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  1. Thanks Jeff!!

    Pleasure seeing u. Hope u enjoy them.
  2. New Red Sea display!

    A few new pics. It’s coming along.
  3. New Red Sea display!

    I'm going with 4 ai hydra 26's for now.
  4. New Red Sea display!

    New Red Sea peninsula is up and running at the shop. It's the p650 model. Can't wait to stock it. Loving it so far. Come by and take a look!
  5. Weekend specials!

    4 huge orders came in this week! Over 100 designer clownfish arrived. Tons of new corals! The shop is packed This weekend we are doing 20% off all fish! Here is a few corals that are looking good at the shop.
  6. Clam sale weekend!

    A amazing week of orders! This weekend we are doing a special on aquacultured Clams. $29 Maximas 1.5" - blue, golds, and black and whites! $29 Derasa's 2" Here is a few photos of some other new items! Huge shipment of killer high end aquacultured SPS.
  7. Salt sale this weekend!

    Salt special this weekend. Kent 200 gallon box $35 no other purchase required limit two Fritz rpm 200 box $64. $54 with purchase(everyday price) Reef crystals $49. $39 with purchase(everyday price) Red Sea coral pro $69. $59 with purchase(everyday price) Limited to supply on hand! Lot of new livestock this week as well. Shop is looking great.
  8. Huge Anemone sale this weekend!

    Huge Anemone sale this Saturday and Sunday! Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones $39 Crazy Pink Tip Bubble Tip Anemones $29 Belize Rock Flower XL Anemones $29 Tons in stock. Including some crazy flame tips and a Rainbow red long tentacle! Never been a better time to get that dream anemone!
  9. Hawaiian Fish Ban

    http://www.civilbeat.org/2017/09/commercial-catching-of-aquarium-fish-halted-by-hawaii-supreme-court/ One wholesaler in LA won't even ship what they have currently till this is figured out.
  10. What fish should I add?

    Well in that case. Super male lineatus all the way. Lol. Best wrasse in the world.
  11. What fish should I add?

    I'm a big fan of Midas Blenny's.
  12. New to pnwmas

    Happy to see you on here!
  13. New to the PNW reefing

    Happy to have on board. Great guy to deal with.
  14. Friday sneak paek along w/BOGO sale Fri-Sat

    Nice. Thanks for your support.
  15. We have some amazing pieces in right now, here's a little peak of what you'll find. This weekend (Fri-Sun) we are having BOGO sale on all corals! (some exclusions apply)