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Prize Coral Dead - RTN


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Well, some of you have experienced the pink lemonade I had for years. Its dead- completely white in a matter of a couple weeks. My nitrates have been around 10, so I decided to add a biopellet reactor. Now I have a strawberry shortcake dying quickly (see picture). My nitrates haven't changed. What do you think? I also have a tri-color that looks stressed, turning white from the base. On the shortcake and lemonade the zooxanthellae died quickly and coral turned bright white. 

Can other corals kill each other? The lemonade is being touched by another shortcake and the strawberry is being touched by green slimmer. Both in the area that turned white first. 


pH 7.9 recently dropped to 7.6

P04   . 06

dkH. 8-9

Ca. 450

Mg 1300

Potassium 420

Salt 33

NH3 00

N02 00




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I am with the other guys on their view of bio pellets.   In theory its great but in practice it can be tricky to get the right volume AND flow rate for an even flow of carbon to the tank.  If you are trying to reduce nitrates then I would do chaeto or algae reactor first and THEN try a carbon dosing scheme.  A big jug of vinegar and a dosing pump is pretty easy.  You can even pour some vodka in there too as an additional source of carbon.

So from what I know, and others can chime in here, the stress has allowed an infection to take hold.  So either cut the infection off and frag or you can try and dip it to fight the infection. 

Good luck and stay strong :)

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