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Just thought I would share some pic's of the birth of my son. Promised the wife not to share any crazy, nasty, or embaracing pic's so I will just stick to the baby.


Dexter Raymond at 4 minutes old


1 day old




Me and my boy


What saved the day, AKA if there was one word I would use as advice for future soon to be's it is this



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yeah. Tank is going to...well you can guess. Only had one week off work to spend with him, but I am hoping to take some more time here pretty soon. I had just added my new fish the day before we had baby. Was nervous about that until I saw his face for the first time. Will be trying to keep tank up and running without neglecting him, but if push comes to shove I will be selling almost all of my corals. Keeping fish is easy, corals take more time and effort that I may not have. So far it has been no problem though. Let's hope it stays like that.

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Thank you Mike, so far it has really only been my wife with the sleep deprivation, mostly becuase she doesn't like to pump, and doesn't want to use formula, so with that being said I can't feed so I don't have to get up.....Yet.

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You should at least change the diaper before throwing him to mom for the night-time feedings. It is only fair.


Congrats! When you want to sell off the high maintenance corals, let me know so I can get second dibbs (after snowpunk, of course).



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That has got to be the cutest baby and the homeliest mother I have ever seen.

Oh wait.... That's you, Eric. sorry.

The nervousness goes away quickly after the birth.

CONGRATS! It is the most important thing (and most rewarding) that you will ever do.

I can give you some hints on child-proofing your nano (basically using aircraft wire, turnbuckles, and lag bolts).

Enjoy the experience!

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wow this guy grows fast....sure wish my corals grew this quick. He is 11 days old now, and he no longer fits the cloths he came home in, no to mention that he is drinking\eating twice as much per sitting than he was just 5 days ago. Everyone is telling me he looks just like me but I don't really see it. Do you?

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