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To push, or to pull?


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Setting up my first calcium reactor this weekend. Picked up a Geo CR612 and will be using a Versa dosing pump to feed.  I have read of people pushing and pulling water into the reactor, pushing seems to make more sense as to ensure no air bubbles at the top.  My logic could be completely wrong tho, what are others on here doing and why? Has anyone ran into any issues one way or the other?

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3 minutes ago, Bicyclebill said:

I pull with my kamoer, but mostly due to my method of refilling and purging air after a media refill. Depends on the vintage of your geo. I modeled their design 2 years ago and had to modify the co2 recirculating loop

Its a brand new geo, the outlet is the highest point on the lid. Whats your method for purging air?  

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I’m using a similar setup as you and had troubles with the Versa wearing out tubes in a month or two. I was pulling and Ecotech recommended pushing as this would prolong the life of the tubes. I adjusted as they suggested but it’s not been long enough to see if there is a difference.

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