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  1. Roy has some trochus that are bigger than some of his fish.
  2. Looks great! I am surprised you can keep those bottom corals so clean with that sand sifting goby.
  3. I want to thank everyone for making this event successful. A lot of great deals and great corals! Here are some of the corals that I picked up at the Frag Fest.
  4. Frag Fest Saturday, October 5 of 2019 11 AM to 4 PM Event Location: Boys & Girls Club of SW Washington Clinton & Gloria John Clubhouse 409 NE Anderson Road Vancouver, WA 98665
  5. If you are at the show Saturday. I can bring some corals in the afternoon.
  6. THOUSANDS OF CORALS at Oct 5th Frag Fest Talking to all the Attendees: Huge variety, name brand corals. I think your odds are good to find some corals you will take home with you. Hope to see you Saturday!
  7. There should be thousands corals available this weekend. I don't think they will be gone in a hour.
  8. I love my skimmate locker also.
  9. Here are some chalices I picked up last year at the frag festival. Just to give an idea of just some corals you might see on Oct 5th in Vancouver.
  10. Here are some raffle items from Golden Basket values at over $250 that will be available to win at the raffle.
  11. Sea King Aquariums HI, I am Chris the owner here at Sea King Aquariums! I was introduced to the aquarium hobby in high school by a buddy of mine. My passion for this hobby just grew from there. Working at a local aquarium store ignited my fire to run my own business. I started Sea King Aquariums in 2012 as a small garage business and in 2015 am fortunate enough to have upgraded to a full store front. I am really excited to share my knowledge with you and try to provide you with the best corals and fish in the hobby. If I am not at the store, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Justine, and our dog, Peanut. I would love to travel around and see the reefs around the world. We honeymooned in the Maldives where I had the best time snorkeling and seeing the reef up close and personal (highly recommended!). I hope to see you soon. Next Saturday Oct. 5th Frag Fest. Nwfragfest.com
  12. NW Frag Festival Oct. 5th in Vancouver Wa Please welcome Damien with What the Frag this year. He will make a great addition to our show this year. I have a variety of corals for sale and prices ranging from low to high end. I've been in the hobby about 17 years, you can see some of my videos at youtube.com/whatthefrag I have a 200 gallon mixed reef and a 40 gallon frag tank. I've been selling coral for about a year now. My frag tank is full of mainly SPS and Zoas right now for the show but I have a handful of LPS such as chalices, torches, gonis etc. I will have some high end shrooms as well available also.
  13. Frag Festival Don’t miss this years Show! It will be the biggest and best one yet! $2,000+++ in raffle prizes! 14 Vendors! Large variety or corals for everyone! Huge selection Sps, chalices, zoathids, acans, monti’s, torches, acans. You get the idea. We will have Vendor vouchers available. Remember it helps support a cause. We would like to be able to set up more schools with tanks but you all know it is not cheap. So if anything come and support the kids. Please share this with your fishy friends. Frag Fest Saturday, October 5 of 2019 11 AM to 4 PM Event Location: Boys & Girls Club of SW Washington Clinton & Gloria John Clubhouse 409 NE Anderson Road Vancouver, WA 98665
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