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  1. In place, will post back next time alk gets over 8.53. Thanks @SuncrestReef
  2. That looks great to me, thanks!!!
  3. I have my CR set up, so that if alk is > 8.53, the CR solenoid turns off. This is great, and keeps the tank quite stable. However, since I only run tests every 4 hours, 4 hours goes by until alk is tested again. Sometimes it drops a bit too far. What I would like to do is turn it off as usual, but limit the off time to 2 hours instead of until alk drops back below 8.53. Basically shrink the blue spikes in this chart: Current CR solenoid outlet: Fallback OFF If Output CR_PH_LOW = ON Then OFF If Output CR_PH_HIGH = ON Then ON If Output ReturnPumpR = OFF Then OFF If Output ALK_HIGH = ON Then OFF ALK_HIGH virtual outlet Fallback OFF Set OFF if Alkx2 > 8.53 then ON So basically, when the CR solenoid is turned off by ALK_HIGH, I don't want it to stay off for more than 2 hours. Right now, it will stay off until the next ALK test says the ALK dropped below 8.53 @SuncrestReef you got me? Anyone, anyone? Bueller?
  4. For sure! That is where I picked mine up. Now that you are rocking it, you should build more and resell!
  5. Sorry, but gonna say it anyways, huge thanks to you Kim and all you work with. You guys are fighting this battle / war, we are supporting however we can but it just doesn't compare. Same thanks to grocery store personnel like @Chief Thanks to food bank operators, truck drivers... Same thanks to others I am not remembering. Be safe, stay healthy and all the best to you and those you work with. My daughter and I have been cranking out hundreds of PPE face shields and sending them all over the country. It's a small way to help but we are loving it.
  6. Awesome job! A good regulator absolutely upped my CR game. It was nuts before it. Looks like a great quality build!
  7. I have been telecommuting since at least 1998. No changes here sadly, still busy as can be! Been watching allot more news though hahah. Daughter is doing online school via chrome books. Son's college start is delayed, but all his classes this quarter are online. Wife is telecommuting, going well. Actually did a tiny amount of work on the reef room.
  8. Wow! I had no idea she worked in the ICU. Keep being a super dad and all of you stay healthy!
  9. This is a great example of the ALK_HIGH throttling the Reactor Solenoid. The DKH was above my setpoint, notice the calcium reactor effluent raising for six hours while the reactor is effectively disabled. Oh, and 0.1 variation over 4 days, still loving it!
  10. That's great to see, thanks! I heard that concern too, but you can just pull off the metal part with a pair of pliers. It was sealed underneath on mine. Inkbirds are awesome controllers, this ups the game for sure! Any tank I don't have an APEX on definitely runs the inkbirds.
  11. +2 berghias are incredible at the job. Three times over the years I have had to use them. Expensive though... Backup is killing them with concentrated kalk or Aptasia-X. You really gotta stay on it though...
  12. Reborn here. Sold out? Uh-oh...
  13. I have gone and made myself dependent on the tests now to run my CR! Better start looking now for my next six months...
  14. Awesome, congrats! You will love it. I have not been watching close enough, but I believe they are exactly hitting the 2 months. It tells me to change before A is completely empty.
  15. It absolutely is! If I had more reagent funds, I would test more than every six hours, but this is sufficient for now. I can say for sure, growth is phenomenal since getting the trident. I unfortunately hate testing and it was holding me back...
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