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June Guest Speaker?


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Please post your suggestions for our June 2008 Guest Speaker!


How about topics? What would you like a presentation on?


So far, suggestions have included:


Julian Sprung

Ron Shimek

Tim Miller Morgan

Anthony Calfo

Mike Paletta

Charles Delbeek

Bob Fenner

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Julian or Fenner would be a great, I would love to meet these guys, the last guest was great and I got to drive him around and have some interesting conversation, but these two are the top of the league in my book... I mean there books.

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Yes this is a problem you will always run into, (and I had)........... That's why I asked for months well in advance and had to try and get a month nailed down, both with the speaker and the club. The problem is nobody wants spend the money to get Calfo now,(donate to the club to pay for his fees), and have to wait until Aug 2009 to hear him. Most people aren't sure what they are doing tommorrow let alone a year in advance.


Hope that makes some sence.

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Julian replied this morning:


Hi John,


Thanks for the invitation! Well, I am at the moment on your coast, but way down in San Diego, for a pet trade show where we are exhibiting.


I don't have any plans to be back this way for some time though. I do look forward to visiting Northern California again some day-- it has been a long time. I am not making trips to do lectures these days unless they are tied to another event when I have to travel, since I can't be away from home as much as I used to. It would be my pleasure to speak for your club, but unfortunately it can't be this year.


Best Regards,





We need to decide this year what speaker or speakers we want for 2009.


Not to worry... I'm sure we will have a speaker this June most people should be happy with. :)

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Bob Fenner will be with us as our Guest Speaker at the June 22nd, 2008 PNWMAS meeting, after speaking at the IMAC Conference and another club in Arizona. He is very knowledgeable of many aspects of marine aquarium keeping. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/bobfbio.htm

On what topic would we like to have a presentation given?

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What are our options??


Here are a few of the topics he has covered in the past

"Aquaculture, the Controlled Breeding of Aquatic Life"

"Collecting Your Own Marine Organisms"

"Diseases of Cultured Fishes"

“History of Captive Rearing"


...and a few subjects he has discussed at www.wetwebmedia.com

Coral Propagation

The Biotope Marine Aquarium

Compatibility of mixing reef livestock

Small Marine Systems - Keeping a Nanoreef

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Here are some excellent Marine Aquarium Articles and FAQ's, many written be Bob Fenner



Here is an example of the diversity of subjects Mr. Fenner has covered.






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