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  1. I use a inkbird temp controller the probe isn't made to be in water I dont think cause it quit working, it had a warranty so I contacted them and they sent me out a different temp probe and it work fine now.
  2. Hell be fine in the sump for a bit as long as he has a food supply to keep him occupied and happy. Of course keep an eye on him. You can limit your sump light time to help with stress if needed I believe for bit as well.
  3. Well Imagitarium bacterial infection remedy says it can be used in saltwater but does not state if it can be used in a reef. It says it wont hurt plants. I honestly dont know much about this product. How is your tank doing? What are all of your parameters at? How big of temp swings did you have?
  4. Welcome to the forum, looks like everyone's covered the basics. I love the challenge of having a mixed reef from zoas to sps it will keep you on your toes, but automation really helps. Looking forward to seeing some pic of your reef!
  5. I was just wondering if your lightning was not up to par (pun intended) if it was just a softie tank?
  6. Yes it should be the 27th. 😀
  7. Snappy what are you treating your tank with?
  8. Was the new box of salt mixed up before use?
  9. I love peninsula's, my favorite tank it is. This us going to be a nice tank for someone.
  10. Nice looking stand, gotta say I'm a little jelly. Cant wait for the build thread.
  11. Having random flow would always be nice but not necessary. As issac has stated, there are some cheaper wavemaker options out there. I run a jebao pp4 on my nuvo 20 and I like it.
  12. I'm so sorry I didn't see this at all Sean. Yes that is the golden dragon lepto in the 3rd pic down I will get you a frag of it as well as the grape favia.
  13. Mine is finally starting to take off,its done nothing but encrust since I've had it.
  14. Congrats! Coraline is not all that bad, you just have to stay on top of it.
  15. So sorry to hear Daniel, if you need any frags I'm sure there would be some willing people including me to get you started again.
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