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Mad Mike’s Tricolor


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Had to snap a couple pieces out of the way to get light to other corals. One biggish piece (4”) and one smaller (2.5”) $15 for big one and $10 for smaller. You’ll go home with something more of you like monti’s or caps. Mad photo skills below. 69ca596cc9ceeff115567baed777566f.jpg



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53 minutes ago, CrabbyCrabs said:

Alberta, if you want the small piece I called dibs on you can get it. I don't really need any more sps, that one just has interesting colors and is supposed to be tougher for me to kill. If not I'll grab it.

Hey Crabby - thanks for the offer, very kind.  It's OK though... I can always wait for Bill to break off some more down the road.  Probably would either have to pick up today or next weekend anyway.

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