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  1. 2/4/8 heads $20-40 Have a few frags. In NE PDX 97230
  2. I'm down. I have a little spare $$ if not I'll donate then.
  3. If anyone has dead or cracked tanks local to 97230 I'll pick up. I want to practice drilling.
  4. I've got a few, I'm in NE Portland.
  5. If you trade for that I'll buy it from you.
  6. Thank you again, every looks great.
  7. I'll grab the Sunkist Bounce $50 JF Hulk $15 Big Chunk of JF Jack O Lantern $20 And the torch if you have it, I can pick up tonight. PM'ing you.
  8. Where are you in Portland. I could pick them up tonight or tmrw morning.
  9. Thank you for the clowns! BTW everyone, those nems look great.
  10. Wish I had someplace to put the clownfish, my garage 40b is still cycling. I'm near 181st and Sandy. Wonder if they'd deal with being held in a 10 gallon for a while.
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