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  1. If they are replacing the panel, now is the best time to incorporate some sort of plug for a future generator or even a transfer switch, but they can be cost prohibitive. For temp power, depending on your location, you should be able to borrow power from a neighbor with 100’ 12g extension cord. When I went through this, I gave my neighbor $20 and made them dinner. Kept my tank running without interruption other than unplugging the cord. Of course, a generator would be a good idea too. Considering what you likely have invested in your tank, it’s probably a small amount compared to total l
  2. I am not an expert, so do not take the following as cold hard facts, just my opinion and experience, which is limited. (I think I'll start all my posts with this caveat) I too am using 2-part from BRS and I have not noticed a salinity increase in an 80ish gallon frag system. My guess is that the water changes do some of the work, and the rest I assume is my testing ability...my eyes can only read a general idea of salinity...down to .001 at best. I would guess that over time the salinity may rise, but only time will tell. From what I can tell, the addition of 'Part C' is only necessa
  3. I have always been a big believer in hermits and snails to do the majority of the work, but I’m learning that it is not true. A tang or blenny can decimate algae in a matter of a week, especially in a smaller tank, where hermits and the like would take months, if do anything at all. I find it more likely that controlling nutrients is key, where the algae is kept at bay better than with the traditional clean up crew. I do, however, still like watching the little guys roam the tank and feel like they add a benefit in some way, even if on a small scale. I personally have not seen a huge imp
  4. Holy tang gang, Batman! I doubt you could grow algae in there if you tried... Looking awesome.
  5. I have a majano wand if you want to try it. PM me and we can figure out details. I’ve used it before and it seemed to do the job, if you are thorough and keep up on it. A torch does the trick if you can remove the rock, and seems to be a really good solution, but if you can’t remove the rock for some reason the wand worked for me. Been a few years since I’ve seen one so I’m sure I can live without it for a while.
  6. That filter roller looks slick. I’m curious if you have tried the Klir one yet? I’m getting real sick of socks. Acrolandia looks like an oasis for corals. Nice work
  7. This is a really cool concept. I would be curious if you could build little rubble type plugs so it looks a little more natural and adds some depth. I’ll be setting up a new tank soon and may have to try this... lookin good! When do you get the tank and how soon can you expect to have water in it?
  8. Looks like Nirvanas to me. Whatever they are I’m interested if you frag it. Very cool.
  9. I’ll play. The wifey says size doesn’t matter so here’s my 10 gal IM Nuvo AIO Ai Prime, Eheim return, filter sock, cheap-o Amazon Fuge light, 50w Eheim heater, Tunze nano ato, Koralia nano for flow, all sitting on a metal locker from IKEA. 20% water change every other Sunday I’ll be upgrading this set up to a Waterbox 60.2 soon and moving to more sps and lps that are all growing out in the frag tanks. Please forgive the pics...I’m not a photographer.
  10. There is a product by tropic Marin called “all for reef” that sounds like it would work for you. I am not sure about adding it to your ato but it might work. The concern is that your evaporation may vary, so you would have to adjust constantly. A simple single doser could work with kalk or all for reef, but you could also dose by hand for more accuracy vs the ato
  11. Again, thanks Manny. Hopefully put some breath back into the forums. I like having new things to read when I check in.
  12. That would be an abuse of power. Now we’re on to politics...? This is about to get good 😂😂😂
  13. I passed on it myself a few times but I couldn’t this time since the one I wanted and researched was $200 cheaper in person than online. Our lines are overhead and most of the area has been restored but we are in a weird area that doesn’t get attention right away. There’s an estimated 45 people on our lines and it becomes a lower priority than when there are entire blocks with multi-family dwellings. It makes sense, but it still sucks. plus, at this point with how much I have invested in my livestock, I almost couldn’t pass up a generator simply for the peace of mind. Keeping the family war
  14. FYI...I don’t need any more coral for now, I just want to get the post count up for those who do. Manny has killer livestock. Do not miss out if you’re in the market for some awesome freebies!
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