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  1. Thanks Cuttlefish and Corals

    So happy they are doing so well for you.
  2. Big news!!!

    Cuttle Fish & Corals proudly announces its partnership with Saltwater Harmony to offer pre-quarantined fish. Saltwater Harmony acclimates and preventatively treats each fish for the most common diseases and parasites such as ich, velvet, and flukes. When you purchase a fish, you will receive a Quarantine Summary, which explains the procedures used, medications and dates administered, types of food given, salinity, and temperature information. Come into Cuttle Fish & Corals to see the currently available pre-quarantined fish, or order a fish to be quarantined and pick up at a later date (usually 4-6 weeks). For more information, including currently available fish, go to www.saltwaterharmony.com.
  3. August Annual BBQ! Swap Meet and Raffles Galore!!

    So bummed I can't make it. Jorge and Shane are both out of town this weekend and I'm alone at the shop.
  4. Can't raise magnesium

    Seems like if you are still getting low readings with the new salt it's something with the source water. If not then there was something wrong with the box of salt u have.
  5. Can't raise magnesium

    What results did u get from that new bag of salt I gave U?
  6. One of my favorite nanos of all time! Mad skillz
  7. Did someone say seahorse?!

    They are awesome! Thanks for sharing. Love the tank
  8. Anyone from the Couve going to Cuttlefish today?

    If you are even near the area when we are closed feel free to let me know and I can meet u. Also brad has a secret stash at his place. My emergency salt. If you can't make it in maybe he can leave a box out for you.
  9. Wtb coupke barrels or tote

    Check out norwesco. They have a location right near ur house. Or check Craigslist.
  10. Friday Afternoon Heat Wave at CNC!

    One of the best week of shipment ever here at the shop. Hard to top the last few but I think we did.
  11. SPS problems

    Brian your membrane is shot or maybe not hooked up properly. The tds should drop after it goes threw the membrane. On a good ro system it should drop tds to 1 or 0 after the membrane and then the di should finish it to 0.
  12. Friday Afternoon Heat Wave at CNC!

    Yes it was. It's still at the shop. We also got 40 wild Fiji pieces in to the shop on Wednesday that are priced super cheap. $40 each or two for $70
  13. Friday Afternoon Heat Wave at CNC!

    Thanks for the kind comments! a few of these scolys are called crocodile scolys and have a interesting story on reefbuilders about them. https://reefbuilders.com/2017/06/27/ufo-button-scolies-turn-up-in-arafura-sea/
  14. Friday Afternoon Eye Candy!

    These are the crazy ones from Belize! Largest and nicest on the market. So cool.