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Almost Scammed


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Here is an email from "paypal"




The message




The Kicker




I had just got through upgrading to the newest version of Exporer, although I prefer Mozilla but I have a keystroke encrypter that works better with MS. I didn't realize this Explorer was in beta. Paypal (the real one) would not let me log in, because they don't support this beta. Did they not let me log in because of the trouble? HMMM.

I go to the link and they want my Visa number and they never address me by my account name. All thier links at the bottom just return me to the page. They must have got some people! It was almost the perfect storm for me, what with the real paypal not accepting the new MS browser log-in and the perfectly timed email.(scary)

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Wow - that does look pretty official. Although asking for the ATM pin was probably pushing it.


Perry's advice is good - to always go directly to the company's URL, rather than click on the link in an email.


Thanks for posting this. It was interesting to see how official this looks.

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They are getting pretty good about copying the paypal pages but you really should look close. Paypal will always use you name where as scammers who don't have that info will only put Dear Paypal customer. . . not just paypal but the banks too! Bank of America , US Bank, all of them will use your name not Dear Customer.


Also... Paypal and banks will not direct you with a link 99% of the time. The real ones will ask you to go to their page and log in to your account. Never go to a link you aren't sure about. If they ask for more than your password and user name you should leave it immediately.


If you are thinking something could be phishing ( fraud) e-mail you can send it to the spam department of that bank or paypal. They will tell you if it was ligit or not also. Leaves the guessing out of it. All these companies will have the e-mail address for spoof e-mails listed on their pages.


Glad you caught this!

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I was almost scammed once when selling my truck. When I took the cashier's check to the bank' date=' I told them I was slightly suspicious, and the check was a fake. The police took the check, but probably never caught the guy, it is just to difficult to trace.[/quote']


If your going to take a cashiers check for something like a truck,,, go to the bank with the buyer and watch the teller print it! thats the only way to know its legit. Either make the transaction take place in the bank, cash or wire transfer. Only forms of payments you can be sure of.

*3.5 years in banking and married to a 10+ year branch manager banker!*

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