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  1. Personally i like the Kent Marine it has sufficient amount of elements CA, Magnesium etc... Vin "Keep On Reefing"
  2. I had my chiller refilled with freon a while back. It was at an automotive place on Broadway blvd a couple blocks away from OMSI. Ask them for the right type of Freon for chillers. Vin "Keep On Reefing"
  3. Sushi my favorite i will check this place out very soon! Vin "Keep On Reefing"
  4. Definitely the taller the tank the harder it is to access the inside. I think a 20" tall tank would be much easier to access corals, live rocks, and doing maintenance. But you got the height Bill so it would not be that difficult for you on a 24" tall tank. I'm a short guy thus much harder for me. Vin "Keep On Reefing"
  5. Nice looking fresh water tank. Is that a salamander? Vin "Keep On Reefing"
  6. I have a couple sheets you can buy send me a pm. Vin "Keep On Reefing"
  7. I'll help stop by my shop this weekend and i'll distribute fund for his family. That is so very sad, news like that is so terrible! My prayers goes to his family! Vin "Keep On Reefing"
  8. Try calling Travis at Upscale he can get you one brand new for a good price. Vin "Keep On Reefing"
  9. Welcome to the club k9flash. Vin "Keep On Reefing"
  10. Wow, what a good place for a reef tank makes me hungry. Vin "Keep On Reefing"
  11. You're right it's the coolest Chalice i've ever seen! What is the name of it? Vin "Keep On Reefing"
  12. 1 HP for $599 that's a good deal, it's around $1500 or more brand new. Vin "Keep On Reefing"
  13. Compliment is nothing let's have group HUG! J/K LOL Vin "Keep On Reefing"
  14. tigerv503


    The Ipad is cool, but i'm just not use to it's keyboard. Vin "Keep On Reefing"
  15. Madmike's reef tank is AWESOME, but he's planning on doing a FOWLR, continuation Madmike2. LOL Vin "Keep On Reefing"
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