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  1. Yep I'm totally the bad apple! All I ever did on this forum was offer help and advice (not just in reefing, but many other parts of life.) I never lowballed anyone regardless of my opinion on what their price should be. I have literally given away frags of homewrecker, Walt Disney, cherry bomb, and tons of higher end sticks on the premise they cut me some frags when they get it growing. Only to be told that if he cut me smaller frags than what I literally [language filter] gave him, I'd have to pay more than I paid for the entire frag pack of chunky frags to begin with. Sold corals for lowball deals to people who insisted they loved them so much, only to see that same coral for sale for more than I was originally asking within a few weeks. The standard for used, quality equipment in good shape is about 60% retail everywhere else in the country. It seems more like 30-40% of retail are the expected standard. Everything on all of my prices on my most recent post were around 60% retail (basically everything is in brand new conditon as well) and the general offers I have recieved are around 30-35% off my already more than fair asking prices. That's where its problematic. Offering me $300 when I'm asking $330, great. Offering me 30% or less of that asking price is guaranteed to make me view you as a broke person that shouldnt be in this hobby to begin with🤷‍♂️ just blows my mind that I'm able to be active in literally every other reefing community outside of the PNW, and these issues are almost nowhere to be found there. I wouldn't have made this post if it was every group I'm in, but I'm active on probably 15+ facebook pages, and 4 forums including this one. The PNW pages are the only ones I regularly feel these issues. I think it's awesome that so many of you havent experienced this dark side of the hobby, however acting like it's not there is beyond ignorance, and allowing it to go unchecked for as long as it has, has turned this community away from anything that is should be. Some of the reasons alot of my other groups are great is because people literally get banned for low balling people or being disrespectful in just about any way, and it's common for people to speak about the issues they're having so the community can work harder to better themselves and progress into something that actually benefits everyone.
  2. The passion for reefing will be there lingering until the day I inevitably setup another tank. The passion to help and better the reefing hobby is so far gone at this point that I wont be offering anything that I'm not paid for aside from "advice" like, "dose bayer to your display full of healthy fish and inverts to kill your AEFW." You want to hear my real advice? My rate is currently $110/hour. You want to buy something I have? Asking price is posted. You wanna "negotiate" with a low ball offer? No, you can pay 15% extra instead. I appreciate you caring, I just genuinely hope this community can shift away from the current level of greed and selfishness I have seen. Having spent literally over 10 years heavily involved in the reefing community in another state, I can definitively say that it's not like this everywhere. I just simply do not see myself rejoining this community anytime in the future, even if I do have a saltwater aquarium in the area.
  3. I'm not here to debate this. I spent 10 years in another state where the hobby embraced me, and was truly respectful. I never once felt like I was taken advantage of when trying to sell/trade, and I recieved gratitude for my insight and knowledge while others did their best to do the same to benefit the hobby. That's resulted in an incredible community there with very few bad apples. In fact I spend more time in contact, and sell more livestock to my reefer friends who live 750 miles away to this day. This isnt specifically about it being difficult to sell stuff. This is about a blatant lack of respect that I have recieved by this community, and a blatant lack of compassion from those here. People here see a tank teardown and take it as an opportunity to offer 50% or less than asking prices. I sell cars, I run my own business working on cars, I have an ebay, and an amazon store that i resell goods on. I spend a ridiculous amount of time selling things. Somehow the pacific northwest reefers are more painful, and annoying to deal with than all of my business ventures combined, even on the worst days for my businesses and the best days here. @SuncrestReef I clearly stated In my post, the ones that i respect and believe are good for the community know who they are. However you really accomplished a whole lot just searching my name and tagging literally every person that has recently mentioned me and demand I give them apologies though. Especially since you dont know an ounce of information about my relationship with any of those people listed. The fact is most if not all of those people tagged have had MULTIPLE dealings with me, and should know that they arent grouped into the bad apples this post is guided towards. A little reading comprehension would point you towards the fact that I stated the people who only ever got one dealing or less with me are primarily who this is guided towards. If you didnt get further than me opening and leaving your PM on read, you're probably one of the people this is guided to. If you came over and bought something once, and I never reached out to you to see how things were doing, or I never responded when you asked me something- probably grouped there too. If you promised me a frag after I gave you a piece or multiple pieces out of the generosity in my heart, then the greed in your wallet makes you feel the need to ask me for money in return months later when I was in a better spot, you are who I'm talking about. I would dig through my PM's and just tag them all directly, but at this point theres so many a broad generalization is much easier.
