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Green wire algae problem


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I've had an ongoing problem with green wire algae in my tank for months.  I have pukani rock which is known to leach phosphates, so even though my water tests reveal phosphates at 0.06ppm, I'm guessing the algae is thriving on phosphates directly from the rocks.

I've been manually removing it where I can, but the rocks have too many small holes to get my fingers or tweezers into.  My cleanup crew seems to munch on it a bit, but not enough to make much difference. 

Any tips on battling it, or specific herbivores that might tackle it?


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3 hours ago, shaywood said:

I purchased pukani live rock.  I've heard many comments, but never really had a problem. I manage phosphate using gfo. Actually, .06 isn't that bad. 

I have a GFO reactor and a refugium with chaeto.  I've taken phosphates all the way down to zero for over a month by running both, but the green wire algae still seems to thrive.  I've since shut down the GFO reactor because I don't want phosphates to remain at 0.

Did you buy your pukani as dry rock, or was it already live rock?  Mine started dry and I cured it for 2 months before cycling the tank.

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I received the rock directly from Fiji live and cured it for 5 weeks as part of a system set up. I'm sure a Tang or foxface will help you. It's amazing how much algae they can eat. I had taken some live rock for my main display tank and put it in a frag tank, with no tangs or Foxface. Over short period of time a tremendous amount of algae began to grow. Don't underestimate the help that they can provide.

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