) ? Will get some pics tomorrow then the lights are on
  5. TheClark

    3D printing

    Yep, good point @NateDawg I have been using clear PETG, the stuff they make water bottles from
  6. If I could wrap this sucker up, I think it would be great for that purpose! Being stepper motor driven and the calibration, this thing is crazy accurate. Will definitely update when it comes back to life If you have close access to a floor drain though Jeff... My best APEX water change to date was the float based system (with multiple redundant floats). It quickly pumps water out of the sump to the low mark, then refills with premixed saltwater. I did 5 gallons a day for at least a couple of years minus the down time when remixing salt... It was quite reliable and had no detectable SG drift (on 450 gallon system). It isn't friendly for long runs though like a peristaltic based solution. You know all this though, just sharing
  7. TheClark

    3D printing

    I know a guy who makes skimmer impellers for Jebaos!
  8. Long time no updates! The CR has been 'steady enough' tee-d off of my return pump. APEX ensures this... I still thing peristaltic is superior but life / duties call and pull me away now and then. I do plan to finish this thing this winter!
  9. TheClark

    3D printing

    Here is a peristaltic pump I have been working on, long thread but all the parts possible are 3d printed:
  10. I have 8' long frag tanks, they are about 12" high with a euro brace and I believe 1/4" acrylic. They are awesome, Rudy's old frag tanks. It makes for a great tank, keep it low enough to look down and enjoy the coral.
  11. Thanks @SuncrestReef
  12. That's cool you had a chance to grill them. Agree! Open will win eventually and is definitely preferred. If Alexa and Smart Things can control my apex though, it's already well on the way to open, accidental or not. That said, even though possible, I sure don't want APEX adjusting my CR flow or PH, just alerting me After a long period of successful alerts and testing, I would cautiously branch out into automation responses.... Just all personal preference I suppose, flexibility is key and open is flexible! Good stuff, good discussion!
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