  4. Im generally not one for announcing a departure on a forum. It's not an airport, yet i feel so strongly about this i feel the need to vent it out. I moved to oregon with such a passion for reefing that I moved my complete 65g system from Utah to Oregon. It was a nightmare, but funny enough it was the most successful move out of all the tank moves over the years. Since I got into reefing I've made it a point to help people out whenever possible. Everytime someone ever came to get frags from me, or a fish, I coped with their ridiculous lowball offer (aside from like maybe 3 of you, you should all be embarrassed with your constant need to lowball everyone despite something being a fantastic deal already) and I've offered free frags, and other items to help sweeten the deal and just help others out. Aside from the treatment I've been given from the guys over at Cuttlefish (note: legitimate business with overhead, yet somehow provides better deals, and showed more interest in bettering the hobby than any person I have come across since moving here) I have generally been nothing less than disappointed with the connections I have made in this hobby. I have literally GIVEN people high end, named stuff with the promise that they return a frag when I'm ready in the future, only to have the favor returned by being told theyll need more money than I paid the original vendor for said frags. I have sold corals on the premise that whoever came to get it, would send additional funds once they got home and see it under lights only to have my number blocked, then months later I see frags of my coral for sale for more than I was asking to begin with. The people I have met through this forum (aside from a select few of you who I've expressed appreciation for) are generally people that I swear up and down I will never deal with again after 1 interaction. This community is full of greedy people, and it depresses me to think about how after a few years here, I have so much disdain for reefing that I will not setup another saltwater aquarium as long as I live in the PNW, and if I so happen to, I absolutely will not be reappearing on this forum, and will go out of my way to make a conscious effort to avoid this local community. In my recent tear down, I agreed to a price for my livestock with someone who then came and picked it up and told me the best he could do was 25% less than the agreed asking price after a few days of negotiating, after I had already bagged everything up and torn the tank down. I was literally forced to accept a lowball offer on my livestock to the point that my "acceptance" was legitimately me saying "what other choice do I have" with a tear in my eye. I hope that the person that pulled that greasy, and dirty sales tactic reads this, and loses sleep at night knowing they took advantage of me in such a way. I still have the rest of my equipment, but at this point I will literally drive this [language filter] across the country and hand deliver it to someone on the east coast before I accept any one of your embarrassingly low offers. I'm not here to debate this with anyone. If you feel the need to ask if you're one of the people that burned me, you probably are, and you should absolutely take a deep look at how you carry yourself through this hobby.
  5. Today only- Tank, stand, sump, and light-$600 Tank, light, and return pump-$660 Tank, light, pump, ato, and rock-$750 Take everything I have for reefing, except the magnifier (test kits, various pumps, heaters, another 100lbs of live rock, and some more dry rock, different bins I used for mixing water and holding rock, tons of random additives and stuff.) $1000
  6. Second this. After the ice storm knocked my power out and killed my system, I got prepared. I went out on a mission of emergency preparedness and came home with a generator, spare heaters, a chiller, everything that seemed helpful in an emergency really. I thought my neighbors would complain about the noise but I left the generator on my porch and left a note that the spare ports directly on the generator could be used to charge phones or other light energy usage items. The neighbors that came by were all really thankful. When the heat wave hit and the chiller came out though, I learned the importance of buying quality equipment as well. So, definitely keep that in mind.
  7. Can work on prices a little bit. Throw me some offers!
  8. Last up is this old school external skimmer. Its like 3' tall so probably for a huge system. Got with a large system uses 2 internal pumps for creating skimmate, and a feed pump (one brand new to in the box is included) needs cleaned. $50
  9. Eshopps pf1000 HOB overflow box. It includes 2 u-tubes, and all other factory bits. Never been used. $110 Ecotech Radion XR15 g5 pro. Bought new from cuttlefish last October. Ran at 65% since. Updated to current mobius software and erased past settings for new owner. RMS bracket included. $350 Live rock from e170. Mainly branches and shelves. Some real Tonga branch, some Haitian, and some blue iquatics. Really nice pieces of rock. $150
  10. Cleaned things out, everything is ready to go. $350 for the e170 with reefer sump kit, and plumbing. Simplicity dc1600 return pump. Bought new in may from cuttlefish and corals. Only ran at lowest setting, still have the box. $100 Bubble Magus 10" top down coral viewer. One notable scuff, but its 10" so you've got plenty of unobstructed viewing space. $20
  11. Livestock is gone. Tank, rock, and equipment is all ready to go now.
  12. Well. This heat wave is reminding me I really need to get these corals out. Yesterday when I got home from work the tank had gotten to 85° and the lobo was melting. The zoas closed up again, but the shrooms look okay. Come get all of the remaining corals and the rock flower anemones for $240 today.
  13. Almost forgot about these awesome little rock flower nems. I got these from jeff for $60 each, would like to get $80 for both Individual prices for corals. In todays market, we could call this a mini colony of sunkist bounce shrooms. 6 polyps from the size of a dime to the size of a quarter. All covered in bubbles, really nice shrooms. $200 $40 for the jawbreaker $75 for the indo lobo $15 per for the no name rhodactis shrooms $10 for 2 bleached ricordeas and purple sponge $25 for the all of the zoas as a pack The xenia is free to anyone who wants it. Or $375 for all of the corals and RFA's in a pack. Also have the 40g breeder sump I ran under my 120g. This is an amazing sump. $200
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