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  1. Looking forward to pictures and congrats about graduating.
  2. U need to start a online blog for Neptune’s.
  3. Add like 5 more tangs and I’m sure it will go away. Also a few rabbit fish. But seriously, might be time to up your cleanup crew. I have great luck with turbos eating it.
  4. Ulva lactuca Would have thought the kole would have eaten it.
  5. Indo meat coral. Acanthophillia.
  6. It’s a rainbow bottom anemone. Kinda of like a tube anemone.
  7. Just sharing some highlights from a crazy week of orders.
  8. Stand is looking awesome bud! Looking forward to the build. Dream tank material for sure.
  9. Together as a community we were able to raise $4822.84 for the sexual assault resource center of Oregon today! What a great event. Special thanks go out to all the sponsors, volunteers, employees, raffle donors, and most of all to everyone that came out! It’s only with everyone’s generosity and hard work that this amazing feat was possible!
  10. Ok, that last one went quickly. The one at 8pm will be one of the highlights and I’m going to allow Kim to do 15 of them! Just cause it’s for a good cause!
  11. Some additional raffle prizes include: pair of black ice longfin clownfish 3 pairs of biota captive bred mandarins 20lb box of life rock shapes 3 packs dr Tim’s assorted additives. Lrs reef frenzy - multi winners biocube 14 gallon complete system Colbolt 2.6 gallon nano rare yellow scopas tang hybrid 40lbs cairbsea live sand -two bags and plenty more to come!
  12. Kim and I will look into it. No more till tomorrow.
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