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  1. The kids wanted to thank everyone for their tank and also for their tank they will be getting.
  2. Not seeing an address. Would like to head over.
  3. Pearlberry

    Anyone have a frag of ORA Pearlberry acro they would like to sell or trade. Pm Plz.
  4. Paratore's 75 Gallon Display

    Everything looks great! I really the space in your rock work. Your corals will love it with all the water flow.
  5. Pods

    If you are low on copepods for your tank. Call this company and they will deliver a lifetime supply.
  6. Reef Worx Expo

    I will be there.
  7. Looking for cube tank

    Pm me. I have a 60 gallon 2'x2' I would like to sell.
  8. Which screen to use

    I picked some of the mesh screen from BRS and bought the screen kit from Home Depot.
  9. River City Corals 120 shallow reef build

    New tank is going to be nice! Thanks Brian for the Swallowtail and Blue jaw. They doing great!
  10. February 2018 Stylaster Frag Demo Pics

    Thanks for hosting Roy. Acros were amazing as ever.
  11. Clear pvc cement

    I used the blue just so I would forget what I glued. Clear can cover so mistakes of over gluing.
  12. Fish coming up for sale

    Sorry everyone for the confusion.Should have pm instead text him. Thanks Brian for the picasson and the blue jaw.
  13. Amazing Yuma!

    The pictures look great but nothing like seeing it in person. It is amazing!
  14. Most amazing fish ever! :)

    One of my favorite fish. Great pick up!
  15. Great job Jeff! It is nice to know a celeb!