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  1. lewisriverfisherman

    What are you using to blast rockwork?

    Yep a simple power head would do the job
  2. lewisriverfisherman

    What are you using to blast rockwork?

    I just use my Turkey baster but I only have a 20gal nuvo so it only takes me a couple squeeze and I'm done
  3. lewisriverfisherman

    Hello from the addicted reefer

    Welcome to the forum! It would be nice to see some pics as others have stated.
  4. lewisriverfisherman

    Best reef salt?

    I would try and find a salt that matches the parameter you want to run in your tank. I run a 20 gal nuvo and ran into problems with parameters getting to high because my corals were not up taking the alk and cal fast enough in my tank so I had to find a salt that matches my parameters. I run fritz rpm blue box. Good luck.
  5. lewisriverfisherman

    WTB: IM NUVO 20 or 25 Lagoon

    I'm moving and dont know if I'll have room for this tank may have to downgrade to my 10 gal nuvo. We will find out more tomorrow.
  6. lewisriverfisherman

    WTB: IM NUVO 20 or 25 Lagoon

    I have a nuvo 20 that I might be able to part with after the 1st of the month I will know tomorrow.
  7. lewisriverfisherman

    Eye candy!

    Jeff has nice acans for sure! The bandit is nice as well! Gold Torch, well it's all just nice!
  8. lewisriverfisherman

    Holly's February Fantastically Fabulous $10 Frag Sale

    So kewl @Gil&Fin I was wondering when you were going to have another frag sale. I hope to see you tomorrow!
  9. lewisriverfisherman

    Seattle Saltwater Newbie

    Welcome to the group. I know there are lots of peeps that are in the Seattle area but not members of this site. There is the reefworx expo that is coming up on the 23 of feb that is held in the Tacoma/ Olympia area that you might be able to meet some local reefers.
  10. lewisriverfisherman

    Pico Jar

    I have always liked the pico type tanks but haven't set one up yet, maybe in my future. Great start to your pico, I look forward to seeing more updates in the future.
  11. lewisriverfisherman

    New sump

    Looking good! Everybody loves upgrades.
  12. lewisriverfisherman

    test kit needed

    I use salifert myself they seem to get the job done.
  13. lewisriverfisherman

    January 2019 Upscales Meet Pics

    I was eyeballing this piece at the meeting ☝️
  14. lewisriverfisherman

    I want it all & I want it now!

    200 gal is the only cube size they make right? 😀
  15. lewisriverfisherman

    I want it all & I want it now!

    Welcome to the addiction, I mean hobbie. There are lots of knowledgeable people here on this site. Read all the info you can about the hobby as it will help you out. Be patient and not in a hurry either as this is how this hobby works most of the time.