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  1. I have the best luck making a checkerboard pattern when grapting montis. The smaller the better.
  2. One more day till our 6th live sale. Going to be over 300 corals. We also are loading our website with additional 100 corals to add to your order. These are super fun and a great way to spend your Saturday night. 6pm the fun will start.
  3. Going to be a fun weekend! Lots of surprises this time around.
  4. Very well executed. Lots of time and effort went in to this raffle. Big thanks to Andrew and everyone involved.
  5. BIG NEWS! We are having another live sale next week on Saturday the 19th at 6pm Pacific time. We are also launching our first online sales on the same day! Check out our website next weekend for additional really nice corals! Don’t miss out next weekend. We are going to have an amazing selection as always. Stay tuned for updates throughout the week!
  6. We've been taking in livestock from a few people. Crazy world.
  7. Colorado sunburst anemones were looking good today so decided to share! Nfs right now. Just a quick snapshot from my phone.
  8. We at Cuttle Fish and Corals want to wish everyone a happy Labor Day. Hopefully it is filled with rest and relaxation!
  9. I'm really excited about these tanks. Looking forward to the build!
  10. These are the best. U should do a live stream. Lol
  11. I would contact red sea directly. I have no clue who u bought this tank from but u can find the serial number inside the overflow. Not sure if we have ever meet but I'm happy to help anyway possible.
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