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  1. I have a Prime 16 HD gen 1 (redsea firmware that works with myAI) with goose neck or an Ocean Revive T247B with leg mounts, both have been over a 20x20. Just about to head out for dinner but msg me and I'll get back to you tmrw. I'm in NE PDX. Peter
  2. sd45x

    PVC leaks

    I do have to say comments like that is why I miss the SCMAS group and moving back to SoCal. This community should be about enlightenment and exchange of ideas, not belittling. This was a great solution for me and maybe someone will find the post and it helps them.
  3. sd45x

    PVC leaks

    Only a suggestion when cutting isn't an option. It's actually easy and took minimal effort but each our own. Offering it as a thought, not to be criticized.
  4. sd45x

    PVC leaks

    Thought I'd share, I spun up a second tank on my existing garage system recently, found some plumbing leaks. Read through a lot of forums and tried a few ideas (heat gun, flex seal, putty) but I used a technique I use in model making.This is my solution, even under pressure while the tanks are running:Drill a small hole (60 bit) through the first layer of PVC using a finger drill just above the leakGet a small syringe and fill it with PVC solvent (be slow, the stuff is thick)Put the needle in the hole and slowly inject the solvent, it doesn't mix withwater, will get pushed out and won't come back in the tank when there's pressure.Do this 2-3 times in an hour and when the leak stops, the last injection is to plug the hole you drilled.This worked great for me, LMK if you have any thoughts.
  5. Currently setting up a new tank, I may be able to loan you some lights. AI SOL Blue
  6. Thanx for the light, works well, someone needs that stand!
  7. Totally down for NPS, I'll give you a big chunk.
  8. Sure! Want to come down or meet halfway?
  9. I'll take the Kessil, I can swing by next week.
  10. Need to clean off the back shelves in the garage tank. $35/$20/$15 have more too Pickup in NE near 158th & Sandy
  11. Seems I can't send you a msg. Text me 424.209.8222
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