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Get them! I know rimless is super cool looking but I can't tell you how many beautiful fish I've lost to jumping. It kills me everytime. If you don't want the old window screen look but also don't want to pay a few hundred dollars for artfully acrylic to build you one, than check with Eric at Petworks. See what he can do for you. I'm very happy with mine and Eric is super easy to work with. Pm me for his email if you'd like more info.


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Awesome might have to snag one, my hawk jumped and it was my daughters favorite fish


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Oh man that sucks! I'm so afraid of losing fish that I am obsessed with making sure there is a cover. I have one on my 20 and there aren't even any fish in there lol. It doesn't seem right to not have one on.???? Thanks for sharing Jorge. ????

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I use glass canopies on mine because I also hate evaporation, but I have lost a handful of jumpers from leaving the top open on accident.


The rimless aesthetic is pretty but even as a noob it makes me cringe.


All that said I have wooden canopies and standard size tanks. I'd jump on this is a second of I couldn't find the glass ones.

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I've been thinking about this alot lately, my Flame angel harrasses my clown pair and keeps them in the top corner of the tank.

This clown pair are my first SW fish and entry to the hobby a few years back so they mean alot to me.


I'm starting to lose more sleep then i'd like with the tank being in my bedroom and the noise of surface splashes makes me jump up half asleep doing a headcount in the dark. (every hour)  :cussing:



So Jorge, if it wouldn't be too much trouble could you send me a Pm with Eric's contact info? I think it might be time to contact him on my two openings.


As always Jorge, thanks for the share!

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