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  1. Still have all of this. Had a few interested parties, but with the huge ice storm everyone had to reschedule and never got back in touch. If youre still interested in anything its all still available!
  2. Weather got in the way of people coming out. Everything is still available. Adding a standard rimmed 210g (72x24x27 or 29?) Very very small chip on corner of back pane. Dual overflows, all tabs in tact. $400
  3. Pumps are pending. Will go $180 on the tank and stand.
  4. Im currently in the market for a shallow tank. I need something larger than my e170, but my caveat is that I need something with a large footprint, and a max height of 20" to avoid putting any more pressure on the floor per square inch than my e170. Ideally something 36-60" long, 24-36" wide, 14-20" tall. Interested in glass or acrylic. My apartments say that my 120g is fine, but having 2 large 2 year old dogs that get a little rambunctious at times, i get uncomfortable with the weight distribution. I have a 4'x2'x2' 120g, or a 72"x24"x27" or 29" 200/210 (cant remember exact dimensions, in sto
  5. Sump and everything else is still available. Crazy busy week with work, but have some time this week.
  6. While I was moving the tank the other day i noticed a small chip on the backside of the front pane on the front corner. It may have been resealed at some point, I never noticed because I never had the side panes visible. Im still confident in it golding water long term, just wanted to mention it. Prices are flexible. Would consider trades for a 40-90g tank, corals, or a 24" hybrid fixture.
  7. I stopped in yesterday and scooped up the BEST VALUE in corals I have EVER gotten, not to mention he has an absolutely BEAUTIFUL display stuffed full of nice stuff. Cant believe how many super cool frags I managed to get! Wish I could have been one of the first to poke through!!
  8. I wanna come snag some acros and some zoas!
  9. Pms should be clear now. As of now, everything listed is still available.
  10. I kept telling myself i was gonna set this back up, but the floors in my new apartment just dont comfortably support it. I love this tank, the overflow is a nice design that actually rarely needed adjustment, significantly less than my current RS E170 that im running a sump on. The stand is an MDF stand that i reinforced because i wasnt confident in it holding the tank, it held fine for the 9 months i had it up, but i had plans of replacing it. Would prefer it goes with the tank since i have no way to dispose of it if not. The tank is in pretty good shape, has a few scratches, most of which co
  11. Everything from thjs post is either sold, or Ive decided to keep. Mods please close.
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