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3 minutes ago, Flashy Fins said:

Is that a regal angel I see? :wub:  If I'm ever near your tank, it would be wise to check my purse on the way out for any fish that may have "jumped in," particularly the regal angel and the aurulentus anthias. 

The anthias could potentially be my second favorite! :)

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14 minutes ago, Flashy Fins said:

Keep us posted on how well they do over time. I'm crazy for anthias, and that species is a spectacular beauty!  :wub:

Will do. It's my first time keeping these. So far they're keeping up with the hungry assesors and cardinals. 

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29 minutes ago, albertareef said:

Looking really nice Jorge!  Know you have had some challenges but great that it can still look this sweet!

Thanks Sean! Was a little rough during the initial setup for sure.

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17 hours ago, Paratore said:

Beautiful tank Jorge and I like how the frag tank looks like a mini display. :)

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Thanks Cody! The stands are very similar in appearance. I didn't get them at ikea. I got them at target for a killer deal! ;)

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