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Spectras 100


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So the Versa was not big enough and I like the 48" footprint so.......48x30x16 OBD tank is what I went with. Custom stand built by me and going to run a 48" ATI with a few LED arrays tossed in for good measure.....more details to come as this is still a work in progress.......








Going with re claimed barn wood for the doors and also a trim around the tank.



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Last one I promise.. for now :)


Funny thing is my wife comes back from Hawaii and says we need another aquarium...........................[language filter].................there is something going on. She even looked at my doors and says I want the other one to be vertical on the boards......

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You're steel work is top notch Scott! I'm hopeful it won't be another year before you get water into this one!


Thanks! and nope it should be wet in a few weeks but still in the garage........I need to do flooring in the room first.



nice work!!  happen to be building a stand skinning with some reclaimed barn myself!!  


Post up a few pics of what you are doing. I love carpentry and garage time.

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That's beautiful! I love it! I love what you did with the stand too! Nice footprint for the tank. Surely this is the tank you will keep for a long time !


Thanks! and yes this should be it for a while I hope.......



Sorry Lex this one is a keeper :D



Thanks for the kind words everyone! Trying to get a rough idea on plumbing today so I can order parts and hopefully plumb it next weekend.

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I gotta know how much the tank was


To much.......and remember if you have to ask :D


With the Synergy ghost overflow and the custom tank and delivery it was a little over a grand. The price we pay for our hobbies.........that drive us nuts.......


I will stop there as if I add it all up I might cry :laugh: plus the livestock I have :doh:

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Well got a box of goodies from BRS.....




But decided on another sump.......so no plumbing this weekend......I like the rimless one I have but I want a bigger fuge so am going with a 40 breeder and it is on order. I gain more volume and only lose a little room. The tape is the 40 breeder dimensions.




Over flow is mounted and ready to plumb.....but at least this gives me time to figure out my flooring dilemma in the house.......



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