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  1. I’ve been in black butte for the last 4 nights and nobody has said anything about my swimsuit so I figured I would share it with some people who would appreciate it! Pretty sure most people know I love acans.
  2. Holiday hours! Friday 11-6. Saturday closed. Sunday 11-5. Here is some early fireworks that arrived today. 250 colonies.
  3. I have the USB and the older style handheld at the shop. Ben's was picked up by today by reefrun.
  4. Lets see the growth. Lots of great looking pieces so far. Im impressed with Hollys encrusting. contributionstatements.pdf
  5. Some pretty stuff around the shop today!
  6. Bogo sections have been reloaded and ready for the weekend. Stop by and grab a great coral at great prices.
  7. I’m sure I can find u a few dozen next time u are in.
  8. We haven’t run a sale for a while so we decided to do one of our favorites. buy one get one free $10-40 frag section. The shop is overflowing with great frags. At the end of each day we will restock each section with more great items.
  9. Where’s the pic of u smiling next to it. It better be full. This pic is like 2 weeks old.
  10. We’ve been getting in a lot of beautiful fish and corals over the past few months!
  11. Happy to see you make it on this forum. Thanks again for stopping by last week. Jeff
  12. So I received my pallet. Instead of buckets we only got 230 gallon sacks of reef mix. I talked with tropic Marin and it is exactly the same as the Pro reef buckets only the magnesium is in a chip form not a powder. Mixes up exactly the same. I’m sure that might change a few people’s request and sorry for the change. Didn’t know till they arrived. If anyone is still interested please contact us. We are going to be working on the buckets soon.
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