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  1. 5B9A1FA8-F77E-4A65-842D-70B7A846944E.MP4
  2. This new arrival could be one of the coolest creatures I’ve ever seen.
  3. They look awesome. Thanks for the shout out
  4. Good looking mystery box coral.
  5. We have become a elite Waterbox dealer. We are setting up a 130 display and will be stocking most sizes. 4 gallon to 230 gallon tanks will be at the shop ready to pick up hopefully in a few days. If anyone is after a certain size let us know We are still very big fans of Red Sea but we are excited to offer our customer different options.
  6. Kim will keep everyone updated for sure. We are working really hard on getting an amazing event planned. The raffle prizes are going to be huge as well. Every raffle ticket purchased will be going 100% to the Sexual Assault Resource Center(SARC). Along with a large percentage of sales that day.
  7. We are also doing a Walt Disney group buy for $40, probably only 8 frags of that one.
  8. Super happy to always help u on ur tank upgrades. Next time u will need a 500 gallon
  9. We are always happy to donate anything we can to the tanks for teachers program. Unfortunately your credit is not transferable. Please email and we will figure out things.
  10. This will be epic. We are even working on a live band.
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