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I treated my tank today for flatworms and used Salifert Flatworm exit and used the recommend dosage I followed the directions and used carbon and left my skimmer on and I did about a 50% water change. Well here is my problem all my corals are very unhappy and all my sps have lost there color and my fox face looks like it will not make it So is this normal for the sps to loose there color and fish to die, I just got the fox face yesterday I don't know if that has anything to do with it but all the corals look terrible. Any help or suggestions would be great. 

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Sorry to hear this. You sure the water change was good? What's your salinity at? I can't speak for the medication but a water change that big at incorrect parameters could certainly cause this.

The water change was good all parameters where good I double checked salinity .24. I hope it all comes around if not I will just start from scratch.

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Instead of just water change, try very wet skim to do water change. That should remove more toxins than just plain water change.


If your tank had a lot of flat worms, killing them release their toxins.


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I set the skimmer to wet skim before the treatment and dumped it twice. I also siphoned as much of the flatworms out for two day straight be for the treatment.

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Dang it, sorry!


Was this your first time using it?  It does build up in the system.


I am done with it due to this article:



Yes it was my first and last time I have used it. Now I just got to wait and see what if any of the corals live so I can sell them and shut the system down for a re-do.

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So what I have learned about SLE is that A) it removes a lot of oxygen in the tank. We're your fish breathing heavy? B) results in ammonia spike very rapidly and C) the die off is toxic and must removed quickly from the tank. I hope your corals make it bud and keep your chin up

I think your right Brian. I did use a lot of carbon and wet skimmed and did a 50% if not more water change and my new water was in check but i just don't know what the hell happen. I just did another 40 gallon water change.

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