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  1. A few more new things around the shop!
  2. One of the can’t miss events of the year. Love these sales.
  3. Been getting in a lot of sweet stuff lately. Just sharing a few pics from around the shop this week.
  4. I’m always around everyday so if there is a time on Monday that works let me know.
  5. I would recommend buying one. On ur new system it’s going to come in handy. Maybe a 57 watt aqua or even larger. Definitely worth the investment on ur new huge tank.
  6. I’m going to try and wing by. Super excited for u Brian.
  7. There is a lot of great local hobbyist that I’m surprised haven’t spoke up yet. The northwest is full of great homegrown corals that I’m sure are different then the ones in Texas. Rudy’s(golden basket) place is awesome but has limited hours so check before u go.
  8. Got this email today and curious if anyone else can recognize a member in the picture.
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