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  1. Next time your up this way Ron let me know and I will get you some.
  2. I have a couple of frags of German Blue Digi free to anybody that wants one. I will be at the meeting today
  3. My rock flower nem got a little cozy, as long as it stays right there and doesn't move.
  4. Nice write up on a nice looking tank! Good job
  5. Welcome to the club! Or should I say welcome to the addiction! Nice looking tanks you got there, I really like that neon trumpet coral.
  6. Yo! I cant believe that noone commented on my pole vote, that I wanted to stay home and clean filter socks. But fortunately I am going to have to change my vote to I will be attending this event with 1 other person.
  7. Brian I had a rough day so I thank you for the laugh! I think people on Facebook have commitment issues, hopefully the next CLter will make a firm commitment on taking home the Satan's dirreah canister with them.
  8. With a write up like this I cant believe that some poor wet particle board loving fool hasn't picked this great deal up yet.
  9. It looks like you have plenty of room in there to me lol.
  10. Hey good to see you on here Joel, hope things are going well for you and yours. Tanks looking good btw! Good luck with your sale!
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