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Reefer 425xl loaded turn key setup


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3k for everything I have left… That’s it for price drops. It’s nearing either getting torn down and put in storage. I don’t want to take the time and hassle to part it. Someone can buy it and sell most the stuff on R2R and make some money. 

I’m selling my tank due to a huge change in hobbies for my family. This tank is in amazing shape and is heavily upgraded compared to its stock form. The sump has been upgraded to a trigger systems with a fleece roller, that is also larger than the factory sump and a much better layout. Tank and stand from redsea itself is nearly 2800, the sump was almost 1200, skimmer was over 600. I’ll include a list of everything included with the setup. DO NOT LOW BALL ME it’s a waste of my time and yours. This is all professional grade, high end equipment. To replicate this setup with everything included would be over 10 grand.


List of items included

Red Sea reefer 425xl

Trigger systems platinum 34 sump with fleece roller

Stand has been modified to fit the larger sump which also increases the overall water volume

Full Apex system, temp, orp, ph probes

Apex cor 20 return pump

Apex FMM module

Apex 1 inch flow meter

Apex ATK auto top off system

Apex wav powerhead X2

UV sterilizer

Nyos quantum 160 skimmer with neck cleaner

Apex gro refugium light

Radion gen 5 xr15 pro lights with tank mounts

Apex leak sensors

Custom apex switch panel to control nearly anything in the tank/sump

Avast marine skimmate locker with pressure sensor to turn off skimmer to prevent skimmer overflow

yellow tang

hippo tang

school of 5 chromis

coral beauty



2 clowns

huge carpet anemone

2 rose bubble tips

Random Zoas and softies

there is quite a bit of aptasia but that’s the only Pest. I’m currently getting rid of it. 

I’m in Oregon city

Price is 5000 for everything listed plus more equipment I have in the garage.

I will entertain parting out of livestock goes first and someone is in line for the tank,stand,sump, and plumbing. 

part out for tank, stand, sump, plumbing would be 2k. That includes all the plumbing, cor 20 return pump, apex flow meter, UV sterilizer D6B1B845-C2E1-4BAF-8A13-94DF04E141CE.thumb.png.7337545816fe85d8ba54051fc241c7f2.png






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Price drop
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54 minutes ago, SuncrestReef said:

Sorry to see this go, but I know how life can get in the way.

For those interested in more details about this setup, this was my original tank purchased in 2018, then heavily modified in 2021 as documented in this thread:


I won’t be upset if it doesn’t go. It’s just hard finding time for it. I knew with my normal Hobby it would be close, but now we added sports and also weekly motocross for my daughter so it’s a lot! 

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4 hours ago, Roger wood said:

How many gallon is tank

According to bulk reef supply, tank volume is 88gallons.   I was involved in helping Suncrestreef design the stand modifications to fit the bigger than original sump and roller mat.  If anyone is even remotely considering this setup, It's worth it!   Beautiful setup, with high end extras.  

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