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  1. Took off the 1st filter, no change. Took off the second and the PSI doubled. Took of the third, no change.
  2. Pretty sure I put it in the right spot. It’s reading 20psi though..
  3. One of those? Sorry I’m new to this.
  4. Where would I put a PSI meter on a Typhoon 3? Thanks for the help
  5. Looking for LED grow lights. Doesn’t really matter what they are, preferably 150+ watts. The cheaper the better. Just using them to grow out basil, cilantro and green onion. Thanks everyone.
  6. Looking for a brute trash can that’s 20+ gallons. Lmk what you have. Thanks!
  7. I’m looking for a terrarium or reptile tank. Would prefer a whole setup but anything would do. Hoping for something in the 10-30 gallon range. My daughter loves spiders so we’re trying to find something to house a tarantula for her birthday. Show me what you’ve got. Thanks everyone. 503 eight 0 eight 0851 if texting is better for you.
  8. Looking for corals for my kids tank. Mostly softies but LPS would be okay. They have a few green mushrooms and some Xenia but that’s it. Thanks everyone.
  9. I store it in the closet and just take it out when needed. I only do 5g water changes.
  10. I added a large washer up there and that seemed to solve the issue.
  11. I actually got it to work. I used a second washer above the other threaded fitting that screws into my faucet and then attached the fitting you guys are talking about.
  12. I’ll try the pipe wrench. Should I try make it as tight as I can?
  13. If I use both washers they gave me there isn’t enough space to screw it onto the faucet.
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