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Calling all Reef Horders - Complete This Sentence


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Complete this:

I am such a reef horder that... 



I will go first!

I am such a reef horder, that I cannot find 3 boxes of salt and a 5 gallon container of kalk in my stash!

These are big items, this is pitiful.




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14 hours ago, jtarmitage said:

I am such a reef horder that... I keep all extra plumbing parts because you never know when you'll need it...😁

I wouldn’t view that as hoarding and more a sign you have done this a while. Thank goodness I have a an Ace Hardware a 5 minute walk away.

As far as my hoarding, Sirena and I have a pact. For every tank I get , I must sell or give one away. Same goes for purses for her. 

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