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  1. Everything in this tank will be available during the live sale at amazing pricing.
  2. This is going to be a really fun event. Every piece is awesome with something for everyone.
  3. We will post another link when active. We will post the price. And then talk about the piece a bit then the number. First one to comment sold gets that piece.
  4. Who is ready for another live sale? We know you’re all stuck at home and needing a few more corals. Tomorrow at 3pm we will be holding our second live sale. We’ve got rainbow tenuis, high end zoanthids, Indonesian torches and other euphyllia, crocea clams and way more. here is the link to YouTube live. Do not need a account to participate. rtmp://a.rtmp.youtube.com/live2 You can also find the link on our website. We learned a lot from our last sale and hope this one is even more fun for you all. Same rules apply. First to comment “SOLD” and the number of the coral is the winner. Please plan to take all corals you win. Shipping will be 20 to Oregon, Washington,and California, and 49 to anywhere else. Of course, we have local pickup available. Get ready for some great stuff tomorrow!
  5. Hour fish are ready for delivery. Tried calling on Sunday but only got your voicemail. We can also just do curbside if u like.
  6. We have been receiving a ton of support from the community and just wanted say thanks. Buying gift card, doing delivery, curbside pickup has been amazing. We have had customers donate gift card to needy reefers. Anything we can do to help let me know. we still are running regular hours at the moment with many Safety precautions in place.
  7. Just sharing some fun eye candy. Hopefully our aquariums can be a sense of calm during these difficult times
  8. Might be fun to try and add maybe a frag tank. Small projects are fun when we are all stuck inside. Stay safe my friend. Jeff
  9. We received a huge shipment of dry goods this week. We are stocked up on Kent, Red Sea blue and black buckets. Another large order of Lrs came in. all these essential items are being done at cost to help out our community. we also received a amazing Ora order. Including 20 clams. Maximas, crocea clams, and on gigas. we also received some never before released aquacultured fish from Ora. Blue mandarins, target mandarins, scooter Blennies. Eating pellets right out of the bag. we also received a large shipment of fish and corals. curbside pickup available. delivery available. we are here to help.
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