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  1. My old one once made a snack out of a leopard wrasse that liked to sleep underneath it.
  2. Just left the shop and saw some of the FIRE they're getting prepped for the sale. Its gonna be a good one!!
  3. Ideally i would like to see these 2 go to ne homes larger than the 8'x5' pond theyre currently housed in. Ive got a captive bred, 18" male epaulette shark. Hes healthy, and fat. Eats frozen like a champ, honestly ive worried about him eating too much a few times. I would keep him, but ive decided i want to get a pair of banded cat sharks and try to breed them. Asking $1100 or best offer for him. I know thats a bit more than theyre going for on live aquaria, but the ones from them are wild caught, and are not readily eating frozen. Can send videos of him eating. Ive also got a fully grown
  4. This is the most difficult thing about selling stuff. But legit holy grails are going for $1000/head right now on r2r when they pop up, so you might as well unload em while theyre still fetching 4 figure pricetags for super nice frags.πŸ˜‚
  5. I killed mine moving my tankπŸ˜” would have had to get out anyways, dont even have a tank up anymore.
  6. I would say yes, youll keep things alive. But id doubt youll see any real growth or good coloration. T5 led hybrid is the way to go, and easy enough to slap some reefbrite xhos on and youd get the par you need to accomplish your goals. If however you were interested in just going full send and getting a crazy light that will grow literally anything you put under it, i am selling an 8b ATI powermodule hybrid that lit my 120g up to 310 par on the bottom corners. Got good bulbs, new fans, and its fully programmable as well. More cost effective than anything else thats remotely comparable too
  7. Dude builds the best scapes! This is a solid scape for a good price.
  8. Did tom build this? Sweet scape, wish i had a tank for it
  9. Located in lake Oswego oregon. Corals are at a buddies in southeast Portland, can meet anywhere in the Portland area.
  10. So im still doing this! However due to covid I had an enormous boom in business when the stimulus checks rolled out, and unfortunately wasnt able to get to alot of your guys cars in a timely manner due to the crazy overload I was under with walk ins, and scheduling in multiple other places, things just got really crazy. However when the stimulus checks started fading out business seemed to do the same. I had a legitimate shop with a sign and everything in vancouver, but unfortunately was forced to move out and sell off some of my large equipment. Im currently insured to do mobile work, a
  11. Would do a package deal on all of the remaining corals for $400 including 1 torch frag. Probably close to $1000 worth of stuff if bought seperatly at an lfs.
  12. I gotta sell this stuff tonight guys. If theres anything youre interested in pm me and lets see what we can work out. Im flexible on my prices at this point.
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