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  1. Super happy to see u back in it. Woot!
  2. Always one of my all time favorite things to be apart of. Going to be fun!
  3. A few of my all time favorite pieces right now.
  4. I think it’s the 470 model that they still sell and retails for over a grand.
  5. Have a Schwinn elliptical that is taking up space in my house. Works great. no charge but u must be able to pick it up. Located off 26 and canyon.
  6. U got me. These are actually pretty in right now.
  7. I’m going to just say it. Those are so ugly they might be cool. lol
  8. It turned out really nice. When u coming to install it at the shop?
  9. We carry it. Also have some tiny aquacultured filefish.
  10. We are always there at some point of the day.
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