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  1. Hot weather this weekend means hot sale! $15 dollar rainbow ricordeas and $49 dollar watermelon anemones. $35 dollar boxes of Kent salt, buy 3 get one free on all live stock (mix and match ok). Our sale is so hot right now. See you this weekend!
  2. We switch a whole tank out for new stocking this week. We reloaded our $10-20 section. Crazy Aussie acros in. Just another amazing week at Cnc. This week I told my self i wasn't ordering any livestock but oh well. I'm still addicted.
  3. This was my dinner last night. We will need to go sometime
  4. This is the menu I think would work.
  5. You can find it for sale at lowes
  6. The "goni queen" tank looks amazing!
  7. This weekend we are running a sale on Fritz RPM Salt. Regular price $64. 200 gallon box $10 off with $50 livestock purchase $20 off with $100 livestock purchase Come in a grab one of the best salt mixes on the market!
  8. Yeah. Where are these stands?
  9. Water is going in tomorrow. I'm determined.
  10. It's starting to come together.
  11. Nice!!! Looks like a good group
  12. Looking awesome. Glad the fish are doing well. I see some awesome zoas in there as well.
  13. Is this a acan echinata? Doesn't look like a lord?
  14. This week the orders just keep coming. Have some amazing zoas in right now. Also got a amazing order of clams. Blue squamosa's, crocea, maximas, derasas!