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Cleaning out the closet

The ReefBox

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Have a few things for sale

2 Zoo Med  50 gallon Lo-boys. New in the box $100 each (1 sold) 1 left

40 gallon breeder new drilled (rr) with 2/4 stand, 10 gallon sump, light rack that mounts to rim (AI) I believe 100 watt heater $65 tank has never seen water 

maxspect gyre XF-150 used but in great condition $75 SOLD

2 jebao pp-8 with controllers $35 each

Radion xr30-pro G4 new in box with RMS slide  has been opened and verified working just bought to many  $700 Save $120 SOLD

Geo 818 CA reactor a/bottle $350 new pump replaced 6 months ago  (basically half price) SOLD

pics will be posted tomorrow, these items are cross posted and will sell in order of response

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