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55 gallon reef complete setup FS


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It has been a while since I have posted on here. So, I’m very sad that the post I am making is about selling my setup. I wish I could keep it, but I’m moving out of state. Several members on here have seen my setup and can attest to the success I have had with it. It is still up and running and has literally everything one would need for a successful reef. This system has been running for about 3.5 yrs.


I would like to sell it all together and will give a very good deal to someone who wants the whole package. However, I will be taking offers on individual items in case it needs to be parted out. I am willing to negotiate since I have to move at the end of the month. That being said, I do think the prices I have listed are fair. (If you disagree, let me know and we will work something out).


I’d also be willing to entertain trades. Although, I'm not sure for what so let me know what you got. It would have to be something realities small to make the move with me.



Tank: standard 55 g Aqueon, drilled, very clean, with herbbie overflow, back is painted black: $50

Stand: black, pine, great shape: $100

Lights: 2- Ocean revive T247, 1.5 yrs old, perfect working condition (mounting brackets included if you want them): $150 each, $250 for the pair

Skimmer: Bubble mag NAC 7 rated for a 180g, works like a champ: $100

Reactors: BRS $25; 2 little fishies $20

Return Pump: little giant 510g/hr: $25

Power heads: 2- Jebao Wp25: $30 each, $50 for the pair

Sump: 20 g high: included with purchase of main tank since the plumbing all goes together although the plumbing can easily be changed because I used unions where appropriate.

Doser: GHL 4 pump doser, led screen is missing pixles, but dosing works just fine: $50


Live Stock:

Live rock: at least 75 lbs many covered with mushrooms, ricordia, zoas, gps, xenia, and a few SPS that I have left. Prices of the various rocks will have to be worked out individualy depending on what they are covered with, but I will make very generous deals.

Sand: 50-60 lbs, figi pink live sand

Fish: yellow tang:$30; blue tang: $40; damsels x 2: free; Clown: $10; flame angel (rare find!! Has not bothered any of my corals including SPS and LPS. Of course I can’t guarantee he won’t like yours, but I took a risk on him and he has been a model citizen)$45; Lyertail anthias: $15

Coral: I have sold off most of my SPS, but I have a couple small colonies of an Acro. Frog spawn 2 heads $15; metallic green hammer at least 15 heads?: $25; light green hammer 8 heads: $20

As stated above, rocks are covered with lots of other zoas and mushrooms/ rics, let me know if you like anything in the pics and I we can work out a price.


I also have all the necessary equipment for running a reef, testing kits, refractometer, extra salt, ca and alk additives, buckets and hoses for water changes, lots of miscellaneous equipment, like extra pumps, heaters… you know all the stuff one collects while running a reef.


I’m happy to take any specific pics for you.

As you can tell by the detail of this post, I love this tank. I want it to go to a good home. I have invested so much into this tank. (I'm sure you can all relate)


I will try to post pics as soon I get a chance (all the photos I'm trying to upload are too big. I prob need to use photobucket, but I haven't had time. I've been so busy packing for my move.


Total package: $700 obo, I do need it sold by this week!

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Entire set up is sold. Thanks Ron. It was great meeting you. I hope you and your family are happy with my child, I mean tank.


Higher thinking and lexinverts, it was great meeting you guys. Thanks for all your help. I am heading to California to be close to family. Ill be starting a new job that I'm excited about. I know I haven't been very active on here recently, but I met a lot of awesome people and had some great times. I'm pretty sure they have Internet in California so im sure once things settle down I'll check out the forum.


I also have to give a huge shout out to badx.Robert, you're an awesome dude. Thank you for all you advice and thank you for being a friend.

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KEN! Congratulations on the advancement, the big move, And the expected little girl. An exciting time in life for you isn't it. When things are settled I can get you some Oregon grown corals out to your new tank no problem. Until then I wish you good luck with your endeavors and if you ever need something I can assist with don't hesitate to ask to ask.

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