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New to me Reefer 525XL - bare bottom build


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Recently moved across town and about 7 mins away from C&C. Needed a new tank for the new house and found this system on Facebook marketplace. Turns out it was one of Jeff’s commercial accounts at one point. Some tanks get around. 😄 It’s about 90% setup (at least the main tank) so figure it’s time to share esp since we’re all snowed in. 

The tank has been up and running for about 5 weeks now with established from from my old waterbox 50 (posting that for sale next), with a 9x14 pyrex baking dish of sand from the old tank. Some GHA just wouldn't die on the old rock and seems to be coming back from the dead. Hopefully tang food.

Fish so far:

2x Yellow Tangs

Raniford Goby


Pair of Perculas 

Yellow watchman Goby

Pistol Shrimp

Emerald Crab



Todd's (my namesake!) Torch

Gold Hammer

Bright Green Hammer

Forest Fire Digi 

Sunkist Bounce

Rainbow Acan

Orange Monti

Green Orange and Pink Rics

Green Lobo

Green Fungia

Green Toadstool

Green Sliver

Green and orange scoly

PC Rainbow Acro

German Blue Digi

a variety of Zoas



2x Radion XR30 G4s

Theiling Rollermat 

eShoppes X-220 skimmer

2 blocks of ceramic media

2x Icecap 2000 gyres

Simplicity 1000 Return

Neptune Apex

Icecap battery backup for the gyres

Dynamat all inside the stand for sound control


the one thing I am excited about is the false wall / cord organizer I added to the right side of the stand. This is not a first by any means and I copied this from other builds. What I have not seen before and am excited about are the magnets I used to hold the panel in place. So if I need to access the wiring I can just pull on the false wall and it pops out. Probably been done before, but magnets are always cool.


Anyway, photos are more fun to lookup so lookee here.




IMG_1334 (2).jpeg

IMG_1333 (2).jpeg

IMG_1332 (2).jpeg

IMG_1331 (2).jpeg

IMG_1330 (2).jpeg

IMG_1329 (2).jpeg

IMG_1328 (2).jpeg

IMG_1326 (2).jpeg

IMG_1323 (2).jpeg

IMG_1322 (2).jpeg

IMG_1320 (2).jpeg

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