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  1. I have one of these and he is so fascinating, very happy to have him even though I don’t have aips. Grats to the buyer I’d consider another for myself.
  2. Been still hoping to hit you up when I am in the area, just never make it that far south any more!
  3. Not sure what this means, you mean that’s the name of the acro?
  4. This whole piece is for sale. $250. located in N Vancouver 503-757-sixty seven hundred
  5. Anyone interested in Monti or large acropora colonies? This whole acro and monti colony is disconnected and ready for a home.
  6. Here is your piece for tomorrow. 2 $20 pieces, take your pick! Headed to Tigard tomorrow if you want to meet me.
  7. What price is that? Tell me what you’d pay I’ll tell you how much I’d give. Which one?
  8. I’ve got these gorgonians too, purple one is an ORA and the other is called Rum Fella. Both are photo synthetic and pretty easy to grow. can cut 1” or up to like 6” with lots of branches.
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