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  1. All in one algae scrubber to be in sump or overflow box?
  2. 2. Jakemaxel707 is the Winner of the Coral frag drawing! Congrats!
  3. The Club has a par meter that are free to borrow for members with a deposit. It might give you some piece of mind and a idea what par your light is. Message Flashy Fins or lewisriverfisherman they have the info for the par meters.
  4. I have some frags of the chalices pictured that I have can trade two frag chalices for your two pieces.
  5. Hi Amy. Thank you for joining. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on this forum. Feel to ask any questions you might have. There is also archive info that you can search from. I will get signed up for the November new membership drawing. We hope to see you at the Christmas party Dec. 14th.
  6. I love the rockscape as well. I am envious of your trip to Australia. The Barrier Reef is on my bucket list. Thank you for joining. I will sign you up for the November new membership drawing. Hope to see you at the Christmas Party Dec. 14th.
  7. Thank you Holly for opening your house. It was good to see you and thank for the frags.
  8. Welcome! Nice tank! Thank you for the info. Terry and Tewsley are great people. I visit their store quite often. Any questions or info that you want to ask or give feel free to post. I will get you signed up for the November drawing.
  9. Nice little set up. Switch her slowly to brackish water fish then just dump the salt mix and say see you can keep saltwater fish.
  10. Great to have you on board! Any questions you might have fire away. We have a great group of people with a lot of knowledge that would love to help. I will get you signed up for the November coral drawing.
  11. If you want to look at Red Sea and Custom Aquarium, Seahorse and Cuttlefish have set up. My 400 gallon tank I had shipped from Custom Aquarium. I have had it running since 2015. I love it.
  12. That is a lot of good info so far and would agree with all of it. If you have the room 125 gallon would be nice. The more water volume you have when something might go wrong. The more time you have to save your livestock. Focus first on good quality equipment. When I started I wish I did not skimp on are lights and water flow. Don't chase certain chase parameters all the time. It is more important to be consistent than right at a certain number within reason of coarse. I mean like chasing calcium, alkalinity, magnesium and PH. Feel free to browse the past threads for info and by all means keep asking questions. I will enter you in to our monthly drawing!
  13. Welcome! 37 gallon is the perfect for a 1st tank. Definitely post pictures as you go. Would love to see them. Any questions along the way we would be glad to help. I will enter you into our coral drawing this month!
  14. Love the Chalice! Would love to have a frag of the one!
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