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  1. Yes it is the avatar. One of my favorite ones.
  2. BRS also has some really good videos on ato's and how to set up some backup redundancy for a fail safe to give you piece of mind. It isn't quite fail safe but unlikely everything would fail at once with backup.
  3. I love mine also. I have not had any problems with fish. Really low profile so hard for fish to get sucked in but they do make a fishguard. Easy to clean.
  4. If you haven't already checked it out, go to BRS videos. They have some good tips on scrubbers. For the check out Jorgensen Labs soda lime. I believe they are quite a bit cheaper.
  5. Did you try recirculating the co2 scrubber into the top of the skimmer lid? Making sure it is on the outside of where the foam comes up.
  6. Great job Andrew with setting this whole event! Thank you Jeff for supplying the prizes!
  7. Welcome! Being a electrician feel free posting any wire management ideas. I am always looking for different ideas.
  8. I think i have a few old boxes. Let me look.
  9. Congrats! If you want you can stop by Cuttlefish to pick it up or whatever is convenient.
  10. Hey everyone you have until 12 noon today to enter the drawing for the Mp40. I will be drawing the winning number this afternoon. You just have to become a supporting member or just sign up if you are already one to enter on this thread. So far your odds are really good. A 1 in 44 chance!
  11. Yep you got it. Can you put I am a supporting member on the drawing thread and I will enter you?
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