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What's your favorite pellet food?

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I ordered this to help my flake food from going into my over flows but it works better for pellet food so I'm looking for recommendations on pellet food?  I am using new life spectrum marine fish formula right now and was wondering if there is anything better out there.

I am excited about this as I wont have to use filter floss or a sock this getting rid of some nitrates in the process.


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I'm not exactly sure what you mean by being able to get rid of filter floss or socks. Those items are typically used for more than just catching extra food, which I don't imagine they are especially good at any way unless you are constantly rinsing them out... Like daily.

Whether to use socks or not is definitely debatable, but I wouldn't make that decision based on whether some flake food goes down the overflow.

To your original question, I just always look at the ingredients and make sure that actual fish meat is the first several ingredients listed. Other than that, it's tough to say that one is better than another. Variety is always good overall.

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