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radion/t5 or +radions

Mix reef

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hello i have an 180gal mix dominate sps. I have 6 radion gen4 xr15's  at 20k spectrum all at 100% intensity but with diffusers more like 80%. I need more light. Im looking for opinions. I thought about adding 2 more radions xr30's with diffusers. Or adding some t5's any opinions would be great 

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6 radion xr15s with diffusers is not a lot of light for this tank

 i added diffusers for shadowing and that  helped but not enough i think im going to add 2t5's in front and 2 in the back im thinking ati blue + and ati  attinic blue. I might give the wife one of the radion' for her tank as well. Interesting enough i watched a video by brs on t5 bulbs they did an experiment for longevity on t5s. they lasted 18 to 24 months before showing any sighn's of loosing parr or spectrum. running at 24 hr a day with some on off cycles on them as well.


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