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  1. Sorry to those that got caught up in some mixups. I am trying to keep on top of all PM's and payments. Everything should be up to date. Thanks
  2. It will take any amount of water you can pump into it. The in and out are 3inch. You could just drain the entire system into it. All my outputs went directly into it and it never was overwhelmed (and that was on 1,500 gallons of system). It does need two Reeflo Dart or Snapper pumps for recirculation and an Alita Air Pump for more air.
  3. Final Equipment For Sale - http://www.pnwmas.org/topic/37338-final-equipment-for-sale-apex-neptune-alita-panworld-etc/
  4. This is the last equipment I have for sale. Been very busy with life and work and it took time to finally go through everything. Since this forum has supported me so much I will give everyone here first shot before putting it up elsewhere. All prices are fair and pretty firm, but I am open to deals if people want to buy multiple items. I am not open for trade as I don't have a system anymore. All items are first pay first get, I cannot hold items without a downpayment. I can ship every item for free if you need. 2 - Coralvue Electronic Fluorescent Ballast Model 660 120VAC (new) - $50 each Neptune PH Lab Grade Probe (new) - $20 SOLD Panworld NH-40PX (used) - $40 Tunze 709L.34 Y-Adapter (used) - $20 Ocean Pulse Duo Pump Controller (used) - $10 3 - Stellar Air Pump (used) - $5 each AL-20 Aqua Lifter (used) - $10 Tunze 7092 Wave Controller (used) - $20 TruTemp Heater Controller (used) - $30 Axeon RODI Membrane (new) - $20 Trutemp 100w Glass Heater (new) - $10 SOLD BRS Dosing Pump 3 L/H (used) - $20 SOLD Milwaukee PH Meter SM102 (new) - $40 SOLD Ecotech Vortech MP40w (new) - $150 SOLD Milwaukee MA955 Solenoid (new) - $10 SOLD Alita AL-40 Air Pump (used) - $40 SOLD Milwaukee MA887 Seawater Refactrometer (used) - $40 SOLD Apex Base Unit (used, nothing included) - $100 SOLD Apex WXM (used) - $40 SOLD Apex LSM w/ 5 Moon Lights (used) - $50 SOLD Apex PM2 (used) - $40 SOLD Neptune Breakout Box (used) - $20 SOLD Neptune ORP Lab Grade Probe (new) - $20 SOLD All items are sold As-Is. I accept Cash, Credit Card, and Paypal. Free pickup or shipping in the continental USA. Again, First Pay First Get, I will only save an item with a down payment. Respond to his thread or PM me. Thanks, Douglas
  5. Yes, it was taken down unfortunately. Thankfully everything found a new home. Hopefully I will be back sooner than later and I am sure I will have something for everyone to drool over, LOL
  6. $200 cash each if anyone can get them this weekend. Call or text me at (541) 915-2423 right away. Thanks
  7. I am sorry I didn't keep this thread more up to date during the last 2 years, but work just kept getting busier and busier. Work and some other life changes led towards my decision (and not an easy one) to get out of the hobby for a little while. I want to give a HUGE THANKS to everyone who was a part in building, stocking, and maintenancing the tank, especially a big thanks to Cellowithgills (Micah) with his amazing support and knowledge, the tank would not have become as amazing as it was without him. Thank you to everyone who took livestock and equipment during the sale, it certainly made things much easier. The tank itself is going to a very excited hobbyist in Michigan. I am sure I will be back and probably with something much bigger and crazier, LOL I wish everyone the utmost best in your own ambitions with this hobby.
  8. The top one has a drain and return hole drilled, 1" each. In both upper back corners.
  9. Need to move these in the next 2 weeks. Anyone interested? Offers?
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