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  1. CuttleFishandCoral

    Looking for Pink Birds-nest WTB?

    He wants the one from Fiji not indo.
  2. CuttleFishandCoral

    Eye candy!

  3. CuttleFishandCoral

    Eye candy!

    Just some pretty stuff from around the shop today!
  4. CuttleFishandCoral

    One year anniversary

    That was fast! Excited to see what happens over the next year!
  5. CuttleFishandCoral

    Red Sea skimmer!

    New Red Sea skimmers are in! Come in and see one in action! Impressive product.
  6. CuttleFishandCoral

    Red Sea Skimmers?

    We have 12 arriving at the shop tomorrow. Excited to try them out. We are putting one in our p650 display.
  7. CuttleFishandCoral

    RS 425 Upgrade

    Cant wait to see this tank come together!
  8. CuttleFishandCoral

    Thanks Cuttlefish!!

    Thanks for stopping by. Great seeing you and your wife.
  9. CuttleFishandCoral

    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

    I’m so overwelmed. Insanity.
  10. CuttleFishandCoral

    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

  11. CuttleFishandCoral

    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

    It’s been a insane week around the shop. The largest coral order in the history of Cuttlefish arrived. Over 400 colonies. The shop is literally overflowing with amazing pieces. These are just a few! This is a amazing weekend to stop by the shop.
  12. CuttleFishandCoral


    As a lot of u know I’ve been in Bali for the last week. Heading back today and wanted to share a few pictures with everyone. Got to spend some time at a few corals farms and the corals are looking better then ever. Can’t wait for export to open back up! Got to culture some corals when there.
  13. CuttleFishandCoral

    Upgrade time!

    Our new front counter system got a major upgrade. New 50 gallon innovative marine ext and 50-gallon innovative marine aio. Pretty slick. Can’t wait to stock them. Thanks, @Bubbles for building them! Got a built-in sound system as well. No need to rent speakers for the next party!
  14. CuttleFishandCoral

    ReeFi gen 2 high power LEDs

    Very nice. Awesome to see someone pushing the boundaries and taking chances. Looking forward to see what they can do.