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  1. That is a great price for that tank. You don't come across those dimensions for that price very often. I wish I had room.
  2. Really looks nice. Good choice of lights. I really like mine.
  3. It looks really professional Rudy. I think it stacks up all the rest of the coral sites.
  4. You should grow out that first coral picture. They do fine under any conditions. Real easy to take of.
  5. I am glad to hear everything turned out alright. Scary. Thank you for a reminder to check the smoke detector and gets bigger fire extinguisher.
  6. Doing great! Take it slowly when stocking.
  7. Unless you have alot of sps you can get away with 2 led but 3 would be better. I can get away with 2 foot between them but have to put low light Lps in the gap. My aquarium is 8'x 3'x 2'. I have 4 radion gen 4 pro's and 8 T5 bulbs. I am going to need more led's fairly soon with my tank starting to become Sps dominant to fill in the 2 foot gaps. If I could afford it.
  8. If you decide to go with chiller. I have a 1/2 hp PacificCoast that I will trade for some descent frags. You will need to get some kind of controller for it.
  9. Always nice to find a lost frag alive! You might want to test your luck at Vegas cause that does not happen very often.
  10. Anybody bringing anything to trade at the meeting Saturday? If so what, I was wondering if I should bring some corals to trade.
  11. My Son's Bearded Dragon getting too big for his 55 gallon tank. Anyone have an old tank bigger than 55 gallon laying around? Doesn't have to hold water.
  12. I had hundreds of aptasia. I had a pearlscale butterfly take care of everyone but draw is it liked tentacle of acans. So no acans for me. It was more than fair trade off.
  13. It looks really impressive!
  14. Geo 624 Calcium Reactor Rated for 200-400 gallons Cylinder is 6" dia. X 24" tall Will hold 16 lbs of media Pan world pump Ph probe holder Great reactor and great shape. I needed a bigger reactor since my system has been growing. Regulator and co2 cylinder not included. List for over $500 Will sell for $175(will trade part of price with corals possibly)
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