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  1. RBTA's for sale, various other softies.

    Hey look it's a nem garden! That's a lot of nems!
  2. GB Zoa Group Buy!

    I'll take a polyp of the turbo rhino please.
  3. Salt help

    Thanks you for doing some leg work! 11-13 is a wide range. I would like to have a tighter range than that. I'm wondering if this is kinda the industry standard?
  4. Salt help

    Thanks Rudy for recommending this as my refractomer was a bit off. I roughly know that the 2 cups of salt at 4 gallons should read around 1.025 and it read 1.023 so I knew something was up tonight for my water change. 😀
  5. BTA Acclimating and Feeding

    That sucks sorry to hear.
  6. Golden Basket LPS Group Buy !!

    May I please be on the list for GB Maul Acan Enchanita and the GB Lava Rain Chalice thank you
  7. Jumping fish

    Thank you kind sir, I just used my cell phone it's an S8.
  8. Jumping fish

    Thanks Sean love my chalk basslet
  9. Jumping fish

    Thanks Kim, at the present moment no room to upgrade. I possibly could have room for a sump but not a bigger tank.
  10. Jumping fish

    I was taking these pictures with the flow off and my firefish goby just up and jumped out of the tank, most of the time a screen is on the tank. Glad I was close by as for now on, the screen will be on all the time. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  11. Official CNC Zoanthid Grow Out Thread

    First Post 20gal Nuvo Fushion Mixed Reef iTgrowit2 led/AI Prime HD Jeabo pp4 wave maker (I mess with it and give random flows sometimes) 400gph retuen pump (will be upgrading to a sicce 1.5 in the near future) Ghost skimmer spin streams fuge in one of the back chambers parameters: Sal 1.025 Alk 9 Cal 450 Mg 1350 no3 5-10 phos? no test Running some carbon, bag of purigen, and just starting to run some gfo in a reactor but might switch it to a bag 2 fish chalk Bass and firefish goby, fire shrimp, electric blue hermit, scarlet hermit, mixed red and blue leg hermits, turbos astreia trocus snails and a emerald crab and a sexy shrimp that i added yesterday and havent seen it since i added it. Mainly SPS 40 specimens, lps 10 specimens, green toadstool leather, shrooms and lots of zoas and palys 50 specimins Acclimating frag in a rack on right side of tank a little lower than half way of my tank for now under the AI Prime so not sure of proper placement of frag yet as i am doing some rearranging right now . Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  12. Sticky Finger Fishtank Nuvo 25 Lagoon!!

    I love these Nuvo Tanks!! Glad to see the young ones taking on an interest in this hobby...Way to go Kim starting to feed the ADDICITION at such a young age!! lol
  13. Salt help

    Mine was 11 dkh
  14. Salt help

    Last IO I had mixed up at 11 Alk so hesitant to buy this again.
  15. Salt help

    I am trying fritz thanks for the reply.